The History of Ireland

Greenwood Publishing Group, 2001 - 232 sivua

For a nation with a relatively small territory and population, Ireland has had a remarkable influence in the English-speaking world. In the United States alone, it is estimated that there are now forty-four million descendants of Irish lineage. For them and for students and interested readers, this up-to-date, concise, and fascinating volume is an ideal introduction to the history of Ireland. Hollis, an expert on Irish history, traces Ireland from its beginnings in the Neolithic era to events and issues in the year 2000. Carefully weaving the thread of complex relations between Britain and Ireland through the centuries, he portrays the dramatic events that led to the formation of the Republic, the troubles with Northern Ireland, and the complex economic and political issues that prevail in Ireland today.

The work begins with a panoramic sketch of Ireland today, its geography, demography, economy and government. Chronologically arranged chapters trace the political, economic, social and cultural history of Ireland and the key personalities who shaped it. Ready-reference features include a timeline for easy reference to events, brief identifications of key personalities in the history of Ireland, and a bibliographic essay. Every library should update its resources on Ireland with this lively and succinct narrative history.


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Ireland Today
Prehistory to 1300
Late Medieval and TudorStuart Ireland
The EighteenthCentury Protestant Ascendancy
From Union to Home Rule 18011870
The Home Rule Era 18701918
The Irish Free State 19181938
Eire and the Republic 19391973
The Two Irelands 19732000
Notable Persons in Irish History
Bibliographic Essay

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DANIEL WEBSTER HOLLIS, III, is professor of history at Jacksonville State University, in Alabama, where he has taught for thirty years. He is the author of four books, the most recent being The ABC-CLIO World History Companion to Utopian Movements (1998). He has taught Irish history and published articles and delivered papers on Northern Ireland.

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