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cers saw him, they cried out, and he faith unto the Jews, saying, Crucify him, crucify Behold your King. But they him. Pilate faith unto them, cried out, Away with hiin, Take ye him, and crucify him; away with him, crucify him. for I find no fault in him. The Pilate faith unto them, Shall Jews answered him, We have a I crucify your King? The law, and by our law he ought chief priests answered, We to die, because he made him- have no king but Cæsar. felf the Son of God. When Then delivered he him therePilate therefore heard that fore unto them to be crucisaying, he was the inore afraid; fied : and they took Jesus, and went again into the judg- and led him away. And he, ment-ball, and faith unto Je- bearing his cross, went forth fus, Whence art thou? But into a place called the place Jesus gave bim no answer. of a ikull, which is called Then faith Pilate unto him, in the Hebrew, Golgotha ; Speakest thou not unto me? where they crucified him, and Knowest thou not that I have two other with him, on either power to crucify thee, and fide one, and Jesus in the have power to release thee? midst. And Pilate wrote atitle Jesus answered, Thou could- and put it on the crois ; and est have no power at all against the writing was, JESUS OF me, except it were given thee NAZARETH THE KING from above ; therefore he that OF THE JEWS. This title delivered me unto thee hath then read many of the Jews ; the greater fin. And from for the place were Jesus was thenceforth Pilate sought to crucified was nigh to the city; release him ; but the Jews cri- and it was written in Heed out, saying, If thou let this brew, and Greek, and Latin. man go, thou art not Cæsar's Then said the chief prieits of friend: Whosoever maketh the Jews to Pilate, Write not, himself a king, speaketh a- the King of the Jews; but gainst Cæfar. When Pilate that he faid, I am the King of therefore heard that saying, the Jews. Pilate answered, he brought Jesus forth, and What I have written, I have fat down in the judgment- written. Then the soldiers, seat, in a place that is called when they had crucified Jesus, the Pavement, but in the He- took his garments, (and made biew, Gabbatha. And it was four parts, to every soldier a the preparation of the passo- part) and alfo his coat : now ver, and about the fixth hour: the coat was without seam,

woven from the top through- that sabbath-day was an high out. They said therefore day) besought Pilate that among themselves, Let us not their legs might be broken, rend it, but cant lots for it, and that they might be taken whose it shall be: that the away. Then came the foldiScripture might be fulfilled, ers and brake the legs of the which faith, They parted my first, and of the other which raiment among them, and for was crucified with him. But my vesture they did cast lots. when they came to Jesus, and These things therefore the fol- faw that he was dead already, diers did. Now there stood they brake not his legs. But by the cross of Jesus, his mo- one of the soldiers with a spear. ther, and his mother's sister, pierced his side, and forth with Mary the wife of Cleopas, came thereout blood and waand Mary Magdalene. When ter. And he that saw it bare Jesus therefore faw his mo- record, and his record is true: ther, and the disciple standing and he knoweth that he faith by, whom he loved, he faith true, that ye might believe. unto his mother, Woman, be. For these things were done, hold thy son. Then faith he that the Scripture should be to the disciple, Behold thy fulfilled, A bone of bim shall mother. And from that hour not be broken. And again, that disciple took her unto another scripture faith, They his own home. After this, shall look on him whom they Jesus knowing that all things pierced. were now accomplished, that the Scripture might be ful

Eafter-Ever. filled, faith, I thirft. Now

The Collect. there was set a vessel full of RANT, O Lord, that as vinegar : and they filled a we are baptized into the punge with vinegar, and put death of thy blessed Son our it upon hyssop, and put it Saviour Jesus Christ, so by to his mouth. When Jesus continual mortifying our cortherefore had received the vi- rupt affections, we may be negar, he said, It is finished : buried with him; and that and he bowed his head, and through the grave

and gave up the ghoft. The Jews death we may pass to our joytherefore, because it was the ful resurrection, for his merits, preparation, that the bodies who died, and was buried, should not remain upon the and rose again for us, thy Son crols on the labbath-day, (for Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.



gate of


The Epiftle. i St. Pet. iii. 17. had taken the body, he wrap-
T is better, if the will of ped it in a clean linen cloth,

God be so, that ye suffer and laid it in his own new for well-doing, than for evil- tomb, which he had hewn doing. For Christ also hath out in the rock; and he rolled once suffered for fins, the just a great stone to the door of for the unjust (that he might the sepulchre, and departed. bring us to God) being put And there was Mary Magdato death in the flesh, but lene, and the other Mary, litquickened by the spirit : by ting over against the fepulwhich also he went and chre. Now the next day that preached unto the spirits in followed the day of the preprison ; which sometime were paration, the chief priests and disobedient, when once the Pharisees came together unto Jong-suffering of God waited Pilate, saying, Sir, we reinemin the days of Noah, while ber that that deceiver said, the ark was a preparing; while he was yet alive, After wherein few, that is, eight three days I will rise again. souls, were saved by water.

