Proposed 1983 Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Lease Sale Offshore Central California: OCS Sale No. 73 : Final Environmental Impact Statement, Nide 1

The Region, 1983

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Sivu 1-4 - Federal regulatory agencies) to ensure that agency actions are not likely to jeopardize the continued existence of endangered or threatened species or to adversely modify or destroy their designated critical habitats.
Sivu 1-7 - Nation's energy needs as rapidly as possible, (B) to balance orderly energy resource development with protection of the human, marine, and coastal environments, (C) to insure the public a fair and equitable return on the resources of the Outer Continental Shelf...
Sivu 11-65 - Construction of a hydroelectric dam represents an irreversible commitment of the land resource beneath the dam and lake. Flooding eliminates wildlife habitat and prevents other uses such as agriculture, mining, and free-flowing river recreation. Hydroelectric projects do not consume fuel and do not cause air pollution. However, use of streams for power may displace recreational and other uses. Water released...
Sivu 1-1 - US has three overriding energy objectives: • as an immediate objective that will become even more important in the future, to reduce dependence on foreign oil and vulnerability to supply interruptions; • in the medium term, to keep US imports sufficiently low to weather the period when world oil production approaches its capacity limitation; and...
Sivu 11-17 - RSFO, to determine the potential existence of any cultural resource that may be affected by operations. The report, prepared by an...
Sivu IE-72 - OCZM has approved a state program, federal agency activities within a coastal zone must be consistent "to the maximum extent practicable
Sivu 11-21 - Shelf, if such injury or damage to such person or property occurs by reason of the activities of any agency of the US Government, its contractors or subcontractors, or any of their officers, agents or employees, being conducted as a part of, or in connection with, the programs and activities of the Operating Area Coordinator, Naval Air Station, Jacksonville, FL.
Sivu 11-19 - Such coordination and instruction will provide for positive control of boats and aircraft operating in the warning areas at all times. (b) The lessee, recognizing that mineral exploration and exploitation and recovery operations of the leased areas of submerged lands can impede tactical military operations, hereby recognizes and agrees that the United States reserves and has the right to temporarily suspend operations of the lessee under this lease in the interests of national security requirements....
Sivu 11-16 - The lessee agrees that if any area of biological significance should be discovered during the conduct of any operations on the leased area...
Sivu 1-8 - Any Governor of any affected State or the executive of any affected local government in such State may submit recommendations to the Secretary regarding the size, timing, or location of a proposed lease sale or with respect to a proposed development and production plan.

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