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the beneficial interest appears to begun before such justice, may be belong to such corporation, all suits continued before said justice, to final or actions at law or in equity to judgment and execution. Where recover or enforce the saine may any writ, &c. shall be made return. be commenced, and prosecuted to able before any justice, and at the final judgment, by such corporation time appointed, he shall be absent in their own corporate name.

from the town where the trial is to The cashiers of banks, and the be had, he may, at any time within secretaries of insurance and turo. twenty days thereafter, proceed to pike companies, are required annual. try the cause, upon giving six days' ly on the first of October, to make previous notice to the parties. out on oath, and deliver to the LIMITATIONS.—Where the time comptroller of public accounts, a limited by the statute of limitations true statement of the whole amount for the commencement of any perof capital stock of their respective sonal action, which survives to the institutions, and how much ihereof representatives of any deceased per. belonged on said first day of Octo. son, shall not have elapsed at the time ber to resident, and how much to of his decease, the term of one year non-resident stockholders ; and the shall be allowed to his executor or secretaries, treasurers, or clerks of administrator from the time of such all banks for savings are also requi. decease to institute a suit therefor. red to return to the comptroller a MORTGAGES.--The foreclosure of true statement of all the moneys be any mortgage shall not preclude the longing to their respective institu- mortgage creditor from recovering tions at the same time, under the so much of his demand as the pro. penalty of $100.

perty mortgaged shall be insuffi. DEBTORS.--The discharge of any cient in value to satisfy; and where debtor from imprisonment for debt, an action is brought by such cre. by the direction of the creditor, shall ditor upon his demand, after fore. not operate as a release or discharge closure, this shall not open the fore. of the debt, so as to prevent the closure. creditor from collecting the same NOTARIES PUBLIC.-Notaries pubout of the property of such debtor; lic are authorized to administer but no debtor so discharged, shall oaths in any case in which a justice thereafter be imprisoned for such of the peace might administer the

same, and also to take acknowledgeIf any debtor imprisoned for debt ments of deeds.. shall not, within three months from All grants, deeds of bargain and his commitment, be admitted to take sale, and mortgages of lands, execu. the poor debtor's oath, he shall be ted by any grantor resident in any deemed an absconding debtor within foreign state or country, without the the meaning of the act authorizing limits of the United States, and acthe collection of debts by foreign knowledged before any notary pub. attachment; and the creditor may lic or justice of the peace in such proceed against his goods, effects, foreign state or country, shall be and credits, in the manner provided valid. in that act.

PARTNERSHIPS.-An act was pass. JUSTICES OF THE PEACE.- Where ed in addition to the act authorizing a justice shall not be reappointed, limited partnerships, prescribing the all processes which shall have been mode of renewing such partnerships,

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Tequiring the terms to be published in reference to the determination of in some newspaper, &c.

a Miss Crandall to establish in that Taxes.--So much of the act for town a school for the education of the assessment of taxes, as exempts coloured females. The preamble ministers of the gospel of all deno. recites, that attempts have been minations, during the time of their made to establish literary institu. ministry, instructers of colleges and tions for the education of coloured incorporated academies, from the people belonging to other states, poll tax, is repealed.

“which would tend to the great in. WAR, EXPENSES OF.—This act crease of the coloured population of provides that when the money the state, and thereby to the injury advanced by the state for its de of the people.” It is therefore enac. fence, during the war with Great ted, that any person who shall estab. Britain, shall be received from the lish a school for the education of government of the United States, it coloured persons now belonging to shall be the duty of the treasurer of the state, or shall become an in. the state to apportion it among the structor in any such school, or shall several towns in the state.

harbour any such coloured person An act was passed by a vote of for the purpose of being instructed, 116 to 62, repealing so much of an without the consent of “a majority existing statute as prohibits “all of the civil authority,” and of the servile labour and vain recreation” selectmen of the town where such on fast and thanksgiving days. school is situated, shall pay a fine

An act to repeal two acts by of $100 for the first offence, for a which the amount of the state claim second $200, $400 for the next, upon the United States for services and so on. Another section ren. rendered during the late war, was ders any coloured person, who shall appropriated for the benefit of come into the state for the purpose Yale College, and the different reli. of being instructed, liable to be regious sects of the state. This bill moved. was passed in the house 190 to 5. A section of a previous act in

Another act, which was severely relation to settlement of persons procensured in various ways, grew out viding for the infliction of corporal of the circumstances which gave punishment, was repealed. notoriety to the town of Canterbury,


Elections, (1832)-For Governor. ABOLITION OF MASONRY-Octo.
Mr. Palmer, Anti-mason, - . - 17,318 der
Mr. Crafts, nat. rep., - ... 15,499 The grand lodge met at Montpe.
Mr. Meech, adm., - . • - - 8,210 lier on the seco di Tuesday of this

