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more in number than the All thy works praise thee, fand ; when I wake up, I O Lord; and thy saints give am present with thee.

thanks unto thee. Try me, O God, and seek the They show the glory of thy ground of my heart; prove me, kingdom, and talk of thy and examine my thoughts. power ;

Look well if there be any That thy power, thy glory, way of wickedness in me; and and mightiness of thy kinglead me in the way everlasting. dom, might be known unto Psalm cxlv. Exaltabo te, Deus.

Thy kingdom is an everWill magnify thee, O God, lasting kingdom, and thy do




thy Name for ever and ever. all ages.

Every day will I give thanks The Lord upholdeth all unto thee, and praise thy such as fall, and lifteth up all Name for ever and ever. those who are down.

Great is the Lord, and The eyes of all wait upon marvellous, worthy to be thee, O Lord, and thou givest praised; there is no end of them their meat in due season. his greatness.

Thou openest thine hand, One generation shall praise and fillest all things living thy works unto another, and with plenteousness. declare thy power.

The Lord is righteous in : As for me, I will be talking all his ways, and holy in all of thy worship, thy glory, thy his works. praise, and wondrous works; The Lord is nigh unto all

So that men shall speak of them that call upon him; yea, the might of thy marvellous all such as call upon him faithacts; and I will also tell of fully. thy greatness.

He will fulfil the desire of The memorial of thine those who fear him; he also abundant kindness shall be will hear their cry, and will showed, and men mall sing help them. of thy righteousness.

The Lord preserveth all The Lord is gracious and those who love him; but scatmerciful ; long-luffering, and tereth abroad all the ungodly. of great goodnefs.

My mouth shall speak the The Lord is loving unto praise of the Lord: and let all every man, and his mercy is Aesh give thanks unto his hoover all his works.

ly Name for ever and ever.


Ho ,

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SELECTION III. ** presence, and take not thyo


Holy Spirit from me.
From Psalm li. Miferere mei,

O give me the comfort of

thy help again, and stablish
AVE mercy - upon me, me with thy free
O God, after thy great

Then shall I teach thy ways goodness; according to the unto the wicked, and sinners multitude of thy mercies, do shall be converted unto thee. away mine offences.

Deliver me from bloodWash me thoroughly from guiltiness, O God, thou that my wickedness, and cleanse art the God of my health ; me from my sin:

and my tongue shall ang of For I acknowledge my thy righteousness. faults, and my fin is ever be- Thou shalt open my lips, fore me.

Lord, and my mouth Thall Against thee only have I show thy praise, finned, and done this evil in For thou desirest no facrithy light, that thou nightest fice, elfe would I give it thee; be justified in thy saying, and but thou delightest not in clear when-thou art judged. burnt-offerings.

Behold, I was shapen in The sacrifice of God is a wickedness, and in sin hath troubled fpirit: a broken and my mother conceived me. contrite heart, o God, shalt But lo, thou requirest truth thou not despise. fuü

15 in the inward parts, and shalt make me to understand wif- From Psalm xlii. Quemaddom secretly.

ebo Thou shalt purge one with IKE as the hart defireth hyssop, and I shall be clean; the water-brooks, lo thou lhalt walh me,and I shall longeth my soul after thee, be whiter than fuow. , O God.

Thou shalt make me hear My soul is athirst for God, of joy and gladness, that the yea, even for the living God; bones which thou hast bro- When shall I come to appear ken may rejoice.

before the presence of God? Turn thy face from my sins, My tears have been my and put out all my misdeeds. meat day and night; while :-Make me a clean heart, Othey daily fay untome, Where God, and renew a right spirit is now thy God! 913 to within me.

Try Now when I think there . Cast me not away from thy upon, I pour out my heart by

myself ;




modum. Oy



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my life.

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myself, for I went with the For they shall soon be cut multitude, and brought them down like the grass, and be forth into the houst of God; withered even as the green

* In the voice of praise and herb. thanksgiving, among such as Put thou thy trust in the keep holy-day

Lord, and be doing good; 2: Why art thou fo full of dwell in the land, and verily heaviness, O my foul? and thou shalt be fed. why art thou fo difquiered Delight thou in the Lord, within mestiti

and he shall give thee thy Put thy trust in God; for heart's desire. I will yet give him thanks for Commit thy way unto the the help of his countenance. Lord, and put thy trust in

- The Lord hath granted his him, and he shall bring it to loving-kindness in the day- pass. time; and in the night-season He shall make thy rightedid I fing of him, and made ousness as clear as the light ; my prayer unto the God of and thy just dealing as the

noon-day. I will say unto the God of Hold thee still in the Lord, my strength, Whiy haft thou and abide patiently upon him ; forgotten me? Why go Ithus but grieve not thyself at heavily, while the enemy op- him whole way doth prosper, prefreth me?

against the man that doeth Namely, while they say after evil counsel's. daily unto me, Where is now Lcave off from wrath, and thy God?

let go displeasure ; fret not Why art thou so vexed, O thyself

, elle shalt thou be my soul? and why art thou moved to do evil. so disquieted within me? Wicked doers shall be root. O

put thy trust in God; ed out ; and they that patifor I will get thank him, who ently abide the Lord, those is the help of my countenance shall inherit the land. and my God!

