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1832. Dec. The message of aggregate of 711 miles of internal Governor Wolf to the legislature, improvement. is occupied almost exclusively with LEGISLATION.–At the session of the domestic affairs and internal im. the legislature of Pennsylvania in proveinents of the state. The loans 18:32-33, one hundred and seventy. authorized by the last legislature to five acts, and twenty-four resolu. be effected in hehalf of the state, for tions, were passed. the several sums of $2,348,680, APPEALS.-An act was passed to and $300,000 to be applied to the facilitate appeals by guardians from public improvements, were both ta- the judgments of justices of the ken-the former at $114 08, and peace, and from the awards of arbi. the latter $115 09, for $109 of trators. stock, bearing five per cent. interest, ANNUITIES.—Twenty-two acts and redeemable after July, 1860. were passed granting annuities and With these funds, twenty-two miles gratuities to a number of soldiers of the Philadelphia and Columbia and widows of soldiers of the revo. rail-road were completed with a single lutionary war. track, and a continuous navigation Bank.—The Merchants and Man. of 171 miles by canal and slack wa ufacturers Bank of Pittsburg was ter navigation was opened from Co. incorporated, with a capital stock of lumbia to Hollidaysburg, in Hunting. $600,000. don county, on the eastern division of BRIDGES.-Six acts were passed the Pennsylvania canal. Seventy. in relation to different bridges; six one miles of canal, rail-road, and bridge companies were incorpo. slack water navigation, was the rated. whole amount of work executed du. BOROUGHS,—Thirteen boroughs ring the year, and they make the were incorporated. total extent of internal communica. CEMETERY, The Philadelphia tion within the state, open and ready Cemetery Company was incorpo. for active operations, more than rated. five hundred miles-all made within CORPORATIONS.-The service of six years. Such further progress the any civil process upon the toll. governor observes has been made, gatherer of any corporation, in the that if the legislature provide the new proper county, and next to the place cessary means, 112 miles more of ca. where the damage or damages shall nal and slack water navigation, and have been committed, shall be as 96 miles of rail-road, will be comple, good and valid in law, as if served ted within the next session. A single on the president, or other principal rack upon the Philadelphia and officerofany corporation; but where Columbia rail-road, from its present a suit shall be commenced, and the termination to the borough of Co. process served on the toll-gatherer, lumbia-distance 59 miles--may al. it shall be the duty of the plaintiff so be finished at the pleasure of the to cause reasonable notice to be legislature.

given to some one of the officers of When those works shall have been the company aforesaid, of the com. completed, Pennsylvania will, and by mencement of any such suit, before her owu means, have constructed, trial and final judgment. within seven years, 593 miles of ca. When information shall be given nal and slack water navigation, and to the auditor-general, that any 118 miles of rail-road-making an lands in this state have been purcha

sed by any incorporated company, and the North American Coal Comin its corporate capacity, or in the pany, are vested with the same corname of trustees or feottees, for its porate powers and privileges as use, without the license of this com- chose granted to the Lycoming Coal monwealth, or have come into their Company, for five years; and they possession by any manner or device are authorized respectively to cre. whatever, he shall proceed to ap- ate a capital stock not exceeding point a deputy escheator, who shall $300,000; but these powers are forthwith hold an inquest, in the to cease unless they relinquish the manner prescribed by existing laws charters obtained from other states, relative to escheats, and the deputy COURTS.-In all cases where let. escheator and all other officers and ters rogatory shall be issued out of persons concerned shall have like any court of any territory or state powers, be entitled to like fecs, and of the Union, requesting any court be subject to the same restrictions of common pleas in this state to af. and liabilities, as is provided in the ford its aid in the examination of any case of the escheat of the lands of witnesses within the limits of its ju. an individual, for the want of heirs risdiction, such court of common or known kindred.

pleas may issue subpænas to such If any such associations, now en- witnesses, requiring their attendance gaged in mining, shall discontinue either before such court of common all their operations, under their pleas, or before commissioners, several acts of incorporation, within under a penalty not exceeding $100; one year, then and in that case, the in case of the non-attendance of any commonwealth does hereby release such witness, process of attachment to the individuals composing said may be issued ; and any party in. associations, according to their re. jured by such non-attendance, shall spective interests, all the right, title, be entitled to the same remedies at and interest which the common law against the person subpænaed, wealth has acquired to the real as are provided where a subpæna estate of said associations, respect. is issued from a court of record of ively, in pursuance of the laws and this state in a case pending therein; statutes relative to mortmain. if any person subpænaed refuse to

The Delaware Coal Company, testity, he shall be liable to the and the North American Coal Com. same proceedings on the part of pany were authorized to continue such court of common pleas, as if their operations, with the powers, he had refused to testify in a case and subject to the liabilities of cor- pending in any court of record of porations created in this state, on the this state. lands now held by them, under their DEBT, IMPRISONMENT FOR.--No respective charters, for a period of person shall be imprisoned for any three years, before or at the end of debt or sum of money due on conwhich period they shall dispose of tract, contracted from and afier the their lands.

