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SEAMEN.—The American Sea. sire which has been manifested by man's Friend Society was incorpo. the president to restore harmony rated.

and conciliate affection amongst all SHIPWRIGHTS AND CAULKERS. the people of the United States, by An act was passed to incorporate a seasonable and equitable modifi. the New York Journeymen Ship. cation of the tariff-adapting it to wrights and Caulkers Benevolent the present condition of the country; Society.

that we approve the measures he Towns, &c.-A large number has adopted and recommended to of towns and villages were erected sustain the authority and execute and incorporated.

the laws of the United States; and TURNPIKE Roads.-Six turnpike that the government and people of road companies were incorporated. this state will cordially co-operate

WASHINGTON MONUMENT ASSOCIA. with him, in the exercise of all the TION. An association was incor. means which may be necessary and porated, for the purpose of erecting proper to secure those objects. a monument in the city of New. Resolved, That the governor be York to the memory of Washing. requested to transmit a copy of the ton; its capiial stock is $100,000. foregoing report and resolutions to

WHALING COMPANIES.-— Three the executive of the state of South whaling companies were incorpora. Carolina, and to the executives of ted, the capitals of which amount to the other states respectively, to the $800,000.

end that they may be communicaThe following resolutions were ted to the legislatures thereof, and also passed :

also a copy of the same to the preResolved, That we regard the sident of the United States, and to union of these states as indispensable each of our senators and representa. to their prosperity and happiness; tives in congress. that we participate fully in the de.


The message of Governor South to be expended. With regard to ard was communicated to the legis. the state prison, it is said that the lature on the 11th of January. The present building, and the discipline principle subjects of state affairs, necessarily connected with it, are recommended to their consideration, extremely defective, expensive, and are the taxes, the school fund and inadequate to the purposes of pun. system, and a revision of the laws, ishment. The subject was referred and especially of those relating to to a committee at the last session, executors, guardians, and the or. who are now expected to make a phan's court, and the state prison. report. When a new prison is The school system is said to be in. erected, it is recommended to con. efficient-requiring a larger fund, vert the present into a state arsenal, an intelligent commissioner to devise which is much needed. The or. and see executed an uniform system phan's court is represented as very of instruction, more competent teach. defective, and as failing to secure ers, and the active co-operation of the ends of justice intended by its the townships, in raising the money establishment. The principles of law and modes of proceeding in this deceased, or others who may becourt, are not as well understood, come interested by his death, par. generally, as those in use in the ties to such suit, no bill of revivor ordinary courts. The appointment or subpæna ad revivendum shall be of a learned lawyer, as a member necessary, but the court may, by of the court, with a competent sala. rule or order, direct the suit to stand ry, who should also be a member of revived: and unless such represen. the courts of common pleas, ses. tatives, &c. appear and put in their sions, and oyer and terminer, is answer, or signify their disclaimer suggested among the means of re- of the suit, the plaintiff may cause medying the defects, and increasing their appearance to be entered, and the efficiency of this court. In con- in such case, the answer of the de. nexion with this subject, the separa. ceased party, if any there be, shall tion of the offices of governor and be deemed the answer of such repre. chancellor, which by tbe constitu. sentatives, &c.; but nothing in this tion are united in the same indivi. act is to prevent the reviving any dual, is strongly urged. Imprison. such suit by bill of revivor, when ment for debt alone, without fraud, the plaintiff, &c. may prefer that is declared to be justifiable by no course of practice, or when the principle congenial to our institu. court may deem it expedient. tions. The revision and perfecting APPEALS.–From any judgment of the insolvent laws are suggested, rendered, by any justice of the peace, so as to secure the personal liberty when the trial took place in the of the debtor, and protect the cre- presence of the parties, it may be ditor against dishonesty. The fi. lawsul for either party to appeal, nances of the state are in a pros. although the judgment shall have perous condition. The revenue is been rendered in his absence ; pro. increasing, and an addition to it of vided the appeal be in other respects 830,000 will soon be made from lawful. the works of internal improvement AQUEDUCT COMPANY.-A com. in progress and near completion. pany was incorporated for the pur. The revenue will exceed the ex- pose of supplying the village of penses of the state; and the surplus Orange with water. may be added to the school fund, or BENEFICIAL SOCIETIES.--Four be. appropriated in other modes to ad. neficial societies were incorporated. vance the prosperity of the state. BOUNDARY LINE.--The governor

Acts of the fifty-seventh general is authorized to appoint three com. assembly of New Jersey, at a ses. missioners to meet commissioners sion begun at Trenton on October on the part of the state of New. 23, 1832.

