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Fund returned - - - - - 2,631 78

RECEIPTS AND EXPENDITURES of the Commissioners of the Canal Fund,

for the year ending Sept. 30, 1833.

ERIE AND CHAMPLAIN CANAL FUND. Balance (exclusive of bonds

for sales of lands) on hand Sept. 30, 1832 :.. $3,055,247 65

Receipts during the year. Tolls - - - - - -. -1,324,421 63 Vendue or auction duty- . 181,014 23 Salt duty - - - - - - 227,860 05 Interest upon deposits - - 122,236 74

do. on loan and stocks 18,083 16 do on bonds for lands - 934 43 Penalty and sale of stone. 64 17 Oswego Canal fund returned 2,631 78 Chemung Canal fund trans

ferred - - - - - - - 5,646 78

$35,235 86 CAYUGA AND SENECA CANAL. Balance on hand, Oct. 1, 1832 $578 68

Receipts. For tolls - - - - - - - 14,783 59 General fund - ..... 5,826 44

$21,188 71 Payments. Interest on loans - - - - - 11,850 00 Superintendent of repairs - - 7,338 71

$21,188 71 CHEMUNG CANAL. Balance on hand, Oct. 1, 1832, $13 086 39

Receipts. Loans and Premium - - - 30,243 55 Interest on deposits - - - - 2,072 98 General fund - - - - - - 43,730 28 Erie and Champlain Canal Fund, temporary advances 400 00

$89,533 20 Payments. To Canal Commissioners and

Superintendents - - - -$83,886 42 Erie and Champlain Canal

Fund transferred - ... 5,646 78

$1,882,892 97 Total $4,938,140 62.

Payments. Interest on canal loans - - 356,794 88 Stocks purchased and cancel

led - - - - - - - 1,478,376 57 Premium paid on do. - - - 87,933 46 Repairs of canals by super

intendents - - - - - 330,759 44 Expenses on do. by com

missioners - - - - - 35,264 66 Proprietors of Albany basin 6,470 25 Printing, - - - - - - 2,016 61

Tolls refunded - .. ... 551 22 Clerk hire - - - - . . 5,782 66 Crooked Lake Canal trans

ferred - - - - - - - 2,490 46 Chemung Canal advanced 400 00 Sundry expenditures - - - 7,303 19 Crooked Lake Canal for pre

mium on stock - .:. 20,402 26

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$2,335,515 86 Balance on hand, Sept. 30, 1833 - ...... 2,602,594 76

$4,938,140 62 Osvego CANAL FUND.

Receipts. From tolls - - - - - - - 20,950 23

sales of lands - ... 221 81 rents of surplus water · "325 00

21,497 04 From the general fund ... 13,738 82

$65,605 37

Payments. To Canal Commissioner - - 52,461 30 Interest on loans - - - - - 5,250 00 Balance on hand - - - - 7,894 07

$65,605 37 CHENANGO CANAL.

Receipts. Principal of loan ... - 50,000 00 Premium on do. - - - • - 7,755 00

$35,235 86 Payments. Interest on loans - ... - 21,367 36 Superintendent of repairs - - 11,236 72 Erie and Champlain Canal

$57,755 00 Payments. To Canal Commissioner - - 9,222 65



Interest on loan - - ... 1,042 81 of giving such notice, and the repu.
Printing notices - - - - - 57 33
Balance on hand -... 47,432 21

Si ted place of residence of the party

to whom the same was given, and

$57,755 00 the post office nearest thereto, shall Total cost of Erie and Champlain canals, be presumptive evidence of the facts $10,731,595. CANAL. DEBT.

contained in such certificate ; but Stock bearing siz per cent. interest this section is not to apply to any Redeemable July 1, 1837 1,429,870 65 case in which the defendant shall do. 1845 - 850,000 00 anney to his nles on offidavit deny

annex to his plea an affidavit deny

$2.279.870 65 ing the fact of having received noStock bearing interest at five per cent. tice of the non-acceptance or nonRedeemable, 1837- .-- 1,004,249 g3 payment of such note or bill. By do. 1846 - ... 577,347 00

the ninth section, it is enacted that 1819. - . 87.000 00 every written

00 every written instrument, except

instr do. 1850- · 436,000 00 promissory notes, bills of exchange,

and wills, may be proved or ac$4,393,135 64

knowledged in the manner now proTotal Canal debt, Sept. 30,

vided by law, for taking the proof 1833 ...... $6,673,006 29 or acknowledgement of conveyances (Annual Interest, $356,449 02.)

of real estate; and the certificate of New York city finances for the the proper officer endorsed thereon, year ending Dec. 31, 1833.

shall entitle such instrument to be Receipts ....... $1,432,932 received in evidence on the trial of Expenditures ...... 1,444,999 Balance in treasury · .. 8,052

any action, with the same effect, and City Debt,-1832 : .... 894,810 in the same manner, as if such in

do. 1833 - .... 836,345 strument were a conveyance of real LEGISLATION.—At the fifty-sixth estate. session of the legislature of New BANKS.-Eight banking com. York, begun on January 1, 1833, panies were incorporated, the capi. three hundred and twenty-three acts tal stocks of which amount to and four resolutions were passed. $1,950,000. The Greenwich Sa.

