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press through you to the slave popu. represented to us, that the several lation, that solicitous as his majesty resolutions aforesaid, have been always is for their welfare, any printed and dispersed throughout criminal endeavours on their parts, the said island, to the great dis. to wrest from their masters advan. quiet and alarm, not only of such tages to which they have no legal religious teachers, as aforesaid, and claim, can have no other effect than of their several congregations, but to draw down upon them the seve. of all other peaceable and well dis. rest punishment. For myself, I can posed inhabitants of our said island : assure you, that no personal exertion And whereas, such proceedings as shall be wanting on my part, to ex. aforesaid are contrary to law, and tend to you, at all times, in the tend to the imminent danger of the most prompt and rigorous manner, public peace in our said island: Now, that protection which it is the duty therefore, we do hereby declare and of my office to afford. On your make known to all whom it may part, I trust that, forgetting all mic concern, that we are purposed and nor differences which may have firmly resolved, in the exercise of occurred between you, you will our lawful authority, to maintain unite cordially in one common feel. within our said island the principles ling, of the permanent obligation of of religious toleration, and to protect preserving the peace and tranquillity and defend all our subjects and of the country.

others resident there, in the public “I now,” said his excellency, worship of Almighty God, according "dissolve this general assembly, and to their own consciences, although it is hereby dissolved accordingly.” such worship may not be conducted

according to the doctrines or disci. Proclamation for suppressing the pline of the Church of England

Colonial Unions, promulgated at and Ireland aforesaid, so long as Kingston, on the 25th of Janu. such persons shall conform and ary, 1832.

be obedient to the laws. And we

do hereby admonish all persons reBY THE KING-A PROCLAMATION.

sident within our said island, that William R.

if any attempts shall be made to Whereas it hath been represented carry into effect any such resolutions to us, that divers of our subjects, as aforesaid, for the forcible re. resident in our island of Jamaica, moval from our said island of any have associated themselves together such teachers and ministers as afore. into certain voluntary societies, said; or if any such society, or any under the name of Colonial Church other persons within our said island, Unions, or other similar designa. shall republish any such illegal re. tions, and that public meetings of solutions as aforesaid, that then, such societies have been holden in and in every such case, we will en. different parts of our said island, on force against all persons presuming which occasions resolutions have to offend, all such pains and penal. been entered into, for the forcible ties as they may incur by such their removal from our said island, of offences; and we do hereby strictly divers teachers and ministers of re. warn and admonish our subjects, ligion dissenting from the doctrine and all others resident within the or discipline of the established said island, that they do abstain Church of England and Ireland: from associating themselves with And whereas it hath been further every society formed, or which may

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be formed for any such illegal pur. by any such illegal proceedings as pose as aforesaid, as they will an. aforesaid, that they do abstain from swer the contrary to us, at their the adoption of any violent or ille. peril. And we do especially and gal measures for obtaining redress strictly command all judges, cus. in the premises, as they shall aptodes, justices of the peace, and all swer the same at their peril; it be. our officers, civil and military, in ing our firm purpose and resolution our said island, that they not only to use the power in us vested by the abstain from associating themselves law, in such a manner as may sewith any such society as aforesaid, cure effectual protection to all our but that, according to their several subjects, within our said island, in charges and trusts, they do, to the the peaceable and orderly discharge utmost of their respective abilities, of their several lawful callings, and and according to their several trusts, in the enjoyment of all the rights, give full effect to the law, for the privileges, and franchises to them, or maintenance of toleration in matters any of them, belonging. of religion, and do co-operate in Given at our Court at St. James, bringing to justice all persons who this third day of December, one may offend in the premises. And thousand eight hundred and thirty. we do further admonish all our two, and in the third year of our faithful subjects in our said island, reign. who may feel themselves aggrieved


Speech of his Excellency, the Go. last session, and for taking up the

vernor-in-Chief, on opening the consideration of such other measures session of the Legislature, Nov. as the growing wealth and pros. 15, 1832.

perity of the province may sug. Gentlemen of the Legislative Council, gest.

