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The general appropriation made, providing for the apbill for 1833, was not taken up pointment of a commissioner of in the committee of the whole pensions, with a salary of $2500, house, until the 1st of March. and the privilege of franking

At this late period of the The bill was then reported to session, it was not possible to go the house, and the next day was into an examination of the taken up in the house, and the public expenditures.

amendments were agreed to. The committee on public The amendment providing lands had been directed to in- for the appointment of a comvestigate the affairs of the land missioner of pensions with prioffice, and Mr. Wickliffe, when vilege of franking, was amended, this bill was taken up, stated on motion of Mr. E. Everett, that the committee had not extending the franking privilege been able, for want of time, to of members of Congress. complete the investigation of the Mr. Verplanck moved an concerns of the land office, but additional appropriation of from the progress which had $34,000, for clerks in the post been made, he was fully con- office department. vinced that the commissioner Mr. E. Whittlesey opposed had made an improper applica- this amendment. tion of the funds placed in his Mr. Conner supported it, hands.

and read a letter from Mr. Mr. Verplanck proposed an M-Lean, late postmaster Geneitem to cover certain arreara- ral, on the subject. ges which had improperly ac- Mr. Wickliffe opposed the acrued in that office. He said mendment at length, which was he did it with great reluctance, further supported by Messrs. and merely because the govern- Connor and R. M. Johnson, ment must of course pay debts and adopted. contracted by its authority. Mr. Bell moved to amend the But the expenditure had the de- bill, by inserting a clause grantcided disapprobation of the com- ing Stephen Pleasanton $5,000 mittee of ways and means. for certain extra services per

This amendment was adopted, formed by him. but one proposed by Mr. Ver- Mr. Hubbard moved the planck allowing $34,000, for previous question on the bill as extra clerk hire in the post office previously amended, which was department, was promptly nega- sustained, and the bill was passtived, as was an amendment ed and sent to the senate for proposed by Mr. Washington, concurrence, granting $250,000, to enable In that body, the bill was athe city of Washington to pay mended by making appropriup its subscription to the stock ations for custom-houses at of the Washington and Ohio Baltimore and Newburyport; canal,

ordering the instalments to be An amendment was also received from France, under the

treaty to be invested either in pared to support the amendstock of the United States, or ment, until after a formal inof the bank of the United States, quiry. or to be loaned to the United Mr. Dearborn hoped the States bank upon interest; and amendment would not prevail. allowing to the revenue officers He would not presume that the the same income as before the secretary of the navy had abused tariff of 1832.

the power intrusted to him, These amendments were without full inquiry. concurred in by the house, and Mr. Hoffman said, that he was the bill became a law. By this satisfied that the number of naact, the following appropriations val officers was too great, but he were made.

thought the house could not exercise a power in limiting the

number in any other mode, than For the expenses of the executive depart

ment, including vice-president's sa- by limiting the pay, and emolu-
lary, and of the territorial govern- ments of the officers.
ments, ... . . . $793,500 72 M

Mr. Adams thought the subject
survey of the public
lands, . . . . .

ought not to be introduced in diplomatic intercourse, 256,282 35 examining this bill, which was Expenses of the judiciary, 335,400 of light houses,

to provide for the service of the beacons, &c. . . 231,850 current year. survey of the

He was unwilling to do any coast, . . . .


thing which might look like a to execute the Chickasaw trea

censure of the secretary of the ty, . . . . . .


navy, without giving him an Miscellaneous expenses, 561,192 74

opportunity of being heard ; and

he hoped that the amendment The bill making the appro.

would not prevail.

The amendment, after some priations for the naval service, furth

Ice; further discussion, was lost, ayes was taken up on the 9th of

59, nays 62. It was again February, in committee. After

pressed in the house, and was various unimportant amend

again rejected, ayes 88, nays ments were made without oppo

102. The bill was then passed, sition, Mr. Wickliffe moved an

and having received a verbal amendment, prohibiting the in

amendment in the senate, became crease of midshipmen without

a law. the authority of law. He said

By that act, there were apthat of late, the power of ap.

hindi propriated, pointment by the secretary, had been abused.

For pay, subsistence and Four hundred and fifty mid provisions, - - - $1,905,000 shipmen were now on the navy

repairs of vessels, - • 506,750

medicines and hospitals, 35,000 list, and within the two last

repairs and improvements years a great number of appoint of navy yards, - - - 328,863 ments had been made.

superintendants and civil

establishment at do., - 57,330 Mr. Anderson was not pre

ordnance, - - - - - 10,009

ence, ..




