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Tariff of Austria-Hungary. PART I.-Import --Continued:


Tarif classification.

Rates of duties.






Net or gross. [Tare

reduction in perceuts of the gross

weight. )


17 Crude sugar:

18 Refined sugar

(a) Below the Dutch standard 100 kilos.. 15.00 $7.056

No. 19.
(6) From the Dutch standard No. ..... 20.00 9. 408
19, and above.


20.00 9. 408 19 Solutions of sugar, granulated sugar,


15.00 7. 056 starch sugar, grape sugar, in a solid

state. 20 Sirup; starch sugar, grape sugar, .....

6.00 2. 822 in a liquid state; molasses.

NOTE. -To class IV: The excise duty on the manufacture of sugar is included in the tarin.

Forcrude sugar and brown sugar (sugar powder) and crushed sugar:

13 in barrels with staves of hard wood, and boxes; 10in other barrels; 8 in foreign cane fabrics (canas. ters, cran-jans); 7 in other baskets; 4 in bales.

For other sugar:

14 in barrels with staves of hard wood; 13in boxes; 10 in other barrels; 7 in baskets; 4in bales; 11 in over" barrels.

12 in boxes, barrels, serones, and canaster baskets; 9 in other baskets; 4 in bales.

16 in boxes and bar. rels; 13 in baskets; 6 in bales.




9. 878

Tobacco, crude: i e., tobacco leaves,

stems, ribs, and flowers, unmanufac-
tured; tobacco juice (with special
consent only).

[blocks in formation]

22 Tobacco manufactured: 1. e., smoking

tobacco in rolls, unrolled or stemmed leaves, or cut; carrot tobacco, or stems for making snuti; tobacco, powdered; tobacco refuse: cigars, cigarettes; snuff; chewing tobacco; also, paper made from stems and ribs of tobacco leaves. (With specialconsent only.)

Note.-In case of special permit, there are aside from this to be paid the following taxes for 1 kilogram net: For cigars and cigarettes For other manufactures of tobacco For unmanufactured tobacco.. Tobacco and manufactures therefrom must also be declared in conformity with the above subdivisions.

For cigars and cigarettes:

24 in small wooden boxes: 12 in small pasteboard boxes or small baskets. If the cigars or cigarettes packed in small wooden boxes or small baskets are provided with still another covering of boxes, barrels, baskets, or bales, the parties receiving the goods have the option to declare either the total weight, including both coverings, or besides this gross weight, also separate the gross weight of the small wooden boxes, pasteboard boxes, or small baskets.

In the former case the tare percentage indicated above has also to be calculated of the total gross weight; in the latter case, however,

the tare is to be calculated only with 24 and 12 per cent respectively.

Single small boxes only covered with linen, pasteboard boxes, or small baskets are not treated as bales.

[blocks in formation]
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Tariff of Austria-Hungary. PART I.--Import-Continued.




VI.-Grain and legumes; flour and mill

products; rice-Continued. Grain-Continued.

Wheat, spelt, rye, half fruit.. 100 kilos.. 1.50 $0.705
NOTES.-1. For the supply of Dal-
matia and the islands in the Ad-
riatic, the I. R. Government may,
in unison with the Government of
Hungary, permit the free importa-
tion of the following kinds of grain,
i. e., Indian corn, not exceeding
8,000,000 kilos annually, and wheat
and millet not exceeding 2,000,000
kilos annually, to be entered
through customs officers and under
special modalities to be fixed by
agreement from time to time.
2. For the import of grain of Ser-

vian origin in the frontier trade
from Servia across the Hunga-
rian and Bosnia-Servian frontier
the duties of No. 23 and 24 of the
general customs tariff of 1882,

(R. G. Bl. No. 47) remain in force.
After the customs tariff of 1882, the

respective duties are: No. 23. Barley, oats, Indian corn, rye. No.24. Wheat, spelts, half fruit, buck-

.50 . 235 wheat, millet. Malt

1. 50 Legumes : Beans, lupines, pease, lentils,


. 47 vetches. Flour and mill products (crushed, .... 3.75 1.764 13 in boxes, barrels, bruised, and hulled grains : bar

and baskets, 2 in bags.
ley, groats, oat meal, wheat
groats) made of grains and le-
Rice, hulled, and unhulled; broken .... 2.00
rice. (By convention, 1.50 flor-

NOTE.-1. Crude rice, wholly or
partly in hulls, for rice mills, to be
cleaned and broken; rice for the man
ufacture of starch, pay one-half,
and when imported by sea, one-fourth
of the lowest tariff for shelled rice.
2. Products of rice mills will be en-

tered according to No.27.
VII.- Vegetables, fruit, plants, and

parts of plants.
Vegetables and fruit: Grapes,

10.00 4.704r For No. 29, 30, 31 and fresh, for table use: pine apples,

| 32b of the general tarNuts and hazel nuts dry or shelled. 5.00 2. 352 iff: 16 in boxes and (By convention 1.50.)

barrels, 20 in boxes Fine vegetables, for table use, fresh.

