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and keep us the fol.

thou, O merciful God, confirm and strengthen us ;, tha ; 'as twie grow in age, we may grow in grace, and in the know ledge of our Lord and Saviour Jefus Christ. Amen.

Prayer for grace UT, O God; who knowest the weak y jarneghiat eygladion. and corruption of our nature, and 9. bed at mapifold temptations which we daily r.

with; we humbly befeech thee to have compaqion on com infirmities, and to give us the constant assistance of thy Hull

Spirit; that we may be effectually restrained from-fin, an : excited to our duty. Imprint upon our hearts such a drea,

of thy judgments, and such a grateful sense of thy goodne to us, as may make us both afraid and ashamed to offer

And, above all, keep in our minds a lively remeii brance of that great Day, in which we must give a sta account of our thoughts, words, and actions; and, accortin to the works done in the body, be eternally rewarded.

punished, by him whom thou hast appointed the Judge y quick and dead, thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

For grace to guide N particular, we implore thy grace and" lotcing day, and for

tection for the ensuing day, Keep us at God's blessing on the perate in our meats and drinks, and diligen business of the same.

our several callings. Grant us patience un any afflictions thou shalt see fit to lay on u

and minds always contented with our prefa * On Sunding condition. Give us grace to be just and Morning, insteud of

right in all our dealings ; quiet and peacea' this, sy, and let thy Holy Spirit ac- full of compassion; and ready to do goo

company, us hohe all men, according to our abilities and.op. a place of thy publie

worship, making us tunities. Direct us in all our ways (* live, and raising prosper the works of our hands in the businia our minds from the of our several stations.) Defend us from a world to the consi: dangers and adversities ; and be gracioun deration of the next

, plealed to take us and all things belonging 4 vently join in the us under thy Fatherly care and protection prayers and praises These things and whatever else thou shalt se

listen to our duty necessary and convenient to us, we hur! In with honest hearts, beg, through the merits and mediation of th in order to practise Son Jesus Christ our Lord and Sayiour: Amen THE grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the loved

God, and the fellowship of the Holy Ghost, be wit! tus all evermore. Amen.


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Aleep as may fit us for the duties of the following day.
Nake us ever mindful of the time when we shall lie down

the dust; and grant us grace always to live in such a ite, that we may never be afraid to die : So that living id dying we may be thine, throug!ı the merits and fatis

action of thy Son Christ Jesus, in whose Name we offer Jul

up these our imperfect praye.s. Amen. Hrea

HE dne

of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of grace

God, and the fellowship of the Holy Ghost, be with effen

lus all everinore. Amen. mei sti

On Sundays and on other days, when it may be convenient, it will be proper to begin with a Chapter, or part of a Chapter, from the New Testament.

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busin from, acioul nging tectior halt le hur 1 of the Amet love , be wid ENINI

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To be used instead of the Psalms for the day, at the Discretion of the

Psalm xix., Cæli enarrant. More to be defired are they

HE heavens declare the than gold, yea, than much

glory of God; and the fine gold; sweeter also than firmament Mhoweth his handy- honey, and the honey-comb. work.

Moreover, by them is thy One day telleth another; and servant taught; and in keepone night certifieth another. ing of them there is great re

There is neither speech nor ward. language; but their voices Who can tell how oft he are heard among them.

offendeth? O cleanse thou Their sound is gone out in- me from my secret faults. to all lands; and their words Keep thy servant also from into the ends of the world. presumptuous fins, left they

In them hath he fet a taber- get the dominion over me. nacle for the sun ; which co

Let the words of my mouth, methforth as abridegroom out and the meditation of my of his chamber, and rejoiceth heart, be alway acceptable in as a giant to run his course. thy fight,

It goeth forth from the ut- O Lord, my strength, and termost part of the heaven, and my Redeemer. runneth about unto the end of Psalm xxiv. Domini eft terra. it again; and there is nothing HE earth is the Lord's, hid from the heat thereof.

and all that therein is ; The law of the Lord is an the compass of the world, and undefiled law, converting the they that dwell therein.'' soul; the testimony of the For he bath founded it upLord is sure, and giveth wil- on the seas, and prepared it dom unto the simple.