... · ·

For enumerated contingencies. 295,000 Buildings at West Point, ... 16,000

non-enumerated do, - - 5,000 For building and improving ar-
expenses of the marine

mories and arsenals, . . . . 95,995 corps, - - - - - - 187,572 For barrics at Savannah,. . , 35,000 claims and miscellaneous

For repairs of old fort at St. Auexpenses, - - - - - 26,718

gustine, ...,.... 20,000 suppression of the slave

trade, · · · · · · · 5,000 The military appropriation : An act was also passed for bill was taken up on the 16th of the gradual improvement of February, and passed without the navy, and appropriating any discussion worthy of note. $500.000 annually for six vears. By this act the following apfrom March, 1833, for that pur- propriations were made for 1833 pose. Provision was made

For pay, forage, and subsisttherein, for the preservation of the live oak on the public lands,

280,000 and all collectors were required

medical" and hospital de-
partment, : :..

31,000 to ascertain, before clearing

quarter master's do, .. 240,000 vessels with live oak on board, transportation, ... . 165,000 whether it had been cut from the

West Point academy, .. 20,765

contingencies of army, . 10,000 public lands.

arrearages, · · · · ·

8,500 armories, . . . . . .

360,000 The act for carrying on the armamentof fortifications, 100,000 fortifications of the United States ordinance service, . . .


arsenals, . . . . . . 96,500 was taken up on January 2nd,

recruiting services, . . 46,996 and passed into a law, without pay of western militia, opposition.

called into service in *29

and "32, . By this act, there were appro

... 633,200


purchase of arms and capriated

non, . ...... 34,098

purchase of arms to be For completing forts already

given to S. Carolina, .

6,732 commenced, . . . . . $575,900 barracks, ...... 43,300 For repairing forts, ..... 67,100 repairing forts, and purAnd for contingencies, . ... 10,000 chasing land, . ...

22,560 An act was also passed, ap An act was also passed, for propriating

the defence of the frontier, creaFor a fort on Throgg's neck, . . $25,000

ting a regiment of dragoons. Rebuilding fort Delaware, . . 50,000 A fort on Foster's bank, Pensa

The bill making appropriacola, . . .

· 25,000 tions for the indian department, Do. on Grande Terre Barabaria, 25,000

25,000 was also taken up in the comAdditional appropriations mittee of the house, on the 16th were made for this branch of of February, and passed in the the public service in the act ma- same manner. king appropriations for the engi- This aci appropriated, neer and ordinance departments. By this act were appropriated

For the expenses of the Indian

agencies, . . . . . . . St6,000

presents to the Indians.. 15,000 For a fort on Georges Island,

expenses of Indian interBoston, ........ $,000

course, . . . . . . . 21,300



For blacksmith's shops, ... 23,000

town, and to make a pubcontingencies, . . . . . 20,000

lic road from Georgetown arrearages, ....,, 515 to the district line over the

Little Falls bridge, .. 150,000 Unexpended appropriations to the amount of 24,303 82.

$150,000 were also granted to By the other acts making ap- the city of Washington, to enapropriations for the Indian ser- ble it to pay the debt contractvice, for the year 1833, there

ed for the Washington canal, were appropriated,

and the city gave to the govern

ment in exchange certain lands. For Indian annuities, : : : . $395,100 $5000 were also appropriatedfor

education and civilization of the Indians, . ...

enclosing the public walks. blacksmiths, millwrights,

The following appropriations &c., . . . . . . . .

were also made by separate acts transportation and distribution of annuities, ...


for internal improvements in claims, and incidental ex

the territories, i. e. penses under treaties, · 482,544 to enable president to extin

For a road in Arkansas, from guish Indian titles,. . 13,871 the Mississippi to the St. Incidental expenses of Indian in

Francis river, ... $100,000 se, i ::.


a post road through the Creek To carry into effcct Indian trea

‘nation, from the Line ties, ......... 211,040 Creek, Ala., to Columbus, To repress hostilities of western

Georgia, ......21,000 Indians, . . . . . . . . 100,000 repairing present road, .. 2,000 Expenses of removing Indians, : 654,271 improving the navigation of

the Escambia river, .. 5,000 The remaining appropriations do. of the Ochlochney, , ..