York, for the purpose of determining ABATEMENT OF SUITS. - In suits the territorial limits and jurisdiction in chancery, in which there may be between the two states. but one plaintiff or one defendant, if BRIDGES.--Six acts were passed the plaintiff die, his lawful repre. in relation to bridges, regulating the sentatives, or any other person or mode of applying to the legislature persons interested, are to be admitted for bridges, enacting penalties for to prosecute the suit. But if the injuring them, or for leaving the defendant die, and the plaintiff choose draws open, &c. to make the representatives of the CANAL COMPANY. - The Manas. quan River and Barnegat Bay Canal INSURANCE COMPANY.—The RahCompany was incorporated, for the way Mutual Fire Insurance Com. purpose of constructing a canal or pany was incorporated. an artificial navigation from or near L ANDS.-Thirty-four acts were the mouth of Manasquan river to passed in relation to certain lands, the head.waters of Barnegat bay, authorizing trustees, executors, ad. at Layton's pond.

ministrators and guardians, to sell CRIMINAL LAW.-The governor and convey, &c. was authorized to appoint some A resolution was passed by which person learned in the law, to revise, the legislature declared that the alter, modify, amend and digest, all land bill, then before congress, em. acts relating to crimes and their braced and provided for the interests punishinent, and to criminal proceed- of all the people of the United ings; such persons is to be request. States, and that the impartial jus. ed to make his report at the next tice and comprehensive equity of session of the legislature.

its provisions deserved the support DAIRY COMPANY.—The New. of their senators and representatives York and Bergen Dairy Company in congress. was incorporated, with a capital LAWS OF THE STATE.-The gostock of $150,000, for the purpose vernor is empowered to employ of supplying the city of New York some proper person to compile and with pure and wholesome milk. prepare for the press all acts and

DELAWARE RIVER.–An act was parts of acts which are of a general passed further to regulate the fish- and permanent nature, and all acts eries in this river. A resolution of incorporation which are declared was also passed, authorizing the to be public acts, which have been appointment of commissioners to passed since the last revision of the meet commissioners on the part of public laws in force; the acts are Pennsylvania, for the purpose of to be printed in chronological or. viewing the obstructions in this der. river, and making a report thereon MANUFACTURING COMPANIES.-to the governors of the respective Five Companies were incorpora. states.

DIVORCES.—Thirteen acts of di. Peat COMPANY.-- The New Jer. vorce were passed.

sey Peat Company was incorpora. ELECTIONS.-- The judges and in- ted. spectors of elections are vested with PENITENTIARY.-The sum of power to administer oaths and 30,000 is appropriated to the erec. affirmations, and to examine persons tion of a state penitentiary, capable touching the qualifications of voters of holding one hundred and fifty who shall offer to vote, and if any prisoners; it is to be constructed on person, on such examination, shall the plan of the state penitentiary of knowingly swear falsely, he shall be the eastern district of Pennsyl. deemed guilty of wilful and corrupt vania. perjury. If any person offer to RAIL-ROADS.-An act was passed vote, at any general or annual elec.' to incorporate the Delaware and tion, who is not legally entitled to Jobstown Rail or McAdamized Road vote, he shall forfeit $20.

Company, with a capital of $60,000, FIRE COMPANIES.—Two fire com- and the liberty to increase it to panies were incorporated.

- $200,000.

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SOUTH CAROLINA.-A resolution door keepers, are each allowed $2 was passed, disapproving of the or. a day. It is proper to add that the dinance, &c. of the state of South governor receives, being ex-officio Carolina, approving the principles chancellor, fees for his chancery contained in the proclamation of the duties, and that there are perquisites, president, &c.

though inconsiderable in amount, atSTATE TAX.-An act was passed to tached to the duties of the justices of raise. by a state tax, the sum of the supreme court. The attorney. $40,000, for the year 1833. general also receives fees in all cases EXPENSES OF THE GOVERNMENT.- of criminal conviction. The legisThe appropriation bill gives to the lature, at the late session, authorized governor, for the current year, a the governor to borrow ten thousand salary of $2,000; the chief justice dollars, at 5 per cent. for building a $1,200; the two associate justices, new penitentiary. each $1,100; the state treasurer The following resolution also was $1000; the law reporter and chan- passed in the house of assembly, by cery reporter, each $200; the a vote of thirty-one to fourteen. attorney-general $80; the quarter. Be it resolved by the council and master general $100; the adjutant general assembly of the state of New. general $100; the vice-president Jersey, That our senators be in. of council, and the speaker of the structed, and our representatives in house are each allowed $350; and congress be requested, to use their the members of either house $3 a best endeavours to maintain the day during the sitting of the legis. present judiciary system of the United lature, and $3 for every twenty States inviolate, to give adequate miles travel in going to and returning protection to American industry, to from the seat of government. The foster and uphold internal improve. clerks of the two houses are also ments, and to vote for and advocate each allowed $3 a day, 8 cents for the renewal of the charter of the writing every 100 words in the bank of the United States, with such records, and for copies to the print, modifications as may be deemed ers. The sergeant-at-arms and the necessary.


