Philosophical Conversations: Or, A New System of Physics, by Way of Dialogue, Nide 3


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Sivu 332 - He is not eternity or infinity, but eternal and infinite; he is not duration or space, but he endures and is present. He endures for ever, and is everywhere present; and by existing always and everywhere, he constitutes duration and space.
Sivu 332 - ... As a blind man has no idea of colours, so have we no idea of the manner by which the all-wise God perceives and understands all things. He is utterly void of all body and bodily figure, and can therefore neither be seen nor heard nor touched ; nor ought He to be worshipped under the representation of any corporeal thing. We have ideas of His attributes, but what the real substance of anything is, we know not.
Sivu 198 - Bodies there from rHing up and going away from the Sun in the form of Vapours and Fumes, unlefs by means of a far greater heat than that which on the Surface of our Earth would very eafily turn them into Vapours and Fumes. And the fame...
Sivu 198 - Earths vehemently hot, whose heat is conserved by the greatness of the Bodies, and the mutual Action and Reaction between them, and the Light which they emit, and whose parts are kept from fuming away, not only by their fixity, but also by the vast weight and density of the Atmospheres incumbent upon them; and very strongly compressing them, and condensing the Vapours and Exhalations which arise from them?
Sivu 197 - ... and reaction of its light, and the reflections and refractions of its rays within its pores, to grow ftill hotter, till it comes to a certain period of heat, fuch as is that of the fun ? And, are not the fun and fixed ftars great earths, vehemently hot, whofe heat is conferved by the greatnefs of the bodies, and the mutual action and re- action between them and, the light which they emit * r" 167 Some * Newton's Optics, 167.
Sivu 223 - Water, or some fluider Matter, might continue longer in Motion; but unless the Matter were void of all Tenacity and Attrition of Parts, and Communication of Motion, (which is not to be supposed,) the Motion would constantly decay.
Sivu 310 - ... and afterwards to tell us how the properties and actions of all corporeal things follow from those manifest principles, would be a very great step in philosophy, though the causes of those principles were not yet discovered...
Sivu 223 - Liquors be stirred about alike to give them a vortical Motion; the Pitch by its Tenacity will lose its Motion quickly, the Oil being less tenacious will keep it longer, and the Water being less tenacious will keep it longest, but yet will lose it in a short time.
Sivu 310 - Forces or Actions arose from Qualities unknown to us, and uncapable of being discovered and made manifest. Such occult Qualities put a stop to the Improvement of natural Philosophy, and therefore of late years have been rejected.
Sivu 180 - conftant Returns of which, his ' Nights and Days have been found ' to be of about the fame Length ' with ours. But the Inhabitants have ' no perceivable Difference between ' Summer and Winter, the Axis of ' that Planet having very little or no ' Inclination to his Orbit, as has been ' difcovered by the Motion of his

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