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which it enjoins. But the Apology being more especially adapted, in some particulars, to the time in which it was written, and also requiring a very attentive examination of all its relations and dependencies, in order fully to comprehend the views of its author ; it is therefore a work which we have reason to believe is at this day not so frequently and deliberately resorted to as we could wish. Not only strangers to the society of Friends, but many of our young people, it is believed, might be benefited by having a work more concise, and, as far as possible, adapted to the same purpose.

Under these considerations I have attempted to give a summary of our profession. From the nature of the subjects which will be treated upon, some reasonings may be expected; but generally the plan will be to state the belief of the society, and to shew the correspondence of such belief with the meaning and doctrine of the holy Scriptures. The author will not be confined from occasionally entering upon controverted points, and that because he believes it will be unavoidable. The society of Friends are known to differ in their profession, in various particulars, from others; and in stating to others their doc


trines and belief, he will necessarily have to shew, in some instances, the reasons for such difference. This will be done not with a view to oppose any class of Christian professors, but wholly in conformity with the nature of the task he has undertaken.

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structs females how to appear in the exercise of
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Page of them.-Ministers not to be paid for their la. bours, or preach by contract. OF DIVINE WORSHIP.

18 Indispensable duty publicly to assemble to worship the Living God.Qualification to worship to be waited for.--No well-founded objection can be raised against silent meetings.Scripture instances of waiting upon God.Friends not alone in their belief that worship is a spiritual act, performed in silence. OF PRAYER AND SPIRITUAL SINGING TO THE LORD

29 Prayer should not be neglected.-Scarcely an act less understood, and none more abused than prayer.-Christ the only proper instructor.“ He instructed the disciples.--The first sentence of the compendium he taught, requires a preparation. The pharisecs and their prayers con. demned.--True prayer is an entrance into, and concurrence with, the Divine Mind.--Singing of hymns and spiritual songs not of necessity vocal.--Singing that is acceptable to the Al. mighty, must proceed from that which is pure in the heart, even from the Divine Life.--The use of instruments of music, or artificial singing in the worship of God, not warranted in the New Testament. OF THE DOCTRINE OF FAITH

49 It is a living principle, which no human means can beget in us.--By it the elders obtained a good report -Until we have come to this living principle, the soul remains subject to the fallen nature, and cannot serve God acceptably, or be united to him.-Wheresoever this living faith is, there will be worlis corresponding with it. OF SANCTIFICATION AND JUSTIFICATION 47

Entire justification must be because of entire sanctification.

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