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abuse has, for years past, been as come; refusing, at the same time, frequent within the walls of the as. to make any adequate permanent sembly as without-nor can it be provision for the expenses of the doubted that this system has been civil government, and to provide adopted and urged with a wicked for the judiciary, to the conditions intention to degrade the local autho. and instructions annexed to the rities in the eyes of the people, and votes of certain sums contained in thereby ultimately to render them the bill of supply, sent up during powerless and inefficient for the the present session, which strike at support of your majesty's govern. the existence of your majesty's prement in this province.

rogative to appoint to all offices of Every thing indicates a continu. honour or profit in the colony,—to ance, if not an increase, of the evils the claim advanced by the assem. which we have briefly enumerated bly to preserve the extensive and

for while your majesty's officers, important part of your majesty's and particularly the judges of your dominions (in which there is room majesty's courts of law, are accused for millions of inhabitants,) as a and defamed, a competent tribunal colony to be settled only by Cana. within the colony, to which they dians of French origin and descent, might appeal for trial and vindica contrary to the just and manifest tion, is refused-whereby a timid, rights of your majesty's native instead of a fearless and indepen. born subjects—and, lastly, in the dent exercise of their functions, is to attempt to induce your majesty to be apprehended ; and with a view adopt measures which would deto the completion of its designs, the stroy the equilibrium of the constiassembly has ventured on the dar. tution, by substituting an elective ing step of addressing your majesty council for the intermediate branch to render the legislative council established by law. In reference elective.

to the pretension last noticed, we The crisis at which we have ar- humbly entreat your majesty's at. rived is pregnant with consequences tention to the undeniable fact, that of the deepest interest to the hap- in proportion as your majesty has piness and welfare of your majesty's graciously been pleased to increase subjects in this province, and at such the constitutional weight and effici. a moment it would be criminal in ency of the legislative council, by the legislative council to withhold the addition of members, unconnect. from your majesty the frank and ed with the local administration, and candid avowal of its sentiments. largely taken from the assembly

The efforts of the assembly have itself, the efforts of that house for its been obviously directed for several entire abolition, have become more years past to the attainment of and more violent and daring. power and influence, at the expense That the constitution of govern. of the crown, and in direct violation ment established in this province, of the constitutional rights and pri. under the act passed in the 31st vileges of the legislative council. year of the reign of his majesty, In illustration of this, we respect. King George the Third, chapter 31, fully advert to the persevering en has been efficacious in promoting deavours of that house lo obtain the welfare and happiness of the the entire control and disposal of inhabitants thereof, and in confirmall the provincial revenue and in- ing their attachment to the British

throne, are facts powerfully at. The constitution enables your tested by the peaceable submission majesty to uphold an independent of the people to the laws, and the branch of the legislature by a judi. readiness with which they have on cious selection of the members cho. all occasions defended the province sen to compose it, and we venture, against foreign aggression, as well with all humility, to state to your as by the petitions laid at the foot majesty, that a branch so chosen is of the throne, in the years 1814 essential to sustain your royal pre. and 1828, and the addresses, at rogative, to maintain the connexion those periods, of the assembly itself, which happily subsists between this in which they entreated his late colony and the mother country, and majesty and the imperial parlia. to give security to a numerous class ment “ to maintain the inhabitants of your majesty's subjects of British of Canada in the full enjoyment of origin, now numbering about one the constitution as established by hundred and fifty thousand souls, law, without any change what. scattered over the province, whose ever.”