Yet a little while, and the

ungodly shall be clean gone : 91 SELECTION IVA

thou thalt look after his place, Plalm xxxvii. Noli amulari. and he shall be away. PRET not thyself because But the meek fpirited shall

of the ungodly neither poffess the"earth, and shall be be thou envious against the refrelhed in the inultitude of evil doets:



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The ungodly seeketh coun- shall possess the land'; and sel against the just, and gnash- they that are cursed of him, eth upon him with his teeth. shall be rooted out.

· The Lord shall laugh him The Lord ordereth a good to scorn ; for he hath seen man's going, and maketh his that his day is coming. way acceptable to himself.

The ungodly have drawn Though he fall, he shall out the sword, and have bent not be cast away; for the Lord their bow, to cast down the upholdeth him with his hand. poor and needy, and to slay I have been young, and now such as are of a right conver- am old, and yet saw I never sation.

the righteous forsaken, nor Theirsword shallgothrough his seed begging their bread. their own heart, and their The righteous is ever merbow shall be broken. ciful, and lendeth; and his

A small thing that the righ- seed is blessed. teous hath, is better than Flee from evil, and do the great riches of the ungodly ; thing that is good, and dwell

For the arms of the un- for evermore. godly shall be broken, and For the Lord loveth the the Lord upholdeth the righ- thing that is right; he forteous.

faketh not his that be godly, The Lord knoweth the but they are preserved for days of the godly; and their ever. inheritance Thall endure for The unrighteous shall be ever.

punished; as for the seed of the They shall not be confound- ungodly, it shall be rooted out. ed in the perilous time; and The righteous shall inherit in the days of dearth they the land, and dwell therein shall have enough.

for ever. As for the ungodly, they The mouth of the righteshall perish, and the enemies ous is exercised in wisdom, of the Lord shall consume as and his tongue will be talkthe fat of lambs ; yea, even ing of judgment. as the sinoke shall they con- The law of his God is in

his heart, and his goings shall The ungodly borroweth, not flide. and payeth not again; but The ungodly seeth the the righteous is merciful and righteous, and seeketh occaliberal.

fion to Nay him. Such as are blessed of God, The Lord will not leave

sume away.

him in his hand, nor con- stood in the way of finners, demn him when he is judged. and hath not fat in the seat

Hope thou in the Lord, of the scornful: - and keep his way, and he But his delight is in the law

Ihall promote thee, that thou of the Lord; and in his law fhalt possess the land : when will he exercise hiinself day the ungodly thall perish, thou and night. shalt tee it.

And he shall be like a tree I myself have seen the un. planted by the water-lide, godly in great power, and that will bring forth his fruit : Aourishing like a green bay- in due sealon. tree.

His leaf also shall not wiI went by, and lo, he was ther; and look, whatsoever gone; I fought him, but his he doeth, it Ihall prosper. placecould no where be found. As for the ungodly, it is

Keep innocency, and take not fo with them, but they heed unto the thing that is are like the chaff, which the right; for that Thall bring a wind scattereth away from the man peace at the last.

face of the earth. As for the transgressors, Therefore the ungodly shall they shall perish together ; not be able to stand in the and the end of the ungodly judgment, neither the sinners is, they shall be rooted out in the congregation of the at the last.

righteous. But the salvation of the But the Lord knoweth the righteous cometh of the Lord, way of the righteous ; and who is also their strength in the way of the ungodly shall the time of trouble.

perish. And the Lord shall stand by them, and fave them; he Psalm xv. Domine, quis habishall deliver them from the

tabit ?

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because they put their trust thy tabernacle ? or who :in him.

Thall reft upon thy holy hill?

Even he that leadeth an : SELECTION V.

uncorrupt life, and doeth the < Psalm i Beatys vir, qui non thing which is right, and abiit.

speareth the truth from his LESSED. is the man that heart :

hath not walked in the He that hath used no decounsel of the ungodly, nor ceit in his tongue, nor done



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