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. Chap. I. AN.


N Account of Saul's Rejection,

and David's Designation to the Throne

Page 1 Chap. II. A Digresion concerning Samuel,

the Prophets, and their School Chap. III. What ensued upon David's being

anointed to the Succesion of the Throne, together with the Occasion of his being called to Saul's Court

23 Chap. IV. David's Duel with Goliah

35 Chap. V. The Friendship of David and Jona

than. Some Difficulties in the sacred Text cleared. David's Combat compared with

that of Dioxippus the Athenian Athlete 45 Chap. VI. The Rise and Effects of Saul's En

mity to David. Merab promised to David, and given to another

55 Chap. VII. Michal promised to David. The

Nature of the required Dower explained at large

63 Chap. VIII. Saul's Persecutions continued. David's hgnal Deliverances

71 Chap.

Chap. IX. A Conjecture concerning the Cir

cumstances of his Escape, grounded on the xviiith Pfalm ; submitted to the candid Reader. The Tempest described in this Pfalm, compared with that of Virgil in the first Georgic

8o. Chap. X. David flies to Samuel to Ramah.

Saul pursues him thither. What ensued thereupon. David returns to Jonathan at Gibeah, and is again obliged to fly. Their Solemn Covenant, and exquisite Distress at parting

94 Chap. XI. David flies to Ahimelech at

Nob: His Conduct there examined, and excused. From Nob he flies to Achish at Gath : His conduct there examined, and

accounted for Chap. XII. David flies to the Cave of Adul

lam. Some Account of the Perfons who

resorted to him there Chap. XIII. David flies to the Forest of

Hareth : His Employment here. Saul's Impatience for Revenge finely painted in the Text. The Priests at Nob massacred

130 Chap. XIV. The Siege of Keilah raised by David, and the Philistines defeated. What



I 21


Historical Account

Of the LIFE and REIGN of


C H A P. I.

An Account of Saul's Rejection, and

David's Designation to the Throne.


HEN the decree of divine rejection and deposition was pass’d upon Saul, for his deli

berate and obstinate disobedience in relation to Amalek, David was, by a very express and particular designation of Almighty God, (such a designation as plainly shews its divine original) appointed to succeed him.

It will not be amiss to explain this matter a little more fully.



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