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not readily be understood by a careless Hearer; and yet it much COACETA: every Man whatever.]

2 High, and low, rich and poor : one with another.

3 My mouth fhall speak of wisdom : and my heart shall

muse of understanding. 4 ct will give special

4 (I will incline mine ear to attention to this * Pa. table, which I am teach the * parable: and few my ing co others : and to

dark speech upon the harp.] inftil. it into their Minds with the greater advantage, I will see my Composure to the Harp.]

S * The wickedness of s [Wherefore should I fear my Heels,] that is, The in the days of wickedness: and wickednets of those when the wickedness of who pursue me hard,

my or are just at my Heels

. heels compafseth me round aSo Patr. Vatabl. and bout?] others. So then the sense of the whole Verse will be this:

[Why should I be overcome with Grief and Fear, in an Age wherein Sin and Tyranny triumph over Vertue and Innocence ? and when the wickedness of those who, like the old Serpent, lay in wait for my Heels, has surrounded me on all sides?] 6 Here he speaks of

6 There be some that put publick Oppreffors, Ty their trust in their goods: and rants,common Enemiesó boast themselves in the multi

tude of their riches.

7 But no Man may deliver 7 From Death.

his brother 7: nor make agree

ment unto God for him; 8 (For 'tis a thing 8 [For it cost more to re100 costly and difficult deem

their fouls) :

deem their fouls) : so that he for any Mortal to purchase perpetual Life, must let that alone for ever ; for himself or any other.]

9 To * see the Grave,] 9 (Yea, though he live long: or Corruption is a He- and * see not the grave.] brew Phrase, signifying to dye, Psal. xvi. 11.

The sense of the whole gch Verfe is : Tho' the wicked Oppressor do live a long while, yer he cannot live always, or be wholly deliver'd from Death

Jo For

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10 For the feeth that wife 10 f Thobe see not men also die, and perish toge

the Grave, yet ther : as well as the ignorant and foolish, and leave their riches for other.

Il And yet they think that their houses shall continue for ever : and that their dwellingplaces shall endure from one generation to anothers and call the lands after their own names.

12 Nevertheless, man will not abide in honour: seeing he may be compared unto the beasts that perish : this is the way of them.

13 This is their foolishness: and (their posterity praise their dren cannot see their

13 (Yet their Chile faying.]

Folly,but approve whaç their ancestors said and did, at least, by following their Example

14 [They lie in the hell like 14 [They go 'roge fheep, death gnaweth upon into the other world,

ther in great mimbers, them, and the righteous ThalỊ and there are disposed have domination over them in of like Flocks of silly the morning; their beauty shall Sheep, and are no more confume * in the fepulchre out able to defend


selves, than those help. of their dwelling.]

less Creatures, Deach exercises his Tyranny over them, and in the morning of the Resurrection the Righteous shall be their Lords and Judges, Rev. iii. 21. I Cor: vi. 2. and long before this, their Beauty and their very Body shall be rotced in their Graves, to which they were carried from their delightful places of habitation here on Earth.

* In the Sepulchre out of their dwelling, ) is a very dark and imperfect Passage in the Hebrew; and none of our Translacors have thought fit to supply 'the sense. The Paraphrase does it in the most obvious and received manner.,

15. But God hath delivered 15 [But tho I die my soul from the place of hell: too, yet I thall have this for he shall receive me.]

Comforts that God will

not only call me back again from the place and state of the Dead, buc receive me to himself in a most glorious manner.]


16 BC

16 + Or concerned.

16 Be not thou afraid + though one be made rich : or if the glory of his houfe be increased;

17 For he shall carry nothing away with him when he dieth: neither shall his pomp

follow him. 18 (For indeed he 18 [For while he lived he ought to think it fuffi- counted himself an happy man: cient, that while he and so long as thou dost well lived he was happy in his own Conceit, plea- unto thy self, men will speak sed himself, and had good of thee.] his own good word : But, on the other side, if you would be a true Friend to your self, and have the commendations of others, especially of competent Judges, consult your own real and eternal Good, make Vercue your bufiness and enjoyment.

19 [He ihall go the 19 [He shall follow the geway his Fathers have neration of his Fathers : and gone before him, and fare as they have donc, Shall never see light.] and never parrake, of 20 Man being in honour any crue Joy or Com; hath no understanding : but is fort.)

compared unto the beasts that

perilh. The Tenth Day. Morning Prayer. A Pfalm of Afaph, probably him who is called the Seer,

2 Chron. xxix. 30. wherein God is represented as a King coming in State out of bis Palace, to call his pece ple to a strict Account, especially those who placed all Religion in Sacrifices and Ceremonies, and those who pretended to teach Religion before they had learn's it. Deus deorum.

Psal. L. 0.
He Lord, even the moft

mighty God,hath spoken: and called the world, from the rising up of the fun, unto the going down thereof.


2 Out of Sion hath God appeared : [in perfe& beauty.]

2 [In the most so

lemn ană splendid man. 3 Our God fhall come, and

ber. ]
Thall not keep filefice : there
Thall go before him a consum-
ing fire, and a mighty tempest
fhall be stirred up round about

4 He shall call [the heaven 4 [Both Angels and
from above': and the earth,] Men.]
that he may judge his people!

Ś [Gather my saints together 5 Bring those Men unto me: those that have made before me, who have à covenant with me with fa- with me, by offering

enter'd inco Covenanc crifice.]

*Sacrifice, fer. xxxiv. 18, 19. as their Father Abraham formerly did, Gen. xv. 9, 18. and are thereby become a holy and peculiar People.].

6 [And the heavens fhall de 6 [And all the Inhao clare, his righteousness] : for bitanēs of Heaven,Saints God is Judge himfelf.

and Angels,shall declare

the Justice of his pro7 Hear, O my people, and ceedings, Rev. v. 11, I will speak : I my self will te- doc.] stifie against thee, O Israel ; för I am God, even thy God.

8 I will not reprove thee be 8* [Because they were cause of thy facrifices, or for not always, įduring your thy burnt-offerings : [*because nels, or in any such they were not alway before me.] like exigence,presented

9 I will take no bullock out before me in the Sanctuof thine houfe : nor he-goat ay. So far from this, out of thy folds.

To For all the beasts of the
forest are mine : and so are the
cattel upon a thousand hills.
II I know all the fowls

the mountains : and the wild
beasts of the field are in my

12 If

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12 If I be hungry, I will not tell thee: for the whole world is mine, and all that is therein.

12 Thinkest thou that I will eat bulls flesh : and drink the blood of goats?

14 Offer unto God thankfgiving: and pay thy vows unto the most Highest

Is And call upon me in the time of trouble : fo will I hear thee, and thou shalt praise me.

16 But unto theungodly said God: Why doft thou preach my laws, and takeft my covenant in thy mouth;

17 Whereas thou hateft to be reformed : and hast cast my words behind thee?

18 When thou saweft a thief, thou consentedft unto himn : and hast been partaker with the adulterers.

19 Thou hast let thy mouth

speak wickedness : and with 19 ( Dresd up a thy tongue thou hast (set forth Lye.]


20 Thou sateit, and spakest against thy brother : yea, and haft slandered thine own mothers son.

21. Thefe things hast thou done, and I held my tongue, and thou thoughtest wickedly, that I am even such a one as thy felf: but I will reprove thee, and set before thee the things that thou hast done.

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