5,000 of a public nature, made at this

do. of the Choctawhachie, .


improving Chicago harsession, were for internal im

bour, . .

25,000 provement, and for public build a survey of White and St. ings, and other objects in the

Francis rivers, . ::. ,500 District of Columbia. By the act making appropria

The bill making the general tions for the public buildings,

la appropriations for internal imwhich was taken up the 26th of

provements, or the harbour bill, February, were appropriated,

as it is sometimes called, was

taken up the 1st March, at too For completing the penitentiary, $15,436 late a period to permit a pro

improvements at the capitol, 32,350 tracted debate.
improvements at the Presi-
dent's house, . . . . .

When in committee, various

22,083 for furniture at do., ... 20,000 amendments were offered, and

two important amendments By other acts appropriations

were carried, i. e. were made for the following improvements in the district : For surveys, under act of 1824, $25,000

For repairing the Cumberland . For macadamizing Pennsylva

road, in Virginia, .... 34,000 nia avenue, . . . . . $69,630 a bridge over the Potomac, 200,000 The next day, when the bill improving the navigation of the Potomac, between

was before the house, Mr. Alexandria and George

Denney moved to appropriate

810,000, for a survey of the Alle. For carrying on the improve

ment of Ocracoke inlet, 16,700 ghany river, between Pittsburg,

improving Cape Fear rivand Olean, for the purpose of er, below Wilmington, 28,000 improving its navigation, but it

improving the navigation

of the Ohio, Missouri, was negatived.

and Mississippi rivers, 50,000 Mr. Stewart moved an amend continuing the road from ment, appropriating $4,000, for

Detroitto Saganaw bay, 15,000

completing the improverepairs made on the Cum

ment of St. Marks' river berland road, by Valentine and harbour, in Florida, 1,500 Geesy, but it was negatived.

the road from Detroit to

Grand river of Lake Mr. Duncan moved an ap Michigan, . . . . . 25,000 propriation of $20,000, to con continuing the road from struct a harbour at Chicago,

Detroit towards Chicago, 8,000

surveying and making which was also negatived.

the road from La Plai$30,000, were then added, on sance bay to Chicago. . 15,608 76 motion of Mr. Vinton, to the ap

completing the improve

ment of the inland chanpropriation for continuing the nel between St. Mary's Cumberland road, west of Zanes. and St. John's in Floville, and the bill was passed

rida, , ..... 9,000

the completion of the remowithout further opposition.

val of obstructions in By this bill the following ap

the harbour & river Ap

palachicola, in Florida, propriations were made,

8,700 repairing Cumberland

road, east of the Ohio, 125,000 For carrying on the Delaware

continuing the Cumberbreakwater,. . . . . $270,000

land road in Ohio, west removing a sand bar at the

of Zanesville, ... 130,000 mouth of the Black river,

continuing the CumberOhio. ..::


land road in the state of pier head at Cunningham

Indiana, . .. . 100,000 creek, Ohio,. . .


continuing the Cumbercompleting the removal of

land road in Illinois, . 70,000 obstructions at the mouth

repairs of the Cumberof Ashtabula creek, Ohio,


land road in Virginia, 34,440 completing the improve

payment of a balance due ments of the harbour of

for marking out a road Presque Isle, Penn., .. 6,000 to the confines of Newcompleting the pier at the

Mexico, . . . . 1,504 54 mouth of Buffalo har

defraying the expenses inbour, New-York, ... 31,700

cidental to making eximproving the entrance of

aminations and surveys Genesee river, N. Y., ... 15,000

under the act, one thouremoving obstructions at the

sand eight hundred and mouth of Big Sodus bay,

twenty-four, . . . . 25,000 N. Y., . . . . . .


payment of balance due completing the pier and mole

Joseph C. Brown, for at Oswego, N. Y, ... 8,400

running the western the completion of the break

boundary of the state of water at the mouth of the

Missouri, · ·...

4,900 Merimack river, .::

140 repairing Plymouth beach, .

The bill making appropria. the breakwater at Hyannis,

Massachusetts, .'... 5,000 tions for light houses, and beaimproving the harbours of

cons, was not taken up until the New Castle, Marcus Hook,

2nd of March. It was then Chester, and Port Penn, in the Delaware, . . .

4,000 amended in committee of the


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