ACADEMIES.—Five academies vings Bank was also incorporated. were incorporated.

BANK Bills. Every person who ACTIONS.-An act prescribing shall mutilate, cut, deface, disfigure, the duty of the sheriff as to the or perforate with holes, or shall service of declarations, the continu- unite or cement together, or to any ance of the terms of the supreme other thing, any bank bill, or evidence court for certain purposes.

of debt, issued by any incorporated The eighth section provides that bank in this state, with intent to in all actions at law the certificate render such bank bill, &c. unfit to of a notary, under his hand and be re-issued by such bank, shall, seal of office, of the presentment of upon conviction, forfeit $50 to the any promissory note or bill of ex. corporation which shall be injured change for acceptance or payment, thereby. and of any protest of such bill or Bank FUND.-An act was passed note for non-acceptance or non. relative to the investment of this payment, and of the service of notice fund; the fifth section authorizes thereof on any or all of the parties the comptroller to borrow whatever to such bill of exchange or promis- of said fund may be in the treasury sory note, and specifying the mode for the purpose of defraying the expenses of government whenever it the defendant shall be charged may become necessary, and to issue with any fraud whatever, affecting certificates of stock therefor to the others. treasurer, in trust for said fund, re. No such answer shall be read in deemable at pleasure, and bearing evidence against any party thereto, an interest of four and one half per on any complaint, or on the trial of cent. ; the 7th section enacts that any indictment, for the fraud charg. every corporation required to con- ed in such bill.

consent of the comptroller, at any red to give bonds with sufficient time before the expiration of the sureties for the faithful performance limited period, pay into the treasury of the duties of their office. the whole amount of the three per CHAPLAINS.-So much of the re. cent. upon its capital.

vised statutes as provides for the BOUNDARY LINE OF THE STATE.— payment of chaplains of each house The governor is authorized to ap- of the legislature, is repealed. point three commissioners to meet COLUMBUS, LIFE OF. – A resolu. commissioners appointed by New. tion was passed, recommending to Jersey, for the purpose of determin- the trustees of the several school ing the territorial limits and jurisdic. districts to introduce the abridgment tion of the two states.

of Irving's Life and Voyages of CoBRIDGES.-Twenty acts were lumbus, as a class book. passed relating to the erection of CONSTITUTION OF THE STATE.bridges.

Acts were passed to submit to the CANALS.- The canal commission people of the state, amendments of ers were authorized to construct the the constitution, authorizing the Chenango canal, leading from Bing. . election of mayor of the city of hamton up the valley of the Che. New York, by the people, and to nango river, to the Erie canal. restore the duties on the manufac.

An act was also passed to pre. ture of salt and auction sales to the vent the interruption of the naviga, general fund. tion of the canals.

FOREIGN CONVICTS.-If the com. CertiORARI.—No certiorari shall mander of any vessel arriving from be dismissed on account of any in a foreign country, knowingly bring formality, or other imperfection in any person into this state, with in. the bond executed in behalf of the tent to land, or permit to land such party obtaining such certiorari, if person, and such person shall have he and his sureties consent to amend been a foreign convict of any felony, the same, or if another sufficient which if committed in this state bond shall be filed.

would be punishable therein, he CHANCERY.–A defendant shall shall be punished by fine or impri. be compelled to answer any bill in sonment, not to exceed $300, nor chancery, where by law a bill may shall the imprisonment exceed one be filed, charging the defendant with year. being a party to any conveyance or The court may remit the punish. assignment of any estate or interest ment, if satisfied that such command. in lands, goods, or things in action, er has re-conveyed such convict to made or created with intent to de. the place whence he took him, on fraud prior or subsequent purcha. payment of the costs of prosecu. sers, or to hinder, delay, or defraud tion. creditors, or other persons, or where Courts.— The governor may, at


any time during the vacation of the and classification of justices of the court of errors, or the supreme peace. court, appoint a different place for LOTTERIES.— The lotteries authoholding the next ensuing session, rized by law to be drawn within from that provided by law, if he this state, may be continued until shall deem it requisite, by reason of the close of the present year after war, pestilence, or other public ca. the end of which period it shall not lamity, or the danger thereof. be lawful to continue or draw any

DEAF AND DUMB PERSONS.—The lottery within this state. directors of the institution for the MANUAL LABOUR SEMINARY.instruction of the deaf and dumb, The Aurora Manual Labour Semiare authorized to receive from each nary, in the county of Erie, was insenate district of this state five indi. corporated. gent pupils, in addition to the num. MANUFACTURING COMPANIES.ber now provided for by law, at an Two manufacturing companies were annual expense not exceeding $130 incorporated, with a capital of $100,for each pupil, to be paid by the 000, each.