4th of July, 18:33, where the debt Coal COMPANIES. — An act was demanded, or judgment obtained, is passed to incorporate the Lycoming less than $5,34 cents, exclusive of Coal Company; the capital is not to costs. exceed $500,000.

DESCENT AND DISTRIBUTION OF The Delaware Coal Company, ESTATES.-An act was passed con

taining numerous provisions as to zed to borrow the sum of $530,000 the descent and distribution of the for these purposes. estates of intestates.

The governor was authorized, for FIRE AND HOSE COMPANIES. — the purpose of aiding the Union Eleven fire and hose companies Canal Company, to subscribe on be. were incorporated.

half of the state, for 1000 shares of HOSPITALS.—The Philadelphia the stock of the company; for the hospital was incorporated.

payment of which subscription, he INTERNAL IMPROVEMENT.—The is to issue to the company a certi. following appropriations were made ficate of loan for $200,000, bear. for the purpose of continuing the ing an interest of four and a half improvement of the state by rail. per cent. ; the principal redeemable roads and canals: for the Philadel. after April 10, 1863. phia and Columbia rail-road $1,111,. The following rail-road companies 958; for the Allegany Portage were incorporated : rail-road, $414,793 ; for the Co. The Wyoming and Lehigh Rail. lumbia line of the eastern division road Company; capital not to ex. of the Pennsylvania canal, $35,835; cee: $600,000. for the Frankstown line, $325712; The Philadelphia and Reading for the Wyoming line of the north Rail-road Company. branch division, $115,202 ; for the The Morristown and Mount CarLycoming line of the west branch bon Rail-road Company ; capital not division, including the Lewisburg to exceed $2,000,000. cross cut, $47,007; for the French The Susquehanna Rail-road Com. Creck division, $162,491; and for pany; capital not to exceed the Beaver division, $197,159. $2,000,000.

The governor was authorized to A large number of acts were borrow, on the credit of the state, passed in relation to the construc. and at a rate of interest not exceed. tion and alteration of state roads, ing five per cent. per annum, the &c. Acts were also passed for the sum of $2,540,661, to be applied to incorporation of fourteen turnpike the payment of the contracts neces. road companies. Two free road sary to be made to complete the companies were incorporated. works directed to be completed. InsurANCE COMPANIES. —The

The sum of $100,000 is appro- Chambersburg Insurance Company priated to the construction of feed. was incorporated, with a capital of ers, towing paths, guard locks, $50,000. By the same act the trus. weigh locks, bridges, &c., and other tees of the Fire Association of Phila. necessary works on old lines of ca, delphia were incorporated. nal; the sum of $100,000 to the LANDS.--A resolution was pass. payment of claims for damages ed, 'declaring that the proceeds of against the state, arising out of the the public lands of the United States, construction of canals and rail-roads; when no longer required for the the sum of $300,000 to the pay. payment of the public debt, ought ment of the expenses of repairs on to be distributed among the several canals and rail-roads; and the sum states of the Union, in just and of $30,000 to the construction of equitable proportions. certain 'works on the river Susque. LOTTERIES.-From and after hanna. The governor was authori. Dec. 1, 1833, all and every lottery

is to be utterly and entirely abolish, and completing the eastern stato ed. After that day, any person penitentiary. who shall be in any wise concerned PITTSBURG.–The auditor gene. in the sale or exposure to sale of any ral is directed to apply to the may. lottery ticket, and any person who or, &c. of Pittsburg for the sum of shall advertise, or be in any way $43,906, the amount expended by concerned in the managing, or draw. the agents of the commonwealth on ing of any lottery, or device in the the canal improvements in the said nature of a lottery, shall, for every city, over and above the sum of such offence, forfeit and pay a sum $65,567; in case a settlement of not less than $100, nor more than the claim is not obtained within three $10,000, or be sentenced to an months, the governor is instructed imprisonment not exceeding six to institute legal proceedings against months, at the discretion of the court. the city. It appears that this claim