upon the floods, The statutes of the Lord Who shall afcend into the are right, and rejoice the bill of the Lord? or who shall heartzathe commandment of rise up in his holy place? the Lord is pure, and giveth Even be that hath clean light unto the Las hands, and a pure heart and alon The fear of the Lord is that hathanot lift updhis mind clean, and endureth forever ; unto yanity, nor tworn to dethe judgments of the Lord are ceive his neighbouroa. true, and righteous altogether. He shall receive the blessing





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-1 from the Lord, and righte- Helhowedobis Aragus santo

ousness from the God of his Mofes, his works unto the
This is the generation of The Lord is full of com-

Clint of Israel.
those who seek him; even of paffion and mercyši4shgefüf-

those who seek thy face, o fering, and of great goodness. * Jacob.

He will not always be chidLift up your heads, Oye ing; neither keepeth lie his U gates, and be ye lift up, ye anger for ever.

everlasting doors, and the He hath not dealt with us King of glory shall come in. after our fins; nor rewarded

Who is the King of glory ? us according to our wicked

it is the Lord Itrong and nefses. 3 mighty, even the Lord migh- For look how high the heaty in battle.

ven is in comparison of the ✓ Lift up your heads, O ye earth]; so great is his mercy algates, and be ye lift up, ye fo toward those who fear him! everlasting doors, and the Look how wide alfoz It he King of glory shall come in. east is from the west ; so far

Who is the King of glory? hath he fet our sins from us?! seven the Lords of hosts, he . Yea, like as a father pitiis the King of glory.

eth his own children ; even Pfalm ciïi. Benedic, anima mea. fo is the Lord merciful unto

so RAISE the Lord, O

them that fear him. !

my soul; and all that is with

For he knoweth whereof in me, praise his holy Name. we are made ; he rememberPraise the Lord, O my soul; eth

that we are but duft. į and forget not all his benefits;

The days of man are but Who forgiveth all thy sin, as grass ; for he flourisheth and healeth all thine infirmi- as a flower of the field. :)

For as soon as the wind Who saveth thy life from de- goeth over it, it is gone ; and struction, and crowneth thee the place thereof Thall know - with mercy and loving kind- it no more.

But the merciful tgoodness Who satisfieth thy mouth of the Lord endureth for ever with good things, making thee and ever upon those who fear young and lusty as an eagle, hím , land his righteousness ... The Lord executeth righ-, upon children's children is teousness and judgment, for 31Even upon such askeep his all them that are oppressed covenant, and think Upon His




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commandments, to do them


with wrong

The Lord hath prepared If I climb up into heaven, his seat in heaven, and his thou are there; if I go down kingdom ruleth over all. to hell, thou art there also.

O praise the Lord, ye An- If I take the wings of the gels of his, ye that excel in morning, and remain in the Itrength; ye that fulfil his uttermoft parts of the sea; commandment, and hearken Even there also Mall thy unto the voice of his words. hand lead me, and thy right

O praise the Lord, all ye hand shall hold me. his hosts; ye servants of his If I say, Peradventure the that do his pleasure.

darkness shall cover me; then O speak good of the Lord, shall my night be turned to all ye works of his, in all places day. of his dominion: Praise thou Yea, the darkness is no the Lord, O

soul. darkness with thee, but the

night is as clear as the day; SELECTION II.

the darkness and light to thee From Psalm cxxxix. Domine, are both alike. probaffi.

For my reins are thine; me out, and known me; mother's womb.: thou knoweft my down-fit- I will give thanks unto ting, and mine up-rising; thou thee, for I am fearfully and understandeft my thoughts wonderfully made : marvel

lous are thy works, and that Thou art about my path, my soul knoweth right, well. and about my bed; and spiest My bones are not hid from out all my ways.

thee, though I be made seFor lo, there is not a word cretly, and fashioned beneath in my tongue, but thou, o in the earth. Lord, knowest it altogether. Thine eyes did see my sub

Thou hast fashioned me stance, yet being imperfect; behind and before, and laid and in thy book were all my thine hand upon me.

members written. Such knowledge is too won- Which day by day were derful and excellent for me; fashioned, when as yet there I cannot attain unto it." was none of them. Whither lhall I

How dear are thy counsels from thy Spirit or whither unto me, o God; O how

? , , shall I


then from thy pre- great is the fun of them! sence ?

If I tell them, they are

Omerouth me in my

long before.

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