Gentlemen of the House of Assembly: The period having arrived for

I have called you together at effecting a new adjustment of the the period precisely corresponding proportion to be paid to Upper Ca. with that of your last year's meet. nada, of certain duties levied in this ing, being still under the impression province, the commissioners nom. that it is the best suited to the con. nated on the part of the two provenience of the majority of the mem. vinces respectively, under the probers of the two houses of the pro- visions of the Act 3d Geo. IV. vincial parliament.

Chap. 119, have recently met and It is, besides, peculiarly desira entered largely into the considera. ble that the present session should tion of that subject ; and although commence at an early period, in order the discussion which ensued there. to afford sufficient time for bring upon was conducted with no less ing to maturity such measures as cordiality and good feeling, than were in progress at the close of the with ability, and diligence on both

sides, I am concerned in having to And 3dly.--An act to estab. announce to you, that the commis- lish boards of health within this prosioners have separated without com, vince, and to enforce an effectual ing to any decision upon the import system of quarantine, which expires ant question intrusted to their man on the 1st of May, 1833. agement; and having, moreover, I think it necessary here to rediffered in regard to the appointment fer to that part of my speech to you conjointly, of a third commissioner, at the opening of the last session, or arbitrator, it becomes necessary, which relates to the townships. The according to the provisions of the increasing importance of that inteabove mentioned act, (section ) to resting portion of the province the refer the matter to his majesty's habits of its population-and their government, for the purpose of ob- wishes connected with the advance taining the appointment of an arbi- ment of their own peculiar interests, trater under the royal sign manual. are subjects which well deserve the

The subject of the currency has attention of the legislature. been brought under your notice By the enactment of laws calcuupon more than one occasion during lated to meet the diversified wants the last few years ; but no practical of a mixed population, like that of measure having resulted from the Lower Canada, the general prospe. consideration of it, I think it neces. rity of the country will be advanced, sary to advert to it again ; not so and the peace and countenance of much with a view to the adoption of all classes of his majesty's subjects any general and comprehensive sys in the province, established upon a tem, as to suggest the expediency solid and lasting basis. of providing for the wants of the The foregoing remark embraces pablic, by the creation of a metallic a truth so obvious, that it may percurrency of inferior value, to re- haps be thought superfluous to inplace the silver coins, and copper, troduce it on the present occasion ; now in circulation, the intrinsic va. but my mind is so deeply impressed lue of which, (especially of the lat. with a sense of the importance (I ter,) is notoriously much below its might perhaps add the necessity) current value.

of effecting a strict and cordial union Of the temporary acts of the of interests and public feeling legislature which are about to ex. throughout the province, that I can. pire, I desire to call your particular not abstain from seizing upon every attention to the following, namely :-- opportunity which presents itself for

1st--An act relating to the fish- promoting the success of an object eries in the county of Gaspe, re. of such paramount interest; an ob. pealed in part by the 1st of William ject, which, (as it appears to me,) it the IV., chapter 22—which expires is no less the duty, than it is manifeston the first of May, 1833.

ly the true interest of every inhabit. 2dly.-An act to establish re. ant of Lower Canada, to assist in pro. gistry offices in the counties of Drum. moting to the utmost of his ability, mond, Sherbrook, Stanstead, Shef. and in preference to every other ford, and Missiskoui, amended, and consideration. extended by 1st of William IV. chap. 3–second section further ex. Gentlemen of the House of Assembly: tended by 2d Willian IV. chap. 7- The supply bill voted during the duration till the 1st of May, 1833. last session, which, in consequence of particular circumstances, with the legislature of all its disburse. which you are already acquainted, ments of public money, and in conformity with the instruc. An estimate of the expenses of the tions received by me from his ma- civil government for the ensuing jesty's government, was reserved year, framed according to the in. for the signification of his majesty's structions of his majesty's govern. pleasure, has subsequently received ment, will, in like manner, be laid the royal sanction. Upon this sub- before you. ject it will be my duty to make an early communication to you by a Gentlemen of the Legislative Council, special message.

