A School Compendium of Natural and Experimental Philosophy: Embracing the Elementary Principles of Mechanics, Hydrostatics, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Acoustics, Pyronomics, Optics, Electricity, Galvanism, Magnetism, Electro-magnetism, Magneto-electricty, and Astronomy : Containing Also a Description of the Steam and Locomotive Engines and of the Electro-magnetic Telegraph

Collins & Brother, 1862 - 470 sivua

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Sivu 256 - Prime cheerer, Light! Of all material beings first, and best! Efflux divine ! Nature's resplendent robe ! Without whose vesting beauty all were wrapt In unessential gloom ; and thou, O Sun ! Soul of surrounding worlds! in whom best seen Shines out thy Maker!
Sivu 343 - ... 430 feet; Mars a rather large pin's head, on a circle of 654 feet; Juno, Ceres, Vesta, and Pallas, grains of sand, in orbits of from 1000 to 1200 feet; Jupiter a moderate-sized orange, in a circle nearly half a mile across; Saturn a small orange, on a circle of four-fifths of a mile...
Sivu 100 - ... wheel is allowed to pass. Now, if this wheel has sixty teeth, as is common, it will just turn round once for sixty beats of the pendulum, or seconds; and a hand fixed on its axis, projecting through the dial-plate, will be the second hand of the clock.
Sivu 171 - ... a vacant space in which none of the small particles of water ascend ; and in this, as well as around the outer edges of the waterspout, large drops of rain precipitate themselves.
Sivu viii - Laws of Motion. Ivory Balls on Stand, for Collision. Set of eight illustrations for Centre of Gravity. Sliding Frame, for Composition of Forces. Apparatus for illustrating Central Forces. Mechanics. Complete set of Mechanicals, consisting of Pulleys ; Wheel and Axle; Capstan; Screw; Inclined Plane; Wedge. Hydrostatics. Bent Glass Tube, for Fluid Level. Mounted Spirit Level. Hydrometer and Jar, for Specific Gravity. Scales and Weights, for Specific Gravity. Hydrostatic Bellows, and Paradox. Hydraulics.
Sivu 350 - In the motion of the planets, the squares of the times of revolution are as the cubes of the mean distances from the sun.
Sivu 284 - The process usually adopted for obtaining galvanic electricity is, to place between two plates of different kinds of metal a fluid capable of exerting some chemical action on one of the plates, while it has no action, or a different action, on the other. A communication is then formed between the two plates.
Sivu 343 - To imitate the motions of the planets in the above-mentioned orbits, Mercury must describe its own diameter in 41 seconds; Venus in 4 minutes 14 seconds ; the Earth in 7 minutes ; Mars in 4 minutes 48 seconds ; Jupiter in 2 hours 56 minutes; Saturn in 3 hours 13 minutes; and Uranus in 2 hours 16 minutes.
Sivu 298 - The attractive power of a magnet is generally stated to be greatest at the poles ; but the actual poles, or points of greatest magnetic intensity, in a steel magnet, are not exactly at the ends, but a little within them.
Sivu 78 - ... time that the axle describes a small one, therefore the power is increased in the same proportion as the circumference of the wheel is greater than that of the axle. If the velocity of the wheel is...

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