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led to the door posts of the temple of the Lord with full purposes of heart to be his servanta forever. Let the glory of God be our chief end, his unerring word our rule, the blood of the lamb our support and consolation, the Holy Ghost

our guide, counsellor and director, and this refreshing ordinance, the covenant of grace, and its proinitės, be unto us die bread of life and the water of life, till we thall be introdue ced to the felicities ofithc celeitial Atate.

Various and important are thie ules of infraction, reprooi, comfort and direction which now from this subject, of which I mult now only hint at a few.

First, we ought to lament the awful proneness of our hearts to neglet God and forget the blessed Saviour. This is maiter of deep contrition, mourning and forrow. O that our heads were waters and our eyes a fountain of tears, that might weep day and night over our failings, infirmities and forgetfulness.


Secondly, let our foals bless the Lord for the wonders of his patience, forbearance and long fulfering. Tho' we are apt to be unmindful of him who agonized in the garden, he cons tinually and unremittingly remembers us. Our remembrance often intermits, but his never numbers, nor fleeps. Wherefore let our souls bless the Lord, and resolve no more to for. get his benefits.

Thirdly, how acceptable to Christ is the approach of his dear people to his supper, in an holy, believing, humble and affectionate remembrance of him, in all his sufferings, humilia. tion and exaltation. He rejoices over them in an extacy of delight, saying, “ I am come into my garden, my sister, my “ spouse; I have gathered my myrrh with my spice ;: I have

* eaten my honey.comb with' my honey : I have drunk mi to wine with my milk; eat; Ofriends; drink, pea, -drink a. " bundantly, o beloved."

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A brief sentence of counsel shall relieve your attention at present.-Let us attend this solemn duty of our holy religion for the reasons and in the manner which has now been de. lineated. You will find herein, peace of conscience, joy in the . Holy Ghost and an increase of grace. If you never remembered Christ in a proper manner before, let this be the day in which this bletsed work will begin. It is never too late to begin in well doing. Gather in every wandering thought ; compose your souls into a spirit of devotion ; let a reverential awe of a present Saviour, in all his wounds, bleeding at every pore, po less your hearts ; hunger, thirst and long after great measures of holiness ; raise your hopes, elevate your expectations, and with faith, love, humility, repentance of fin and purposes of new obedience, take the holy symbols and remember God your Saviour, Remember him in his life, remember his agony in the garden, remember his cruel mockings in the High Prieit's hall, his tremendous scourgings when the plowers plowed upon his back and made long and deep their furrows; remember him on the cross, when suspended between heaven and earth, and forsaken by both ; his friends and disciples forfuok him; bis God hid his face from him; a darkness involved the world, such as never was before, nor since, and the final diffolution of nature will hardly create such another. The sun ceased to shine, the moon had no rays, all nature was convulsed ; earthquakes broke up the marble tombs ; the dead started into life ; the veil of the temple of God rended asunder, and in this awful crises, in the last struggle of atonement for man, he cries, " My God, my God, why halt thou “ forsaken me?"

Now hall we not remember this blefed and dying Saviour ?

Let the precept in the text be fadeliably intribed on every heart, let it be written on the palm of every hand. “ This u do in remembrance of me."


The Evil and Danger of Profane Swearing

and Curfing

James v. 12. · But above all things, my brethren, fwear not,

neither by heaven, neither by the earth, neither by any other oath, but let your yea be yea, and your nay, nay, left you fall into con demnation.

COMMON profane swearing and carling, are fins of a base and aggravated dye. However prevalent they may be, this Tenders them not the less henious. It calls forth the stronger and more frequent testimony against them. Does the air of the infernal regions infect many parts of our guilty land ? Where is the town or village which contains not less or more common cursers and swearers in it. Therefore the evil and danger of this vice ought to be often pointed out, and the threatenings of heaven against it repeatedly denounced. It is abundently mentioned in the holy fcriptures, and marked with the utmost abhorrence and disapprobation. It is univerSally condemned in the Old Testament and in the new, by the prophets and apostles, and our Lord gives a most falema charge to his difciples and all others against this fin. His commandment is, “Swear not at all ; neither by heaven, for it is God's throne; “ neither by carth, for it is his foot fool; neither by Jerusa“ lem, for it is the city of the great king ; neither shalt thou “ swear by thy head because thou canst not make one hair

white or black ; but let your communication be yea, yea, “ nay, nay ; for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.” This ought to be perfectly sufficient to correct and regulate all the language of christians. If any addition could be wanted to enforce the counsel, there is the third precept of the de. calogue which was early given ; but we need not to revert back so far for a condemnation of this vice ; common sense, and the propriety of larguage, and every form of delicacy, and decency, stamp reprobation upon it. Whether it arises from fashion, education, or any other source, to hear cursing and fwearing dropping from a ladies lips, to be entertained with the interpolations of profante expletives and exclamations, and to see the devil bolting from their mouths, can there be a greater contrast of beauty and deformity, in nature ! Behold moral ugliness starting thro, blurring and marring every amiable feature. Can the pencils of the greatest limners produce a more odious picture than a lady that swears. The temptations to this vice are infinitely less than others which would blast her reputation forever.

Let all whether male or female, old or young, bond or free, who have indulged themselves in this abominable license of the tongue, be eritreated to attend to the absurdity and irrationality of this fin, its contradiction of the injunctions of heaven, the great dishonor it is to God, disgrace to the chris. tian religion, its tendency to promote the caufe of infidelity, and the certain destruction, if the deepest repentance and the most thorough reformation intervene not, of the immortal foul, which worlds cannot ransom. I beg your attention to the words of inspiration duivered by the apostle of christian mo.

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