Gentlemen of the House of Assembly; The appropriation of last session, The apprehension evinced by the for giving effect to the provisions of legislature during the last session, the act to establish boards of health by the passing the act to establish within this province, and to enforce boards of health within this province, an effectual system of quarantine, and to enforce an effectual system although liberal in its amount, has of quarantine, have been but too fa. nevertheless proved inadequate to it. tally realized ; and the frightful dis. But the excess has not been so con. ease, the introduction of which it siderable as there was reason to ap. was the principal object of that act prehend from the prevalence of to prevent, has visited the colony Asiatic cholera morbus in most parts with a degree of violence, of which of the province, which rendered ne. there are few examples on record, cessary the creation of boards of in other parts of the world. health with their corresponding es. Happily that disease is now con. tablishments, in addition to the ex. sidered to have ceased to prevail pensive establishment at Gross epidemically in the province; but Isle.

in the event of its re-appearance, it I trust that the excess above al. may be presumed that the expeluded to will be provided for, with rience acquired during its late visita. the same liberality which prompted tion will, (if those establishments are the original grant.

to be maintained,) enable the seve. I avail myself of this oppor. ral boards of health to improve on tunity to suggest the expediency of the regulations adopted by them. making provisions for the possible I should be guilty of injustice to. necessity for incurring further ex. wards individuals composing, and pense on the same account during connected with those establishments, the current year.

especially the gentlemen of the The accounts of the general ex. medical profession, were I to pass penditure of the province during the over in silence the meritorious ser. past year, are in a forward state of vices performed by them, in the dis. preparation, and will, I trust, be in charge of an arduous, important, readiness to be laid before you at and (in many instances) an invidious the period prescribed by legislative duty. The nature of that duty regulations. Should any delay take being altogether new in this country, place in rendering these accounts, it the performance of it was attended is to be ascribed to the great labour with many difficulties in the com. necessary in preparing the volumi. mencement--these have been gradu. nous and detailed statements re. ally overcome through the united ef. quired from the executive branch of forts of zeal and experience; and I

trust that the services to which I Address to the King by the Legisla. now allude, will be duly appreciated tive Council, on the state of the by the public, for whose benefit they province. were undertaken, The gratuitous assistance render.

Quebec, Tuesday, April 2, 1833. ed to the poorer classes of suciety TO THE KING'S MOST EXCELLENT by the medical faculty throughout

MAJESTY. the province, is also entitled to warm Most Gracious Sovereigncommendation,

We, your majesty's dutiful and Before I take leave of this sub- loyal subjects, the Legislative juct, and close the present address, Council of Lower Canada, in pro. I must not omit to offer the tribute vincial parliament assembled, hav. of praise due in a quarter, which I ing had under our serious consider. approach with sentiments of the ation, the dangerous and unconsti. most profound respect :-You will, tutional proceedings, adopted by I am sure, have anticipated me when the assembly, are impelled by a I add, that I here allude to the me sense of duty to your majesty, and ritorious exertions of the clergy in your majesty's Canadian people, general, during that awful visitation humbly to approach your majesty's with which it has pleased Divine Pro throne, with a representation of the vidence to afflict this land. In that alarming posture of the affairs of season of terror and dismay, when this province, and our earnest supplieven to approach the dwellings of cation for immediate and effectual those who were suffering under the relief. influence of the prevailing disease From the enviable state of peace required with many persons an ef. and prosperity, to which we had fort of the mind; the ministers of attained under the constitution, be. religion went courageously forth, stowed upon us by your majesty's and entered the abodes of disease royal father, and the imperial par. and death, were there to be found, liament, we are approaching to a day after day and night after night, state of anarchy and confusionbending over some devoted victim of unceasing attempts are made to dethe fatal malady; and, whilst inhal. stroy the confidence which has ing the tainted breath that issued hitherto subsisted between the subfrom his distempered frame, pouring jects of your majesty of different words of comfort and consolation in origin and language-the interests his ear, and preparing his soul for of agriculture and commerce, and its passage into another state of ex. the wants of the people, are neglect. istence. Such exalted instances of ed for the advancement of the ca. self devotion are far, very far, be. bals of party-your majesty's re. yond the reach of any praise that I presentative is falsely charged with have the power to bestow; and I partiality and injustice in the exerwill therefore only add, that by their cise of the powers confided to him conduct during the late pevalence of your majesty's officers, both civil disease in the province, the clergy and military, are deliberately libel. in general, have acquired new claims led, as a combined faction, actuated upon the love, the gratitude, the by interest alone, to struggle for the veneration, and the confidence of support of a corrupt government, the people committed to their spirit. adverse to the rights and wishes of ual care,

the people and thus unmerited

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