Elements of useful knowledge: volume 1: containing a historical and geographical account of the United States

Printed for O.D. Cooke, by Hudson and Goodwin, 1806 - 208 sivua

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Sivu 93 - In the very month when the first settlers arrived in America, King James granted a patent to the duke of Lenox and others, dated November 3, 1620, incorporating them with the style of the "Council established at Plymouth, in the county of Devon, for the planting and governing of New England in America," with full powers to purchase and hold lands, appoint officers and make laws.
Sivu 157 - ... prisoner,) according to their promise, that they would not entertain any of that island, which should come to them. But we conceived it was rather in love to him ; for he had been his servant formerly. We sent for the two Indians. One was sent us ; the other was dead before the messengers came. A ship of one hundred and twenty tons was built at Marblehead, and called the Desire.1...
Sivu 83 - This enterprising commander collected a body of nine hundred foot and three hundred and fifty horse, for an expedition into Florida, where he landed in May, 1539. From the gulf of Mexico he penetrated into the country northward, and wandered about in search of gold, exposed to ftimine...
Sivu 140 - People, being highly derogatory to the Authority of the United States, and dangerous to the Confederacy, require the immediate and decided Interposition of Congress, for the Protection and relief of such as have suffered by them, and for preserving Peace in the said district, until a decision shall be had of the Controversy relative to the Jurisdiction of the same.
Sivu 4 - The cock knew each ascension of the equinoctial, and crew at each; that is, he crew every hour, as 15* of the equinoctial make an hour." — Skeat. ascencwun: ascending degree, equinoxial: "The celestial equator; so called because, when the sun is on it, the days and nights are of equal length in all parts of the world."— A New English Dictionary. (150) 104. fume: "A noxious vapor supposed formerly to rise from the stomach to the brain." — A New English Dictionary, complecciouns: see note on...
Sivu 176 - ... to relieve the troops at Montreal, was destroyed by Captain Byron in the bay of Chaleurs. The inhabitants of Canada submitted and took the oath of allegiance to the British crown. Thus, after a century of wars, massacres and destruction committed by the savages, the colonies were secured from ferocious invaders, and Canada, with a valuable trade in furs, came under the British dominion.

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