Command therefore that the The like figure whereunto, fepulchre be made sure until even Baptism, doth also now the third day, left his discifave us (not the putting away ples come by night, and steal the filth of the flesh, but the him away, and say unto the answer of a good conscience people, He is risen from the towards God)

by the resurrec- dead; so the last error shall be tion of Jesus Christ : Who is worse than the first. Pilate gone into heaven, and is on the said unto them, Ye have a right hand of God; angels, watch ; & your way, make it and authorities, and powers, as sure as you can. being made subject unto him. went and made the fepulchre The Gospel. St. Matt.xxvii. 57. setting a watch.

sure, sealing the stone, and HEN the even was come, there came a

Easter-Day. rich man of Arimathea, na- At Morning Prayer, instead med Joseph, who also himself of the Psalm [O come let us was Jesus' disciple : He went fing, &c.] thėje Anthems shall to Pilate, and begged the bo- be sung or said. dy of Jesus. Then Pilate HRIST our pafsover is commanded the body to be sacrificed for us, theredelivered. And when Jofeph fore let us keep the feast;


So they

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Not with the old leaven, and reigneth with thee and the neither with the leaven of ma- Holy Ghost, ever one God, lice and wickedness; but with world without end. Ament. the unleavened bread of fin

The Epifle. Col. 11. 1. cerity and truth. i Cor. v. 7. F ye then be risen with HRIST being raised

, things from dead, dieth no

which are above, where Christ more; death hath no more fitteth on the right hand of dominion over him.

God.. Set your affection on For in that he died, he died things above, not on things unto fin once ; but in that he on the earth: For ye are liveth, he liveth unto God. dead, and your life is hid with

Likewise reckon ye also Christ in God. When Christ, yourselves to be dead'indeed who is our life, shall appear, unto fin; but alive unto God then shall ye also appear with through Jesus Christ our him in glory. Mortify thereLord. Rom. vi. 9.

fore your members, which are

upon the earth; fornication, YHRIST is risen from the uncleanness, inordinate affec

dead, and become the tion, evil concupiscence, and first fruits of them that Nept. covetousness, which is idola

For since by man came try : for which things sake the death, by man came also the wrath of God cometh on the resurrection of the dead.

children of disobedience. In For as in Adam all die ; the which ye also walked even fo in Christ shall all be sometime, when ye lived in made alive.

1 Cor. xv. 20. them. The Collect.

The Gospel. St. John xx. 1. LMIGHTY God, who THE first day of the week

cometh Mary Magdagotten Son Jesus Christ hast lene early, when it was yet overcome death, and opened dark, unto the fepulchre, and unto us the gate of everlast- seeth the stone taken away ing life; we humbly beseech from the sepulchre. Then the thee, that as, by thy special runneth and cometh to Simon grace preventing us, thou doft Peter, and to the other disciput into our minds good de- ple whom Jesus loved, and sires ; so by thy continual help faith unto them, They have we may bring the same to taken away the Lord out of good effect, through Jesus the sepulchre, and we know Christ our Lord, who liveth not where they have laid him.


A through thine only

be T6


Peter therefore went forth, our Lord; who liveth and and that other disciple, and reigneth with thee and the came to the fepulchre. So Holy Ghost, ever one God, they ran both together; and world without end. Amen. the other disciple did outrun Peter, and came first to the For the Erifile. Aês x, 345 fepulchre ; and he, fooping ETER opened his mouth, down and looking in, saw the and said, Of a truth I linen clothes lying, yet went perceive that God is no rehe not in. Then cometh Si- specter of persons: but inevery mon Peter following him, and nation he that feareth him went into the fepulchre, and and worketh righteousness, is feeth the linen clothes lie; and accepted with him. The word the napkin that was about his which God sent unto the head not lying with the linen children of Ifrael, preaching clothes, but wrapped together peace by Jesus Christ : (he is in a place by itself. Then Lord of all :) That word, I went in also that other disci- say, ye know, which was pubple which came first to the se- lished throughout all Judea, pulchre, and he faw, and be. and began from Galilee, after lieved. For as yet they knew the baptism which John not the Scripture, that he preached : How God anointmust rise again from the ed Jesus of Nazareth with dead. Then the disciples the Holy Ghost, and with went away again unto their power ; who went about doing own home.

good, and healing all that were opprefled of the devil:

for God was with him. And Monday in Easier-Week.

we are witnesses of all things The Collect.

which he did, both in the LMIGHTY God, who land of the Jews, and in Jeru


gotten Son Jesus Christ haft hanged on a tree. Him God overcome death, and opened railed up the third day, and unto us the gate of everlasting showed himn openly; not to all life; we humbly beseech thee, the people, but unto witnesses that as, by thy special grace cholen before of God, even to preventing us, thou dost put us, who did eat and drink into our minds good desires ; with bim after he rose from so by thy continual help we the dead. And he commandmay bring the same to good ed us to preach unto the peoeffect, through Jesus Christ ple, and to testify that it is he


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