There being no choice, the legis. month, and by a vote of 79 to 41 lature. after 43 ballotings, elected surrendered its charter ; declared Mr. Palmer by 112 votes. Mr. the masonic body, so far as it existed Crafts having 72, Mr. Meech 33, under the grand lodge, at an end, and Mr. Bradley 1 vote.

and recommended its property to be 1833.--Mr. Palmer, - - - - 20,565

appropriated to the support of comMr. Meech, - - - - - 15,683

mon schools. Mr. Seymour, ' - - - - 1,765

1833. MANGANESE.—There has

1038. MANGANE Scattering, - - - - - 120 been discovered in the state of Ver.

mont, a mine or bed of manganese, OF.- Justices of the peace are re. of a quality superior to the imported quired, upon complaint and oath of article. The manganese mine is in any person, that the remains of any the town of Chittenden, Rutland co., dead person have been disinterred 29 miles from the shore of Lake and removed, and that the person Champlain, and has been worked making such complaint has reason since 1826. The manganese is to believe that they are secreted in raised from the mine, cleansed from any dwelling-nouse, &c., to issue a the earthy particles, and is sent to warrant to make search in such New-York and other markets in place, for such dead person; and barrels. The principle use of man- such officer shall not be made liable, ganese is for making the chloride of in any suit or prosecution, for exelime, or bleaching powders, and for cuting said warrant, if such dead glass. The price of the manganese person is or is not found. is between thirty and forty dollars FIRE COMPANIES.-An act was per ton in market.

passed prescribing the mode of LEGISLATION. -At the October forming fire companies, authorizing session of the legislature of Ver. the selectmen to establish the limits mont, in 1832, twenty seven public of villages, for the purpose of formacts, seven resolutions, and sixty- ing fire societies therein, &c. four private acts were passed. Foxes.--By an act to encourage

ACTIONS, LIMITATION OF.-Ifany the destruction of foxes, a premium person, against whom there may be of twenty-five cents is directed to be any cause of action, of a personal paid to any person who shall deor transitory nature, shall leave the stroy any fox within the state. state before such cause of action LANDS, PUBLIC.--The senators shall he barred by the statute of and representatives were requested limitations, and shall not have to sustain, by all proper means, a known property within the state division of the moneys arising from which could be attached, the statute the sale of public lands, in accord. of limitations shall not run against ance with the principles contained any such cause of action, during in the report made by Mr. Clay, to the absence of such person. the senate of the United states, at

Every clause of any statute of the session of congress in 1831–32. limitations, exempting any person MANUFACTURING CORPORATIONS. without any of the United States Acts were passed to incorporate the from the operation of any statute of Olympus Mineral Company, with a limitations, is repealed.

capital of $209,000; the Lake Dun. BANKS.-Four banking compa. more Glass Company, with a capi. nies were incorporated, the aggre. tal of $80,000; the Ascutney gate capital stock of which is Manufacturing Company, with a $300,000.

capital of $100,000; and the Rut. CHAMPLAIN, Lake.—The gover. land woollen Manufacturing Com. nor is requested, by a resolve of the pany, with a capital of $200,000. legislature, to open a correspond. MiLLS.-The act relating to mills ence with the governor of Lower and millers is not to be so construed Canada, upon the subject of remov. as to make any owner or occupier ing obstructions at the outlets of this of any millliable to the penalty there. lake.

in named, who shall neglect or reDEAD, DISTURBING THE REMAINS fuse to grind any grain, brought to

such mill, to be ground for the avow. road ; within fifteen years one half; ed or apparent purpose of manu. and within twenty years to com. facturing such grain into distilled plete and put in operation the whole spirits.

of the rail-road. MILITIA. Companies are to be STATE House.—The sum of called together on the first Tuesday $15,000 was appropriated for the in June, annually, for the purpose of erection of a state house at Montpe. taking an exact account of every lier. man's arms and equipments, and TAXES.- A tax of three cents on also, for company discipline and the dollar on the list of the polls and drill; and the polls of the militia re, ratable estate of the inhabitants of turned equipped, and who shall per. this state, for the year 1832, is to be form the duty required by law, shall assessed. be exempt from the payment of The legislature also adopted the all taxes, except district school following resolutions, with proper taxes, taxes for making and re. preambles, the two first unanimous. pairing highways and bridges, and ly, and the last by a vote of 91 to for the payment of damages assess. 45. ed to individuals through whose Resolved, The governor and lands any road may be laid, and council concurring therein, that our ten dollars shall be deducted by the senators in congress be instructed, listers, from the list of any parent, and our representatives be requested, master or guardian, who shall equip to oppose any and every modifica. any minors, liable to do military tion of the tariff laws, which shall duty, under his care.

have any tendency to weaken or PEDLERS.-No license to any destroy their efficiency as a system person to be a hawker and pedler of protection to domestic manufac. within this state, shall be granted tures in their various branches. for a shorter period of time than Resolved, "The governor and one year.