interests cannot be adequately reIt was in the year 1831, after presented in the assembly, seventhe general election for the assem. eights of the members whereof are bly now in session, and when some of French origin, and speak the grounds of complaint against the French language. local administration were in course I t is under the circumstances of being redressed by the interposi. above described that the assembly tion of the imperial government, have proposed to your majesty to that a desire for a change in the abolish this house, and to substitute constitution was first openly avowed in its place a council to be elected in that body, and it is a matter of by proprietors of estates of ten astonishment,that a violent and reck pounds annual value; a measure less party in that house, should be well conceived to further the desired able to induce a majority of its mem object of obtaining a legislative bers into an attempt to destroy a body, in all respects the counter. form of government, under which part 'of the assembly, inasmuch your majesty's Canadian people as that would virtually embrace the have enjoyed a state of peace, se. whole constituency of the country. curity and contentment, scarcely Having maturely considered, we exceeded by any part of the world, trust without improper bias, the na. and against which no considerable ture of the alterations in the consti. portion of the people have yet for. tution, proposed by the assembly, mally complained.

we entreat your majesty duly to While, therefore, the legislative weigh the opinion which we now council desire not to conceal from humbly submit, as to the fatal con. your majesty the actual state of the sequences which may be expected province, they are far from believing to result from such a change. Its that the great body of the people more immediate effects would be to yet participate in the views and render all offices in the colony elec. wishes of the majority of the assem. tive-to unsettle the minds of your bly, but in a community in which majesty's subjects of British origin learning has made so little progress, respecting the security of life and even the well-disposed, the happy, property, which they now enjoyand contented, are too liable to be to prevent their further increase misled by the factious and designing through emigration, and to sever

the ties which bind the colony to house, by receiving a large annual the parent state; while its ultimate salary from the assembly, knowing result would bring into collision the same to be without the sanction the people of Upper and Lower of the law, paid to him out of the Canada, and drench the country public money, advanced upon the with blood; for it is our solemn simple votes of that house for defrayconviction that the inhabitants of ing its ordinary contingent expenses. Upper Canada will never quietly Under these circumstances, the permit the interposition of a French legislative council earnestly beseech Republic between that province and your majesty to take into your seri. the ocean.

ous consideration the present alarmWhen the leaders of the assem. ing posture of affairs in your mably in the year 1831, first openly jesty's once happy province of declared themselves against the Lower Canada-to be graciously constitution, they found means of pleased [to recommend to the im. inducing a member of this house to perial parliament, to amend the act proceed to England for the sole 31 George III. chap. 31, by enact. avowed purpose of supporting the ing a sufficient qualification for the petitions of the assembly to your members of the assembly of this majesty, and they have since, from province] and to adopt such mea. year to year, procured the prolonga. sures, as in your wisdom will tend tion of his mission. We humbly to tranquilize the minds, to mainsubmit that the representations made. tain the constitutional rights and by this gentlemen to your majesty's liberties of all your majesty's subgovernment, ought to be received jects therein, and thus guaranty with extreme caution, because the the permanence of the existing conlegislative council have never as. nexion between the colony and the sented to his mission-have never parent state. had any official communication of The several paragraphs of the any instructions given to him, or above address were unanimously despatches received from him; and agreed to by the council, except the he has committed a gross breach last, from which the words within of the constitutional rights of the brackets are expunged.


The Legislature of Upper Canada which you have directed this ses. was prorogued at York on the 13th sion, to subjects of general import. of February, 1833.

ance, as well as to those bearing on Governor's Speech.

the interests of particular districts, Hon. Gentlemen of the Legislative Council,

cannot fail to be highly conducive to and Gentlemen of the

the prosperity and welfare of the House of Assembly

province. In relieving you from your legis. The bill passed for the settlement lative duties, I may state with con. of claims, founded on the losses sus. fidence, that many of the measures tained by individuals during the war, resulting from the consideration decides a question which His Ma. jesty's government has long anx. to the province, than at any former ious!y desired to bring to a satisfac. period.. tory conclusion; and enables an During the recess, much infor. arrangement to be made for the im- mation may be obtained by you, in mediate payment of that proportion different townships with which you of the original award, which was are in constant communication, that ordered to be conditionally liquida. may assist you in maturing a sys. ted by the lords commissioners of tem for the accomplishment of this his majesty's treasury.

