The Tariff Act of October 3, 1913, on Imports Into the United States, with Index

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1913 - 152 sivua
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Sivu 74 - ... whenever any person who is required to deliver a monthly or other return of objects subject to tax fails to do so at the time required, or delivers any return which, in the opinion of the collector, is erroneous, false, or fraudulent, or contains any undervaluation or understatement...
Sivu 45 - ... affidavit of the owner, agent, or importer that such animal is the identical animal described in said certificate of record and pedigree...
Sivu 59 - American artists residing temporarily abroad, or other works of art, including pictorial paintings on glass, imported expressly for presentation to a national institution or to any State or municipal corporation or incorporated religious society, college, or other public institution...
Sivu 74 - ... may deem proper, to appear before him and produce such books at a time and place named in the summons, • and to give testimony or answer interrogatories, under oath, respecting any objects or income liable to tax or the returns thereof.
Sivu 61 - gross income" includes gains, profits, and income derived from salaries, wages, or compensation for personal service ... of whatever kind and in whatever form paid, or from professions, vocations, trades, businesses, commerce, or sales, or dealings in property, whether real or personal, growing out of the ownership or use of or interest in such property; also from interest, rent, dividends, securities, or the transaction of any business carried on for gain or profit, or gains or profits and income...
Sivu 40 - Provided, That the importation of aigrettes, egret plumes or so-called osprey plumes, and the feathers, quills, heads, wings, tails, skins, or parts of skins, of wild birds, either raw or manufactured, and not for scientific or educational purposes, is hereby prohibited ; but this provision shall not apply to the feathers or plumes of ostriches, or to the feathers or plumes of domestic fowls of any kind.
Sivu 70 - March in each year thereafter, a true and accurate return under oath or affirmation of its president...
Sivu 80 - ... further, That all additional duties, penalties or forfeitures applicable to merchandise entered by a duly certified invoice, shall be alike applicable to merchandise entered by a pro forma invoice or statement in the form of an invoice, and no forfeiture or disability of any kind, incurred under the provisions of this section shall be remitted or mitigated by the Secretary of the Treasury. The duty shall not, however, be assessed in any case upon an amount less than the invoice or entered value.
Sivu 95 - ... with the Secretary of the Treasury a list of all the articles intended to be manufactured in such warehouse, and state the formula of manufacture and the names and quantities of the ingredients to be used therein. Articles manufactured under these provisions may be withdrawn under such regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe for transportation and delivery into any bonded warehouse at an exterior port for the sole purpose of immediate export therefrom...
Sivu 67 - ... such net income shall be ascertained by deducting from the gross amount of its income received within the year from business transacted and capital invested within the United States and any of its Territories, Alaska, and the District of Columbia, (first) all the ordinary...

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