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17 (How dear are thy coun 17. [ How highly do sels unto me, o God: O how I value thy gracious

Designs and Intentions, great is the sum of them! ]

towards me, and to what a vast number do they amount!] See [Counsel] in Vocab. 18 If I tell them, they are

18 [Every Morning mo in number than the sand when I wake, I look [when I wake up I am present thy Care and Provi. with thee.]

dence over me, that I am ftill alive, and thar mine Enemies have not made away with me, which could not be prevented by any other means, but by having Thee for my constant Guard and Protector.] 19 (Wilt thou not day the 19 Wilt thou not,

O Lord, be pleased to rid me of my fears,

once for all, by taking away him who is the Author of all my Calamicies ? I firmly behieve thou wilt; and therefore it will be best for you, all ye Men of Blood, to cease from persecuting me any longer.] 20 (For they speak unrigh

20 (For 'tis not so teously against thee: and thine much upon my own ac

count, thar I expect enemies take thy Name in vain.] this at thy hands, that thou should'st deal thus severely with mine Enemies, but out of a just regard to thy Honour ; for these Men do not stick to blaf. pheme Thee, as well as Nander me: And if they ever do seem feriously to make mention of thy Name, 'ris only

in order to do the greater Mischief, under a presence of Religion.] 15:21 Do not I hate them, o Lord, that hate thee: and am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee?

22 Yea, I hate them right fore: even as though they were mine enemies.

23. Try me, O God, and seek the ground of iny heart; prove me, and examine my thoughts.

24 Look well if there be any way of wickedness in me: and lead me in the way everlasting,

A Plalm

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. VI OTVO Pfalm of David; cn occasion of the fatte Suggestions of Docs, and the Information et le Ziphites, ...

Eripe me, Domine. I pret est.los ";


Eliver me; p Lord, from

the evil inan sandi pre ; ." ovateryto her from the wicked

Gripman vom! Od të 2 (Centrivé.spiser Who ['imagine] mischief so Vocabulary.

in their hearts:and stir up firife aga ka çhe day Yang.

3. They have fharpened their tonigües like a ferpent, ve adders poilon is under their lips.

4 Keep ine, o lord: from „?" * she hands of the ungodly in ferre in froin the wicked mena

pre who are purposed to overthrow 9 my goinghsil an dior. 2» ,33:17 10311

5 Thé proud have laid" i fnare för 'me, and spread a nee abroad with lcbrüst yek, land set traps in my way. 0.00 5....6 Ifwid unto the Lord, Thou art 19 God hear the

voice of my prayers, Blom Ton whoíc Power O Lord God,"[ithou my Safety, depends. strength of my health:) thou See (Health] in Vocab.

hait covered my
day of battle

8 Let not the ungodly have

his desire, O Lord :: let; not & (Plor, or Design.] his mischievores [imagination] peć Kosub.

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9 Let the mischief of their own lips fall upon the head of them : that compass me about.

io Let (hot burning coals ] 10 [The severest fall upon them: let them bé Judgments.] See Pfal.

xviii. 8. CXX. 4. caft into the fire, and into the pit, that they never rise up a

jest gain.

II (A man full of words 11 [He that is too shall not profper upon the lavith in hiş Talk of earth: evil Ihall hunt the wick

other Persons and over

ready and forward to ed person to overthrow him.] give Information against innocent Men, fhall thereby, in the end, work his own ruine : Violence and Malice shall pursue those that are guilty of them to their own ruine.]

12 Sure I am that the Lord will avenge the poor : and maintain the cause of the helplefs.

13 The righteous also shall give thanks unto thy Name : and the just [shall continue in joy thy Favour and

13 (Shall always en thy fight. )

gracious Presence.).

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A Plalm of David, while he was perfecuted by Saul, perhaps

presently after he was come out of the Cave, fee ver. 8. *Tis true, the next Psalm was made upon bis being it the Cave; and it may at first fight seem stränge, that this should be placed before the other, when this supposes bim come out of the Cave, and the next as yet in it; But the Reader may observe, once for all, that the Psalms are not placed in that order in which they were Composed, of which I might give a great many Proofs

. It shall fuffice at present only to take notice, that the sea

cend Psalm was composed long after this, and the follaaving ; for these tiro Psalms were made during his

being perfecuted by Saul; the second, af: er be had been some time King, and won Zion. See Pfal. ii. 6. Domine, clamavi. Pfal. CXLI.

Ord, I call upon thee, hastę

thee unto me: and consider my voice when I cry unto

thee. 2 Now that I am [Let my praver be fet drove from the place of forth in thy light as the inpublick Worship, and cense: and let the lifting up of cannot be personally present at the offering my hands be an evening-facriup the Incense, and fice. ] , Evening Sacrifice, do thou accept of the lifting up my Heart and Hands in Prayer, in Nead of those more folemn Devotions. ]

3 Set a watch, O Lord, before my mouth: and keep the

door of my lips. 4. To eat of the bread 4 0 let not mine heart be of wickedness, Prov. iv. inclined to any evil thing : let 17. fignifies to take delighr in Sin, to come

me not be occupied in ungodly to the highest pitch works, with the men that work of Vice, and make wickedness, [left I eat of such je ones daily entertain things as please them. ] mene; As on the con. frary, Obedience was the meat of Christ Jeslis; John iv. 14. his ti


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greatest pleasure and satisfaction. And then the sense of these words are: [Left at last I come to such a habit of Sin, as co make iç, as it were, my constant Food' and enjoyment, as these Men do.)

s Let the righteous rather smite me friendly: and reprove me.

6 [ But let not their precious 66 * Their,] that is, balms break my head : yea, I. The wicked, mencion will pray yet against * their

ver. 4. So the ancient

.i. Incerpreters, Ham. &c. wickedness. ]

But let not the Flatteries and demure Pretences of my wicked Enemies, which may seem like the most precious Oil poured on the Head, very soft and foothing, proye as fatal to me as a Battle-ax, as they certainly will, if I yield to them, 22. but in stead of doing that, I will add another Prayer against all their wicked Plots. ]

7 [Let their *judges be over 7 * Judges,] that is,

thrown in ftony places : 'that Generals or great Cap1 they may hear, my words, for rains;

fuch were fepthey are sweet.

were called Judges. See Psal. ii. 10. [My Prayer is, that their Leaders may be de feated, and reduced here in these rocky mountainous places, where they pursue me, 1 Sam. xxiii. 27, 28, 29. xxiv. 2, 3. that fo being cooled, and made fober by their ill Success, they may hearken to those peaceable Proposals which I shall make, and which are so inoffensive and reasonable, that I cannot but hope to win them by what I have to say:] į ugoteja 8 [Our bones lie scattered

8 [And there is great before the pit: like as when reason why I should one breaketh and heweth wood ask this for alas, I

and those few who acupon the earth.]

company me, are like Men dead and buried, and dug up again, whose Bones lic scattered before the Grave's Mouth, like, dry Chips, expecting thy Almighty. Command to have Life and Breach restored to us. Ezek. xxxvii. 1, 8, 9.]

9 But mine eyes look unto thee, O Lord God: in thee is my trust, o cast not out my soul.

10 Keep me from the snare that they haye laid for me :

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