object. The enlarging of the jurisdic. With respect to the distribution tion of the courts of request, will, I of school lands, I may assure you trust, tend greatly to simplify the that should it be desirable to select practice of those courts, and facilis small portions of land for the espe. tate the disposal of cases which can cial use of any particular district or be brought under their cognizance township, such arrangements as

The enactment which you have may be required, can be made with sanctioned for the amendment of the out difficulty. Indeed I am con. penal code, must, while it renders the vinced that the reservation of large administration of justice more effica. blocks of land for the support of cious, prevent that frequent recur schools, depreciates the value of the rence of mitigation of punishment endowment, and impedes the settle. appointed by the statutes, which has ment of the country. hitherto necessarily taken place Under the present very favourthrough the intervention of the able circumstances, in availing power of the crown, and which yourselves of the credit and reenervated the general authority of sources of the province to improve the law.

the navigation of rivers, and to

construct harbors and canals, you Gentlemen of the House of Assembly

are, doubtless, providing ample I have to thank you, in his ma.

means for augmenting the capital jesty's name, for the supplies which

of the colony; but it is impossible you have granted for the public

to estimate too highly the advantage service, and for carrying on public

the province will derive by estaworks and improvements, and for

blishing carriage roads from the the support of charitable institu- canals and lakes to the back town tions.

ships; although the outlay in formHon. Gentlemen and Gentlemen

ing them would be great, the reAn efficient measure, having in venue of every individual would be view the means of extending in increased in proportion to the exstruction in every township, is now, pense, and capital would be impel. perhaps, become more necessary, led into those channels which are and would proye more acceptable most benefical to the community.



OF THE CHAMBERS.-Nov. 19, 1832.


tions which he has sworn to mainI am glad, after a long separation, tain. again to have recourse to your wis. We have had to deplore in the dom and support. In the interval, west,insurrections and odious crimes. my government has been exposed The mass of the population have not to serious trials. It has overcome taken any part in it; and whenever them by its own strength; it has the rebellion has broken out, it has triumphed over factions.

been speedily extinguished. Leto Deceived by the generosity of therefore, the culpable authors of our institutions, by our respect for civil war, who have so many times the guaranties of public rights, they desolated those districts, lose all have miscalculated the strength of hope of a counter-revolution, as im. a legal and moderate policy. In possible in my eyes as in yours; Paris, in the name of the republic for they find us unanimous to supin the west, in the name of the coun. press it, always faithful to our oaths, ter revolution—they have attacked and ready to unite our destinies with by force of arms the established those of the country. order.

A recent event, and decisive for The attempts at republicanism, the public peace, will destroy the as well as counter-revolution, have last illusions of this party. been quelled.

Gentlemen, at Paris, as in the The days of the 5th and 6th of west, my government has been able June have made manifest the per to borrow from the existing laws all versity and the imbecility of the the energy compatible with justice. friends of anarchy. They have For like crimes like repression is made clear the danger of a policy necessary. In these critical days it which would temporize with sub. was necessary that the defenders of versive passions instead of crushing public order and of liberty should them in their birth. Constitutional find in the firm resolution of the monarchy has recognised its true governing power the support which friends and its true defenders in that they demanded. generous population of Paris, in that It will be your task to examine intrepid national guard, in that brave whether our legislative provisions and faithful army who have so en. do not require in all this respect to ergetically repulsed such attempts. be revised and completed, and by

I have been very happy that my what measures the safety of the presence, by encouraging good citi. State and the liberty of the subject zens, has hastened to put down se. may at once be guarantied. dition.

It is by persevering in this course It has been seen what force a of moderation and justice that we constitutional king may find in the shall show ourselves faithful to the support of the nation, when compel. principles of our glorious revolution. led to have recourse to arms to de. This is the system which you have fend the crown which he has been strengthened by your concurrence, called on to wear, and the institu. and which has been sustained with

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