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followers of the world, they are now lovers and followers of Christ. The improvement in their outward conduct, how. ever, forms but a small part of the blessed change that has been wrought in them. It has been chiefly in the surprising influence exerted by the Spirit over their dispositions, minds, and tempers, that His presence in them has been manifested. Many a proud and hard spirit has been subdued and softened, and many a stout and stubborn heart been melted by the love of Jesus, and cast into the mould of humble-mindedness; some who once were fierce, intractable, and of ungovernable passions, are now seen sitting at the feet of Jesus, clothed, and in their right mind. In several cases, children who have been bred up in sin, and who have been accustomed all their lives to tell lies by habit, and to curse and swear as though it were a matter of indifference, and who still hear their parents, brothers, and sisters continually doing it, are now never known to tell a lie, or to utter an oath, even though their own brothers do all they can to provoke them to it. Boys who have for years been accustomed to assemble in the evening, after work, to encourage each other in wickedness and folly, now meet together to read the word of God and pray. Indeed, so astonishing has been the change produced on some of them, that their masters, though unconcerned, could not help expressing their surprise and satisfaction at it; whilst the unconverted parents of others, have been induced by the blessed change they have beheld in their own children, to come to the minister and mention their desire to seek the same themselves. The mother of the two boys who were turned out of the school for misconduct, and who afterwards used to come to church and laugh in the minister's face, came to him with tears in her eyes, and was quite overcome by her feelings, whilst she confessed how often her heart had been made to ache, by the reckless conduct and bad behaviour of her boys, and whilst she offered her grateful acknowldgments for their having been rescued from the paths of misery and vice, and brought to sober habits, serious minds, and a humble, holy walk with God. These dear boys are indeed monuments no less of God's mighty power than of His free and sovereign grace.

The writer cannot forbear mentioning the pleasure he experienced one day, when a woman, who was in real concern about her soul, told him that, being some time before in trouble on account of worldly cares, her little girl,—not ten years old, came up to her and said, encouragingly, 'O, mother, don't trouble about the world, if you trouble about

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REVIVAL AT CHARLINCH SABBATH SCHOOL. 129 the world, you will never be able to come to Jesus; don't care about the world any more, mother, but give up all your heart to seek after Jesus !

Nor may we omit to mention the real delight the children have in communion with God: they are in truth a praying people: all of them are found at the throne of grace three or four times a-day: nor do they suffer their occupations in the fields to hinder this, but retire into a barn, behind a hedge, or even into a ditch, to carry on their intercourse with heaven. On Sunday, at their own request, and by the minister's permission, they meet twice in the day for united prayer, the boys being in one room, and the girls in another. A person who happened to over-hear them, was struck with the humble yet filial confidence with which they appear to draw near to God, as well as with the simplicity and unction with which they poured out their hearts in earnest supplication for themselves and others. The reader will recollect that all these children, without one exception, were, twelve months ago, in total unconcern about their souls, and as heedless and careless about eternity and the things of God as wild asses' colts; many of them were habitual Sabbath-breakers ; several were liars, swearers, and blasphemers; some were rebellious, and disobedient to their parents : and others open mockers of God's word and worship; all were far off,'having no hope, and without God in the world. May we not say with truth, 'instead of the thorn has come up the fir-tree, and instead of the briar has come up the myrtle tree; and it shall be to the Lord for a name, and for an everlasting sign that shall not be cut off ? Isa. lv. 13.

The latest accounts give the most satisfactory intelligence of the steadfastness of those upon whom this change has heen wrought. They were continuing to be living epistles, known and read of all men; walking in the fear of God, and in the comfort of the Holy Ghost.

To what agency is this work to be ascribed ?

Who can possibly resist the conviction that the hand of the Lord hath done this; and the holy One of Israel, He hath created it ?" What power less than that of the Holy Ghost could have wrought convictions, and produced changes such as these? Let it be remembered that these same children had been taught by the same minister, warned, and exhorted in church and at school for more than twelve months, and never did he see one of them even seem seriously affected. Here were the same minister, the same


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truths, the same place, and the same people : where, then,
was the difference ? doubtless in the mighty power of God,
and the effectual presence of his Holy Spirit. Mere
excitement of feeling, could not possibly have endured the
trial they have undergone. One who has not been a witness
of it, can scarcely conceive what a "fight of afflictions” they
have passed through, from the humbling work of the Spirit
within, the bitter persecutions of the world without, and
the fearful and harassing temptations of Satan --enough,
truly, during the space of from two to six months that they
endured it, to have cooled their excitement, even if it had
been most intense. Nor is there in the demeanour of the
people any appearance of excitement, neither have there
been any displays of extravagance or enthusiasm among
them: on the contrary, there is for the most part a serious-
ness of mind and quietness of spirit about them, the children
no less than the adults, which savours much less of excite-
ment than subduedness.
Reader! what think


