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Commercial Law Journal"

Volume 17


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The December issue of the Bulletin of the National Association of Credit Men contains on the first page of its reading matter the following:

"A discussion of very considerable interest to the National Association of Credit Men took place at the recent convention of the Commercial Law League of America. The feeling was expressed that both organizations were vitally interested in the better practice of commercial law, though approaching the question from quite different angles. It was pointed out that circumstances had arisen which tended to disturb what should be cordial relations between the two bodies, though in no case were there sufficient reasons to cause any real breach. The final conclusion was that each association ought to have a committee through which matters of common interest might be taken up, it being the duty of these committees to receive complaints made by members of the Law League against members of the Credit Men's Association with reference to collection and credit matters, and also complaints from credit men against league members. Recognizing the force of these conclusions, President New has appointed a committee of three to represent the National Association of Credit Men-A. W. Pickford, of Philadelphia; O. G. Fessenden and Charles E. Meek, of New York."

A similar committee will be appointed by the President of the Commercial Law League of America, and it is believed that through the co-operation of these two bodies, close relationship can be established between these two organizations, and a substantial amount of good be accomplished for both organizations. Your President believes that no act of his can produce such bene-. fit to the Law League as the effecting of close co-operation between the two organizations.

A few thoughts and suggestions, as to how this may be accomplished and the general scope in which it is hoped to be carried out will be covered in an article by your President in the next issue of the BULLETIN.






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Volume XVII.

JANUARY, 1912.

Number 1


At length, final negotiations have been completed and the convention for 1912 will be held at the Hotel Antlers, Colorado Springs, July 23, 24 and 25, 1912.

For a number of years there has been a constant demand by the members from the West and Middle West to have the convention held somewhere west of the Mississippi River. The Executive Committee and officers have felt for sometime that this demand was a just one and have been trying to make satisfactory arrangements so as to give all of the Western members an opportunity to attend one of our conventions.

I feel that the entire league should be congratulated on the fact that they have been able to make satisfactory arrangements for the holding of the convention at Colorado Springs. I presume there is no point of greater interest anywhere, and it was with the greatest difficulty that final arrangements were made to comfortably take care of our convention in the heart of the summer season. However, ample provision has now been made and there is no doubt that the convention of 1912, both from the standpoint of attendance and pleasant recreation, should exceed any in the past.

I know that some of our best Eastern members feel that the trip to Colorado Springs is a lengthy one and hesitate about taking the same. They, however, should realize, in the first place, that the Western members have for many years been traveling great distances to attend the conventions held in the East, and the Eastern members should gladly on this occasion reciprocate. We all know that there is no more beautiful spot on the earth than Colorado Springs, and its innumerable beautiful surrounding points of interest within a comparatively short distance.

In addition to the beauties and delights of a trip to Colorado Springs, the Executive Committee have laid out a plan of work for this winter which will necessitate the decision of a number of matters of vital importance by the convention of 1912. It is there

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