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Sivu 186 - to be held of the king in capite, by the service of the tenth part of a knight's fee ; and by the royal service of finding the king a right-hand glove at his coronation, and to support his right arm that day, as long as he should hold the sceptre in his hand, and paying yearly £23 5s. 0|d.
Sivu 195 - ... that all men might see his hand burned before his body was touched. His body did so abide the burning of the flame with such constancy and...
Sivu 375 - To this sad shrine, whoe'er thou art, draw near, Here lies the friend most loved, the son most dear; Who ne'er knew joy, but friendship might divide, Or gave his father grief but when he died. How vain is reason, eloquence how weak! If Pope must tell what Harcourt cannot speak. Oh let thy once-loved friend inscribe thy stone, And with a father's sorrows mix his own!
Sivu 551 - Majesty's presence3 1567, and at the same day advanced to the degree and dignity of a baron of this realm, by the title of lord...
Sivu 9 - The standard was blown down the same night it had been set up, by a very strong and unruly wind, and could not be fixed again in a day or two, till the tempest was allayed.
Sivu 575 - The latter is stated to have given property in the county of Lincoln, which he held of the king in capite by the service of presenting to him a hat, lined with sindon, a kind of fine linen, and a pair of gilt spurs f.
Sivu 617 - April, 1628, dignified with the degree of a baron of this realm, by the title of lord Coventry, of Aylesborough in the county of Worcester.
Sivu 407 - Cuthred met and overthrew him there, winning his banner, whereon was depicted a golden dragon ; in memory of which victory the custom of making a dragon yearly and carrying it up and down the town in great jollity on Midsummer Eve, to which they added the picture of a giant, was in all likelihood first instituted.
Sivu 613 - boasts the nativity of Sir Robert Broke, or Brooke, Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas in the reign of Mary I. lie was the son of Thomas Brooke of this place, and having laid a foundation of literature at Oxford, proceeded to the study of common law in the Middle Temple, where he became the competent lawyer of his age. He was chosen summer reader in that house in...
Sivu 129 - The church is a vicarage, in the patronage of the dean and chapter of Coventry and Lichfield.

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