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and from the traps of the wicked doers.

11 Let the ungodly fall into their own nets together : and let me ever escape them.

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Evening Prayer.
A Prayer of. David, when he was in the Cave,

1 Sam. xxii. 1. xxiv. 1, 3.
Voce mea ad Dominum. Pfal. CXLII.

Cried. unto the Lord with

my voice : yea, even unto

the Lord did I make my fuprepli


2 I poured out my complaints before him: and shew

ed him of my trouble. . 3 [Thou didnt direct

3. When my spirit was in me, how I should steer heaviness, (thou knewest my Phrafe fignifies, Deut. path:) in the way wherein I ji. 7. .

walked have they privily laida snare for me.

14 I looked also upon my 4 + To see whether ! right hand 7: and saw there bad any one willing to be Patron or Advocate.

was no man that would know See Pfal. cix. s.


5 I had no place to flee unto: and no man cared for my soul.

6. I cried unto chee, O Lord, and said: Thou art my hope, and my portion in the land of the living

Consider my complaint : for I am brought very low,

8. O deliver me from my perfecutors : for they are too ftrong for me.

9 Bring

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9 Bring iny foul out of pri 9 * Prison,] that is, fon, that I may give thanks un The Cave. Séc Title. to thy Name: which thing if thou wilt gránt me, then Mall the rightcous resort' unto my

+ To join with me in praifing theeshi

Dabisa911. 100%. A Pfalm of David, wben he was persecuted by Saul,

The Seventh Penitential Pfalm.

Domine, exaudi. Pfal. CXLIII.
Ear my prayer, O Lord,

and consider my defire : T shit", il.. hearken unto me forthy (truth]

[Faichfulnclt.) sit and righteousness fakeo

20 1191 2 [And enter not into judga roba levere Account for

2 And ment with thy fervant;} for in what I have done thy light shail no man living be mifs ; for then no Man justified.]

living would be acquit. I 3 For the enemy hash per- red at thy Tribunal.]

3 [He hath forced fecured my soul, [he 'sharh

me to hide my self unsmitten my life down to the der Ground, and buried grounds he hath daid me in

in Holes and the darkness, as the men that Caves.], See Title of

Psal. cxlii, have been long dead.] 4

Therefore is my fpirit vexed within me: and my heart within me is defolate.

s Yet do I remember the time past, I muse upon all thy works: yea, I exercise my self in the works of thy hands.

& I stretch forth my hands unto thee: my soul gafpech pinto thee as a thirsty landt.

6 + For A refressing 7 Hear me, oʻLord, and Shower, that soon, for my spirit waxeth faint; hide not thy face from



me, left I be like unto them that go down into the pit.

8 let me hear thy loving 8 [Timely and spec. kindness (betimes in the morndily.)

ing, ) for in thee is my trust :

shew thou me the way that I (My Affcctions and Hope arc entirely placa should walk in, for [I lift up on Thcc.]

my soul unto thee. ]

9 Deliver me, O Lord, from mine enemies : for I flee unto

thee to hide me. 10 [Let thy Holy

10 Teach meto do the thing Spirit conduct me in that pleaseth thee, for thou art the plain path of Ju my God: [let thy loving Spiftice and Piety, and di- riť lead me forth into the land rçct me to some Country where the People of righteousness. ] love Honesty and Integrity, and will not betray me to my Ene. mies.] i [Revive and

11 (Quicken] me, O Lord, Comfort.]

for thy Names fake: and for thy righteousness fake bring my soul out of trouble.

12.. And of thy goodness slay mine enemies: and destroy all them that vex my soul, for I am thy servant.

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der me.

The Thirtieth Day. Morning Prayer. A Pfalm of David, when he bad overcome fome Hea

then Enemies, and was assaulted by more.

Benedi&tus Dominus. Pfal. CXLIV.
Leffed be the Lord my

strength: "who teacheth my hands to war, and


fingers to fight;

2 My hope and my fortress, my castle and deliverer, my dea fender in whom I trust : who subdueth my people that is un

3 Lord, what is man, that thou haft such respect unto him: or the son of man, that *thou so regardeft him t?

3 + As to crown him

with so much power and 4 Man is like a thing of

success? nought : his time passeth away like a shadow.

s (Bow thy heavens, o s [Proceed, O Lord, Lord, and come down : touch to perfect my Con. the * mountains, and they shall quefts

, let thy Power smoke.]

appear for my Affift

ance and Defence; and as soon as my mof formidable Opposers feel that thou are present, they will vanish inro Smoke. * Mountains) denotes Princes and Great Men. See Pfa.lxxii. 3. 6 Cast forth thy lightning

6 See Pfal. xviii. 14. and tear them: shoot out thine arrows and consume them. 7 Send down thine hand 7 [From these pow.

erful Armies, which froin above : deliver me, and

are ready, like a Flood, take me (out of the great wa to invade and overters,) from the hand of *strange whelm us.] children

* Strange children, ] i

that is, Heathen.

8 (Whose

8 ( who have not 8. (Whose mouth talketh of comoon Honesty, but thamefully break? both vanity: and their right hand is their Words and Oaths: a right hand of wickedness.] And when they thake hands with others, as if they were Friends, intend thereby to deceive and betray then.

9 I will fing a new fong unto thee, O God : and sing praises unto thee upon a ten-ftringed lute., ...

10 Thou hast given victory unto kings: and haft delivered David thy servant from the

ril of the sword.
si See ver. 7,8. If Save me, and deliver me

from the hand of strange chil-
dren : whose mouth talketh of
vanity, and their right hand is a

right hand of iniquity. 15 * Temple in the

12 That our fons may grow Psalms commonly fig. nifies the Holy of Ho up as the young plants: and lies, or the place where that our daughters may be as the Ark stood. See the * polished corners of the Pfal, v. 7.

* temple. By the polithed corners) he means, 1 suppore, thofe Pillars' which supported the Veil mention's Exod. xxvi. 31, 32. which were carved, and polilhed, or overlaid with Gold. 13 (Score-louses.] 13. That our(garners ) may

be full and plenteous with all

manner of store : that our sheep * Streets, perhaps, may bring forth thoufánds and Yeaning. places. See

ten thousands in our *streets. l'ocabulary,

14 That our oxén inay be
strong to labour, that there be
no decay: nole::ding into cap-
tivity, and no complaining in
our Itreets.
15 Happy are the people


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