A resolution was passed by which arose from a guaranty by the city the governor was requested to of the payment of the excess of ex. transmit a copy of the preceding penditure in the construction of a act, together with a copy of the re. canal through the city of Pittsburg, solution to the several states, and beyond the sum of $65,567. request their co-operation to effect ReligiouS SocietIES.-Four re. the entire abolition of lotteries. The ligious societies were incorporated. governor is also reqested to trans. SAVING FUND SOCIETIES. -Three mit the same to the president, with savings fund societies were incor. a request that he lay the same be. porated. fore congress, and use such mea. SCREW Dock COMPANY.-The sures as may, in his opinion, be best Kensington Screw Dock Company calculated to effect the abolition of was incorporated. lotteries in the district of Columbia. THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY.-The

LOUISVILLE AND PORTLAND CA- trustees of the theological seminary NAL.-The senators and representa. at Canonsburg, belonging to the tives in congress from this state synod of the associate presbyterian were requested to use their exer. church of North America, were in. tions to obtain the passage of a law corporated. to enable the general government TarifF.-A resolution was pass. to open and render free for the ed, asserting the constitutionality of passage of boats and other craft, the the tariff, and denying the right of Louisville and Portland canal. a state to nullify the acts of con

PENITENTIARIES.-An act was gress. passed appropriating the sum of WILLS AND TESTAMENTS.-An act $190,000 for the purpose of alter. was passed in relation to wills and ing the western state penitentiary, testaments.



For Governor.
Bennet, administration, ... 4220
Naudain, opposition, - - - - - 4166

*For Congress.
Milligan, opposition, .... 4263
Bates, administration,- · · · · 4142

LEGISLATION.-Laws passed at a session of the General Assembly, commenced at Dover, on January 3. 1833.

ADMINISTRATORS AND EXECU. TORS.Where any creditor shall recover judgment before a justice of it be rent-charge, rent-seck, quit. the peace, against any executor or rent or otherwise, (except rent in administrator, for a debt under $50, arrear upon the demise of lands, and there are no assets applicable &c.) issuing out of or charged upon thereto, the creditor may apply to any lands, &c., the person entitled the register of the county to issue a to such rent may distrain, as well citation to the exeeutor or adminis. the grain, grass and other produce trator to appear and show cause found on the premises, whether why he shall not prefer a petition to growing or severed, as the horses, the orphan's court of the county cattle and other goods and chattels, wherein any lands, &c. of such de. being upon the premises, chargeable ceased person are situate, to make with the said rent. The husband an order for the sale of the same, of a wife entitled to rent as afore. for a payment of such part of the said, shall have the same remedy as debts of the deceased as his per during her life, for the arrears of sonal estate is insufficient to satisfy. the rent accruing during the mar. lf upon a hearing before the register, riage; and a person entitled to any it shall appear that the personal rent as aforesaid, for the life of an. estate is insufficient, and that the other person, may distrain in the creditor will be remediless without same manner atter the death. such sale, the register is authorized LOTTERY TICKETS.--No person to direct the executor or adminis. shall sell or dispose of any lottery trator to apply to the orphan's court ticket, or of any part or share of a for such order.

lottery ticket, without having first COAL COMPANIES.-The Broad obtained a license; for which there Mountain Coal Company, and the shall be paid $100; which license Powhattan Coal Company, were in. shall continue in force one year, and corporated.

shall limit the sale of lottery tickets CANALS.-An act was passed to to one stand or shop. If any perincorporate a company for the pur. son shall sell or dispose of any lot. pose of coastructing a canal be. tery ticket, &c., contrary to the tween the waters of Nanticoke river, provisions of this act, he is to forfeit and Broad Kiln creek; the capital $20 for every such lottery ticket, is $500,000.

&c. so sold. A company was also incorpo. MAYHEM.-Mayhem of a genital rated, with a capital of $250,000, to member is made punishable with construct a canal connecting Lewis' death. creek with Indian river and Chesa- MARRIAGE.-It shall be lawful peake bay, by Pocomoke river. for a preacher of the gospel, or.

CHANCELLOR.-By this act it is dained and appointed according to provided, that the chancellor shall the rules of the church to which he not sit in any cause in which his pa. belongs, to solemnize all marriages rent, grandparent, child, grandchild, where the parties are negroes or brother or sister, nephew or nicce, mulattoes, without any license or uncle or aunt, brother-in-law or son, publication of the bans; before any in-law, shall be a party.

such marriage shall be solemnized, COLLEGE.-An act was passed to each of the parties (being free) establish a college at Newark. shall produce the certificate of some

LANDLORD AND TENANT.-When- justice of the peace of the county ever any rent is in arrear, whether in which he or she may reside re.

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