5.00 2. 352 and barrels, and at the Vegetables and fruitnot otherwise

same time packed in provided for :

cork or wood chips, (a) Fresh

Free. sawdust, etc; 11 in in(b) Dried or prepared (dried, com- 100 kilos. 5. 00 2. 352

complete boxes and pressed, cut, powdered, or other

barrels (crates, boxes wise reduced in size: salted or

with holes bored preserved in vinegar in barrels;

therein, boxes with fruit pastes boiled without su

cloth covers, etc.) furgar).

ther in baskets; 9 in Lemon juice by convention, free.

wooden boxes and Dried plums; fruit paste boiled with

other similar small out sugar; as frontier privilege from

Servia, by convention 1.50 florins.
NOTE. - Vegetables and fruit in

cans, bottles, or otherwise her-
metically sealed or prepared in
another manner, as above d.
scribed, will be treated aseatables
under 92, respectively No. 93.

Tariff of Austria-Hungary. PART I.-Import-Continued.

[blocks in formation]

I 16 in boxes and barrels; 20 in boxes and barrels and at the same time packed in cork or wood chips, sawdust, etc.; 11 in incomplete boxes and barrels (crates, boxes with holes bored therein, boxes with cloth covers, etc.) further in baskets; 9 in wooden boxes and other similar small boxes.

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35 bis.

2. 352
. 705



[blocks in formation]

Plants and parts of plants not oth-
erwise provided for, fresh: grain
and legumes in straw or leaves;
teasels; seagrass; bast; cane;
straw; hay; litter.
Plants and parts of plants not oth ......

erwise provided for, dried or
prepared(powdered, or otherwise
reduced in size, colored).
Hops, also hop meal (lupulin).

VIII.-Meat and draft cattle.
29 Oxen (as frontier privilege from Ser- Per head.

via, by convention, 4 fiorins).


[blocks in formation]

40 Bulls 41 Cows 42 Young cattle 43 Calves

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[blocks in formation] 44 Sheep and goats (also rams, wethers, and bucks). 15 Lambs and kids. 46 Hogs (by convention 1.50 florins) 4? Sucking pigs, not weighing more than

10 kilograms. 48 Horses and foals.

.do NOTE.--Foals following the mother. 49 Mules and donkeys (by convention Per head.


. 118 1.4:1


. 141

[blocks in formation]


. 941

[blocks in formation]

IX.--Other animals. 50 Game and fowls of all kinds:

(aj living

(O) dead (by convention, 3 florins). 100 kilos.. 51 Fish, fresh; river and creek crawfish;

snails, fresh (by convention, free). 52 Shell-fish from the sea (i. e., oysters,

lobsters, crabs); turtles, not pre: pared.

16 in boxes and barrels,

9 in baskets, 4 in bales.

[blocks in formation]

13 in boxes, barrels,

and other wooden vessels (tubs, etc.) with cover, 10in open wooden vessel without cover, 9 in baskets, 4 in bales.

[blocks in formation]

Forhoney in combs:20

in boxes, 13 in bas

kets, 11 in buckets. For honey separated

via, by convention free).

from the combs: 20 in boxes, 13 in baskets.



Tariff of Austria-Hungary. PART I.-Import-Continued.

[blocks in formation]

X.- Animal products-Continued. 58 Wax, also vegetable:

Florins. (a) in natural state

100 kilos.. 5.00 82.352

13 in boxes and bar. () Prepared (bleached, dyed, etc.).

10.00 4. 704

rels, 9 in baskets, 4

in bales. 59 | Bathing and horse sponges..
15.00 7.056

20 in boxes and bar. Other sponges.


rels, 9 in baskets, 6 28. 22

in bales. 60 Skins and hides, raw (green or dry,

Free. also salted or pickled, but not other

wise prepared). 61 Hair of all kinds, raw or prepared (i.

Free. e., heckled, boiled, dyed, stained, or

curled), bristles. 62 Feathers not otherwise provided for

Free. (bed feathers, quills), ornamental

feathers, undressed. 63 Bladders and guts, fresh, salted, or 100 kilos.. 2.00 .94

dried; goldbeaters' skins; catguts. 64 Animal products not otherwise pro

Free. 16 in barrels and pots vided for.

as well as in tubs XI.-Grease.

and buckets of hard

wood; 11 in tubs 85 Butter, fresh salted, melted, also arti. 100 kilos.. 10.00 4. 704

and buckets of soft ficial butter.

wood; 7 in baskets; 66 Lard and goose-grease, bacon.

6 in skins and bales.

7. 526 67 Stearic acid, palmine acid,


2. 822 ( 13 in boxes and bar. 68 Ceresine, spermaceti

4.00 1.881 | rels. 69 Tallow from animals, raw, melted,

1.00 also pressed. 70 Palm oil and cocoanut oil in solid

1.00 state, vegetable tallow.