MECHANICS'SOCIETIES, &c._ The DISTRESS FOR RENT.—The pro. Utica Mechanics' Association was perty of boarders at taverns and incorporated. boarding houses is not to be liable Acts were passed to incorporate to distress for rent; but no officer the Mechanics' Benefit Society, and making a distress shall be liable for the Mechanics’ Institute of Newseizing or selling property belong. York. An act was passed relative ing to any such boarder, unless no. to the General Society of Mechanics tice of the claim of such boarder be and Tradesmen of the city of New. given to the officer.

York. FIRE COMPANIES, &c.—Three Militia.-A resolution was pass. fire companies were incorporated. ed, instructing and requesting reAn act was also passed to incorpo. spectively, the senators and repre. rate the fire department of the city sentatives of the state in congress, of Utica.

10 use their exertions to procure GAS-LIGHT COMPANY.— The Alba. such amendments of the act of conny gas-light company was incorpo. gress organizing the militia, as shall rated; capital stock not to exceed relieve the people, as far as practi. $100,000.

cable, from the burdens of the sys. Laws.-Acts were passed rela. tem, without impairing its efficiency. ting to the inspection of sole leather, MORTGAGES OF PERSONAL PROgreen hides and skins, and flour and PERTY.-Every mortgage of person. meal.

al property, not accompanied by an Institute.— The mechanics' in. immediate delivery, and followed stitute of the city of New York was by an actual and continued change incorporated.

of possession of the things mortgaINSURANCE COMPANIES.--Nine ged, {shall be void, as against credi. insurance companies were incorpo. tors and subsequent purchasers and rated, the capital stocks of which mortgagees, in good faith, unless the amount to $2,300,000.

mortgage, or a true copy thereof, JUSTICES OF THE PEACE.- An act shall be filed in the office of the town was passed relative to the election clerk, &c., in the city or town where the mortgagor shall reside; and if he said rolls, or that any part of any is not a resident, then in the city or debt therein stated is desperate and town where the property mortgaged not collectable : and the assessors shall be at the time of the execution shall review and alter the said rolls of the mortgage; every mortgage according to the facts so establish. so filed shall cease to be valid as ed; collectors may receive from against creditors, &c., after the ex- the debtor the amount of the tax piration of one year from the filing assessed upon the debt, and shall thereof, unless within thirty days thereupon give a receipt for the next preceding the expiration of the amount so paid; and the sum so said year, a true copy of such mort. paid shall be deemed to be a pay. gage, together with a statement ex. ment by such debtor on the debt, hibiting the interest of the mortga. and may be set-off against the claim gee, shall be again filed.

of such creditor, or of any assignee New-ENGLAND SOCIETY.--A so. of such claim. The act contains ciety was incorporated for the pur. numerous other provisions in relapose of affording pecuniary relief to tion to the assessment and collecpoor persons of New England ori. tion of the tax, authorizing the levy gin, and also of establishing a li. of it by distress and sale of the brary.

property of the non-resident creNON-RESIDENTS.- All debts owing ditor. by inhabitants of this state, to per. PARTNERSHIP.—No person shall sons not residing therein, for the hereafter transact business in the purchase of any real estate, or se name of a partner not interested in cured by a mortgage on real estate, his firm; and where the designa

are to be deemed personal property tion and company,” or “ & Co." · within the town and county where is used, it shall represent an actual

the debtor resides, and as such shall partner or partners; persons offend. be liable to taxation in the same ing against this act are to be deemed manner as the personal estate of guilty of a misdemeanour, and to be citizens of this state; the assessors punished by a fine not exceeding are to ascertain debts of this de. $1000. cription, and are authorized to ad. MISSION SOCIETY.— The New. minister oaths to persons whom they York Protestant Episcopal City may think proper to examine, ex. Mission Society was incorporated. cept in cases where lists of such R AIL-ROADS.--Acts were passed debts verified by oath shall be fur- to incorporate the Binghamton and nished to the county treasurers by Susquehanna Rail-road Company, the agents of the non-resident cre. with a capital of $150,000; the ditors; and any such agent who Buffalo and Black-Rock Rail-road shall neglect to furnish such list Company, with a capital stock of annually, shall forfeit the sum of $100,000; the Utica and Schenec. $500; at the meetings of the assess. tady Rail-road Company with a ors to correct their rolls, creditors capital of $2,000,000; and the or their agents may, by their own Whitehall and Rutland Rail-road affidavits, or other proof, adduce Company ; capital, $100,000, with testimony to the said assessors to power to increase the same to show that any error exists in the $150,000.

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