council concurring therein, that our Rail-ROAD COMPANY.- The Ver. senators in congress be instructed, mont Rail-road Company was incor. and our representatives requested, to porated with power to construct a aid in procuring appropriations for rail-road from some eligible point on such works of internal improvement the eastern shore of Lake Cham as shall, in their opinions, be of great plain—thence following the valley and national importance. of Onion river, and extending to Resolved. The governor and such point on Connecticut river as council concurring herein, that our will most conveniently meet the senators be instructed, and our rerail-road, contemplated in New. presentatives be requested, to use Hampshire, to pass by Concord, to their endeavours to procure a re. wards Boston; the corporation is to charter of the present bank of the have succession for the term of 50 United States, with such powers and years, and is required within three provisions as they shall deem most years to complete the survey of the proper for the attainment of the obrail-road; within ten years to con. jects of its institution, and most construct one fourth part of the rail. ducive to the general welfare.


America, ($66,880) - . 125,917 70 Aggregate statement of sixty-nine Banks Miscellaneous, loan from the

reporting to the Bank Commissioners, bank fund, - - - - - 83,149 83 January 1, 1834.

Sundries, - - - - - - - 40,962 89 Notes discounted .. $43,712,955 98 Bonds and mortgages - 730,951 51

$312,262 68 Debts in judgment - 302,700 99

CANAL FUND. Debts in suit - - -

131,140 80

Erie and Champlain Canal Special loans - - - - 1,421,876 30

Fund - - - - - - 1,768,143 01. Over drafts - - - - 196,867 28

Oswego Canal Fund - ... 21,497 04 Stocks owned by the

Cayuga and Seneca Canal banks

101 010 SC Fund - - - - - - - 14.783 59 - - - - Real estate - - . 1,071,100 15

COMMON SCHOOL FUND. Personal estate - - - 14,255 94

Revenue - - - - - - - 109,117 77 Expenses - - - - - 208,201 20

Capital ....... 140,985 14 Bank fund

229,075 71 Specie - - - 2,196,657 79

$250,102 91 Bills of other solvent


Revenue - - - - ...

22,577 22 -

5,623,522 53

- Cash items - - -

1 Capital - . . . . . 12, 155 00, Due from corporations and bankers - - - 7,538,226 29

$34,732 22 Due from branch banks 438,934 55


Revenue . - - - - - - 3,954 79

4564.782.853 25 Capital - - - - - - . 95.381 48 Capital ... - - $22,730,264 00

$99,336 27 Bank notes in circula

Total receipts, $2,500,857 72.

PAYMENTS, tion - - - - - - 15,402,705 54

Warrants on the treasury during the Profits - - - - - - 3,005,560 77 Deposits to apply on

year ending Sept. 30, 1833. debts - - - - - - 141.563 19 Permanent Appropriations, viz: Dividends unpaid . .

186,168 75 For salaries and office ex

For salaries and
Due state of New York 78,321 54 penses of officers of go-
Do. Commissioners of

vernment - - - - - 141,809 64
Canal fund .. 2,572,590 86 Commissioners of the Canal
Do. United States - . 2,409,533 86 Fund, for Oswego, Cayu-
Do. other banks - . 8,722,281 76 ga, and Seneca and Che-
Do. individual deposi-

mung Canals - ... 73,078 56tors - - - - - 8,402,739 36 State Prison expenses ... 11,848 43 Special loans - ...

693,106 89 Indian expenses. - - -

Indian expenses, - - - - 18,239 64 Due parent banks by

Miscellaneous, including inbranches - - - - 437,016 72 terest, printing, library,

&c. - - - - - - - - 87,065 40

$64,782,853 25 ELECTIONS (1832)--for Governor.

$332,041 67 Wm. L. Marcy, (administration) 166,410 Special appropriations and Francis Granger, (opposition) 156,672 temporary expenses, - 73,949 98 Congress, 32 administration,

Erie and Champlain Canal 8 opposition.

Fund - - - - - - - 1,761,932 42 FINANCES.- Receipts and payments. Oswego Canal Fund ..21,497 04 Comptroller's statement of moneys re- Cayuga and Seneca Canal ceived into the treasury during the year Fund - - - - - - - 14,783 59 ending Sept. 30, 1833.

Common School Fund - - 113,238 36 GENERAL FUND.

Literature Fund, dividends Permanent revenue, for in

to academies, &c, - - - 10,470 96 terest on bonds, bank

Bank fund, salaries of Bank stock, &c., pedlers licen

Commissioners - - - - 4,500 00 ses, &c., - - - - - - $62,232 26 Loan to the General Fund - 83,149 83 Capital, bonds for lands, &c.,

Total amount of warrants on the treasury, and sale of stock in Bank of

$2,415,563 85.

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