When imported by sea, free. 71 Oleic acid.

2. 00 .94 71 Grease and greasy mixtures not other-

1.00 . 47 provided for, blubber.


[blocks in formation]

XII.-Oils, fat.
72 Olive oil, poppy, sesame, earth, nut, 100 kilos..

beech, acorn, sunflower, and cot-
ton seed-oil, in barrels, skins, and
Olive oil, pure, by convention 2.40

Other oils of No. 72 and all mix-

tures of olive oil with other fat
oils by convention 4 florins.
NOTE.Olive oil under No. 72, ren-

dered totally unfit for human
consumption under omcial su.
pervision on entry by custom-

houses specially designated.
73 Rape seed and linseed and other fat

oils not otherwise provided for, in
casks, skins, and bladders, except

oil varnish (No. 334).
Linseed oil by convention, 2.40 florins.
Castor oil, if rendered perfectly unit

for human consumption under om.
cial supervision on entry by custom-
houses specially designated, by con-

vention 0.80.
74 Oils, fat, in bottles or jugs.. NOTES.--1. Oils of No. 72 and 73,

24 in boxes; 16 in bas.

when entered for the use of the people living near the frontier and contained in open jugs, tin cans, or glass bottles, or similar open vessels, will be treated like

oils in open casks. 2. Oils fat, in jugs, bottles, or simi

larvessels, weighing not less than 25 kilograms, will be treated like fat oils in casks.


4. 704


Tariff of Austria-Hungary. PART I.-Import-Continued.

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XIII.-Beverages. 75 Beer and mead:

Florins. (a) In casks

100 kilos.. 3. 00 $1.411 b) In bottles and jugs.

8. 00 3.763 24 in boxes; 16 in tasNOTE.-The consumption tax on

manufacture of beer is included.
76 The present form of tarif No. 76 is

fixed by section 1 of the law of June
20, 1888; R. G. Bl. No. 95.
Distilled spirituous liquids:
(a) Liquors, essence of punch,


76.00 35.55
and other sweetened, distilled
spirituous liquids, arrack
rum, French spirits, cognac.
(0) Other distilled spirituous .do

60.00 28. 224
liquids, also admixed.
"Rakia,” when imported from Ser-


24 in boxes, 16 via by the Bosnian frontier, as frontier privilege by convention

baskets, 11in outside (exclusive of the consumption

barrels only when tax, 3.20 florins).

entered in bottles. NOTE. The tax levied in the pro

For grapes for makduction or in the transit of dis

ing wine: 13 in boxes tilled spirituous liquids is in

and barrels, 9 in in. cluded in the above quotations.

complete boxes, bar77 Wine and substitutes for wine, also

rels (tubs, etc.), and

in baskets.
cider, wine must, and fruit must.
(a) In casks or bottles.

100 kilos.. 20.00 9. 408

(Addition of tare for Servian wines in casks (from

wine in entering in

tank cars without about Tozarevac, Negotin, Semendria, and Nis) as frontier

other covering, 17 privilege, by convention, 3.20

per cent.)
Wine must and fruit must in

casks, 4 florins.
(6) Sparkling wines (by convention,

50.00 23.52
40 forins)
NOTE.-Wine mash and grapes for 6. 00

making wine.
78 Vinegar, for table use:
(a) In casks


5.00 2. 352
(b) In bottles or jugs ...
10.00 4. 764 24 in boxes, 16 in bas-

kets. 79 Mineral waters, natural or manufac-

50 235 tured.

NOTE to Nos. 75 and 78.-Beverages when entered for the use of the people living near the frontier and contained in open jugs, tin cans, flasks. or unsealed bottles will be treated like beverages in casks.

XIV.-Eatables. 80 Bread, ordinary, black as well as white 100 kilos 3. 75 1.764 13 in boxes, barrels, ship biscuits.

and baskets ; 2 in

bales. 81 Sago and substitutes for sago, tapioca,

10.00 4. 704 16 in boxes and bararrowroot.

rels, 13 in baskets, 4 2 Dough products, i.e., vermicelli and

10.00 4. 704 in bales. similar farinaceous products not

baked (by convention, 3.75 fiorins). 83 | Meat, fresh or prepared (i.e., salted, 6.00 2.822 1 16 in boxes and bar

dried, smoked, pickled). # Sausages (by convention, 16 florins).

} rels, 9 in baskets, 4

25.00 11.755 in bales. 85 Cheese (Strachino, Gorgonzola, Par

20.00 9. 408 16 in boxes less than mesan against certificate of origin

50 kilos, 13 in boxes of from Italy as frontier privilege, by

50 kilos and more, 11 convention, 5 florins. Emmentha.

in barrels and tubs, 8 ler, Gruyere (Greyerz or Groy),

in baskets, 4 in bales. Sbrinz against certificate of origin from Switzerland, as frontier privi. lege, by convention, 5 florins).

2. 822

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