BANKS. 1833.–From the report of the auditor general, it appears that the whole amount of banking capital in this state is - - - - $17,061,944 51 Notes in circulation - - 10,336,251 61 Due to depositors - .. 7,708,764 25 Due to other banks - 2,696,409 46 Specie on hand, - - 2,898, 145 76 Due by other banks - 2,560,160 72 Notes of other banks - - 3,714,901 22 Notes discounted - - 29,968,408 15 Unclaimed dividends - - - 325,946 17 Real estate - - - - - 1,216,212 74 Contingent fund ... 1,780,606 01.

FINANCES for the year ending the 31st of October, 1833.

Lands and land office fees $48,379 64

Auction commissions - 15,700 00
Auction duties . . 79,038 08
Dividends on bank stock - 143,230 00
Dividends on bridge, navigation

and turnpike stock - 28,535 20
Tax on bank dividends - 45,404 91
Tax on offices - . 14,399 51
Tax on writs, &c. - . 24,771 00
Fees, secretary of state's office 728 33
Tavern licenses - - 52,267 16
Duties on dealers in foreign mer-
chandize -

61,480 86
State maps - - - 131 30
Collateral inheritances - 160,626 26
Pamphlet laws -

96 26 Militia and exempt fines - 1,693 00 Tin and clock pedlers' licences 2,461 93 Hawkers' and pedlers' licences 3,025 45

Increase of county rates and

of certain public lands shall be get levies .

. 185,177 32

3 apart in order to constitute a fund Tax on personal property. 43,685 37

for the support of common schools. Escheats

1746 99 for the support of common SCIO . Canal tolls.

· 151,419 69 No portion of this fund can, how. Loans .

. 2,539,987 00 ever, be applied, until it shall yield Premiums on loans. , 335,651 72

an annual interest of $100,000, when Premiums on bank charters 102,297 90 Old debts and miscellaneous 5,119 74 the interest only may be employed

as directed by the legislature. The 4,047,050 62

amount of money credited to this Balance in treasury, Nov. 1,

fund, on the 1st April, 1833, 1832 ·

117,167 16

was $203,332 16, and it is expected $4,164,217 78 that in the course of this year it

will increase to $546,563 72. Pro. Expenditures Internal improvements $2.588,879 13 gressing in the same ratio, it will Expenses of government " '212,940 95 still require between eight and nine Militia expenses . .

20,776 99 years to raise an amount sufficient Pensions and gratuities . 29,303 21 to realize an interest of $100,000. Education . . .

7,954 48 House of refuge

A writer in the Susquehanna regis

5,000 00 Interest on loans

94,317 47 ter, computes the exact date for Pennsylvania claimants. 351 00 distribution on the 1st July, 1842, State maps ..

but it is evident that the revenue of Internal improvement fund 755,444 01 Penitentiary at Philadelphia 44,312 50

the fund may vary considerably Penitentiary near Pittsburg 23.047 75 from the estimates he has formed of Conveying convicts. : 1,350 22 its annual increase. The act, how. Conveying fugitives. . 581 50 ever, ceases by limitation in 1836, Miscellaneous . . . 12,187 97

at which time, it is calculated, the Defence of the state. . 160 00

fund will yield but $600,879 32.

3,796,794 48 This appropriation, however, is Balance in the treasury, Nov.

but ideal, the whole fund having 1, 1833

367,423 30

been expended in internal improve.

$4,164.217 78 ment, and the state of education in Canal Tolls . . $151,419 69 Pennsylvania is probably far behind Elections, 1832.-For Governor. that of any of the middle or northern For Wolf . . . . 91,235 states. Ritner . . . . 88,186

Several years ago, it was ascer. Congress Administration


tained that more than half of the Opposition

13 children between the ages of five PHILADELPHIA.

and fifteen, were not in the habit of Deaths for 1833

attending any school; and, according Adults . .

to the report, the situation of things Children .

is not much better at the present 4440

time. A plan is therefore proposed Births

of establishing the several counties Males . . . .


as divisions, which are to be subFemales


divided into school districts, under

·7642 general regulations. Among these, COMMON SCHOOLS.-By an act the income of the state school fund passed by the legislature, and ap- is to be divided, on condition that an proved by the governor, in April, additional sum shall be raised by as. 1831, it is provided that the proceeds sessment within the districts.


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