of this narrative? Have you experienced any thing similar in your spiritual history ? If you indeed have, is it your desire and daily prayer that the spirit may come down on the souls of those around you, "to open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me?" If not, "now it is high time to awake out of sleep. Awake, thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light."-Rom. xiii. 11. Ephes. v. 14. Sabbath School children, and other young persons

who are receiving instruction in the precious truths of the gospel, what think you of this? Is your state that of the Charlinch school before the 19th of December, or has a change taken place like that of which you have read? Has God opened your eyes? What is the condition of


school? Is there any spiritual life in it—any concern about the soul? Do you pray for one another ? Do you speak to one another about the things of eternity? Or are you dead and indifferent about these subjects-glad when the lessons and school are over, and wishing that there was no death-no judgment -no heaven-no hell—perhaps wishing that there was no God. “Turn you at my reproof; behold I will pour

out my spirit upon you.”—Proverbs i. 23. Sabbath School teacher ! What is the state of

your Is the fleece of your flock like that of Gideon, saturated

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INFLUENCE OF A SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHER. 131 with the dews of the Spirit ; or is it all dry ? And are you satisfied that it continue dry without making one effort ? Will it suffice that the head be filled with the knowledge of divine things, while the heart continues untouched ? Ye may have been labouring perhaps many years, without one single token for good. Yet be not discouraged. Continue steadfast. Stability is essential to success. Learn from the history of the blessing which was at length poured out upon his labours, to be more solemn, more in earnest, as one who has an account to give. Seek great things for the lambs of the flock under your care. Why is there so much indifference, so much coldness in our Sabbath Schools; and so little spiritual life, so little self-denial, so little joy? Is it not that there is little prayer ? Little, very little, of that believing, earnest, persevering, expecting supplication, without which we cannot look for a blessing to crown our labours ? Let each teacher test the matter, and see whether it be not his own fault, that his scholars have not received the quickening spirit, but continue dead and insensible to their danger ? When you consider the weakness of your faith and feebleness of your prayers, may not the Lord address to you the same words as of old he did to his disciples, *HITHERTO HAVE YE ASKED NOTHING IN MY NAME ; ASK, AND YE SHALL RECEIVE, THAT YOUR JOY MAY BE FULL,' John xvi. 24.

this narrative! Hero ia your spiritual histor ire and daily prayer that i

souls of those around me tarn them from darkness

sa unto God, that there ad inheritance among ta at is in me?" If not, "

sleep. Awake, then the d, and Christ shall girecte 5. F. 14.


recious truths of the gospa our state that of the Chris December, or has a chart cou have read? Has buil

" schai!

condition of your

A lady in America had often been solicited to take a class of young ladies in a Sunday School, (for in that country these Institutions are not confined to the poor,) but for some time she refused. At length she engaged, and reluctantly advanced to the seat where nine or ten young ladies waited to receive her instructions. She became, however, immediately impressed with the thought that these females might hereafter occupy stations of influence in society, and that should Divine grace convert them, they might do extensive good. She earnestly desired their salvation, and addressed them from the fulness of her heart, warning them of their danger, and exhorted them by the solemnities of time and eternity, to make their escape. They all became deeply impressed, and within two weeks every one of them gave evidence of a change of heart. They made a profession of religion, and persevered in the way of holiness.

75 concern about the soul

Jou speak to one anothi are you dead and indifer en the lessons and schon

no death-no jungta shing that there was a behold I will pour as


the state of your clas! st of Gideon, saturstei

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CAMEL'S STOMACH AND FOOT. There is nothing in the external form and appearance of the camel calculated to excite admiration. It has not the majesty of the king of the forest, the beauty of the leopard, nor the elegance and symmetry of the stately giraffe. Yet there are few animals more generally useful, and few that bear more abundant proofs of the wisdom of God in its structure and formation. It is found principally in the countries of the East, and it is, indeed, an invaluable acquisition. Not only does its milk afford a most wholesome beverage, and its flesh abundance of the most nutritious food, but its hair furnishes with materials for clothing, and even for temporary tents, while belts and sandals are formed from its hide-its very dung is rendered useful as a species of fuel, while from the soot is obtained sal ammoniac, or more scientifically 'muriate of Ammonia,' a most useful chemical substance. No animal then, perhaps, is more valuable in the East; and we find, that from the very earliest times, camels have constituted a most important part of the riches of oriental pastoral. Jacob, we read, had a great number of camels among his other possessions, and these animals were part of that present which he sent to propitiate the anger of his offended brother: (Gen. xxxii. 15.) while among the riches of Job, are enumerated 3000 camels, (Job i. 3,) of which he was deprived by the predatory ravages of the Chaldean bands. It is evident, therefore, that great value was attached to them in these primitive times.

But all these uses to which we have alluded, important as they are in themselves, are but trifling when compared with its immense utility as a living vehicle of transit over those sandy deserts, of whose horrors Euro

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