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Judge of all men; we ac- goodness; and bring you to knowledge and bewail our everlasting life, through Jesus manifold fins and wickedness, Christ our Lord. Amen. which we from time to time most grievously have com

Then shall the Priest say, mitted, by thought, word,

Hear what comfortable and deed, against thy divine words our Saviour Christ faith Majesty ; provoking most unto all whotruly turn to him. justly thy wrath and indig.

NOME unto me, all ye nation against us.

We do

that travel and are heavy earnestly repent, and are laden, and I will refresh

you. heartily sorry for these our St. Matth. xi. 28. mildoings; the remembrance

So God loved the world, of them is grievous unto us; that he gave his only begotten the burthen of them is intole- Son, to the end that all that rable. Have mercy upon us, believe in him should not pehave mercy upon us, most rish, but have everlasting life. merciful Father; for thy Son St. John iii. 16. our Lord Jesus Christ's sake, Hear also what St. Paul saith. forgive us all that is past; and grant, that we may ever

This is a true saying, and | hereafter serve and please thee worthy of all men to be rein newness of life, to the ho- ceived, that Christ Jesus nour and glory of thy Name, came into the world to save

finners. 1 Tim. i. 15 through Jesus Christ our

. Lord. Amen.

Hear also what St. John faith.

If any man fin, we have an Then shall the Priest (the Bi- Advocate with the Father, shop, if he be present ) stand up, Jesus Christ the righteous; and turning to the people, jay, and he is the propitiation for

1 St. John ii. 1, 2. heavenly Father, who 4 After which the Priest shall of his great mercy hath pro

proceed, saying, sised forgiveness of fins to all Lift up your hearts. . those who with hearty re- Answer. We lift them up pentance and true faith turn unto the Lord. unto him, Have mercy upon Priest. Let us give thanks you ; pardon and deliver you unto our Lord God. from all your fins; confirm Answer. It is meet and and strengthen you in all right so to do.


our sins.

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Then Mall the Priest turn to spot of fin, to make us clean the Lord's Table, and say, from all fin: Therefore with T is very meet, right, and Angels, &c.

our bounden duty, that we should at all times, and in all & Upon Easter Day, and seven

Days after. places, give thanks unto thee, O Lord, [* Holy Father,] Al- UT chiefly are we bound mighty Everlasting God:

to praise thee for the These words (Holy Father] must be glorious resurrection of thy omitted on Trinity Sunday.

Son Jesus Christ our Lord ;

For he is the very Paschal Here shall follow the proper Lamb, which was offered for Preface, according to the time,


and hath taken away the if there be any specially ap- fin of the world; who by his pointed; or else immediately death hath destroyed death, Jhall be said or sung by the and, by his rising to life again, Priest and People.

hath restored to us everlast"HEREFOREwith An- ing life : Therefore with

gels and Archangels, Angels, &c. and with all the company

of heaven, we laud and magnify

Upon Afcenfion Day, and

seven Days after. thy glorious Name ; evermore

, , Holy, holy, holy, Lord God dearly beloved of Hofts, heaven and earth sus Christ our Lord; who, are full of thy glory : Glory after his inost glorious Resurbe to thee, O Lord Most rection, manifestly appeared High. Amen.

to all his Apostles, and, in their fight ascended up

into & PROPER PREFACES. heaven, to prepare a place for

us; that where he is, thither Upon Christmas Day, and seven Days after.

we might also ascend, and

reign with him in glory : ECAUSE thou didst Therefore with Angels, &c.

give Jesus Christthine only Son, to be born as at s Upon Whitsunday, and fix this time for us; who, by the

Days after. operation of the Holy Ghost, HROUGH Jesus Christ was made very man, of the our Lord, according substance of the Virgin Mary to whose most true promise, his mother; and that without the Holy Ghost came down as



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at this time from heaven, with Then shall the Priesi, kneeling a sudden great sound, as it had down at the Lord's Table, been a mighty wind, in the say, in the name of all those likeness of fiery tongues, light- who mall receive the Commuing upon the Apostles, to nion, this Prayer following : teach them, and to lead them

E do not presume to to all truth ; giving them both

come to this thy Tathe gift of divers languages, ble, o merciful Lord, trustand also boldness with fervent ing in our own righteousness, zeal, conftantly to preach the but in thy manifold and great gospel unto all nations; where- mercies. We are not worthy by we have been brought out so much as to gather up the of darkness and error, into crumbs underthy Table. But the clear light and true know- thou art the same Lord, ledge of thee, and of thy Son whose property is always to Jesus Chrift: Therefore with have mercy : Grant us thereAngels, Esc.

fore, gracious Lord, fo to eat Upon the Feast of Trinity only the field of thy dear Son Je

be said,

sus Christ, and to drink his HO art one God, one

blood, that our sinful bodies Lord ; not one only may be madeclean by his body, person, but three persons in and our souls washed through one substance : For that which his most precious blood, and we believe of the glory of the that we may evermore dwell Father, the faine we believe of in him, and he in us. Amen. the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, without any difference When the Priest, standing beorinequality : Therefore with fore the Table, bath fo ordered

the Bread and Wine, that he Angels, &c. Or else this may be said, the

may with the more readiness words (Holy Father] being

and decency break the Bread retained in the introductory

before the People, and take the Address.

Cup into his Hands ; be shall FOR the precious death and say the Prayer of Confecration, merits of thy Son Jesus

as followeth: Christ our Lord, and for the LL glory be to thee, Al

our Ghost the Comforter ; who venly Father, for that thou, are one with thee in thy eter- of thy tender mercy, didit nal Godhead: Therefore with give thine only Son Jesus Angels, &c.

Christ to suffer death upon



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the Palen into his hands.

the cross for our redemption; The Oblation. HEREFORE, who made there (by his one

O Lord and oblation of himself once of heavenly Father, according to fered) a full, perfect, and suf- the institution of thy dearly ficient facrifice, oblation, and beloved Son our Saviour Jesus satisfaction, for the sins of the Christ, we, thy humble serwhole world ; and did insti- vants, do celebrate and make tute, and in his holy gospel here before thy divine Majefcommand us to continue a ty, with these thy holy gifts, perpetual memory of that his which we now offer unto precious death and sacrifice thee, the memorial thy Son until his coming again: For hath cominanded us to make; in the night in which he having in remembrance his

(a) Here the was betrayed (a) blessed passion and precious Priest is to take he took bread ; death, his mighty resurrec

and when he had tion and glorious ascension ; (b) And here to given thanks, (b) rendering unto thee moft break the Bread he brake it, and hearty thanks, for the innu

gave it to his merable benefits procured undisciples, saying,

to us by the same. (c) And here Take, eat, (c) The Invocation. And we most humto dy fus kands This is my Body,

bly beseech thee, O which is given merciful Father, to hear us ; for you; Do this and, of thy almighty goodin remembrance nefs, vouchsafe to bless and

Likewise sanctify, with thy Word and (1) Here he after supper (d) Holy Spirit, these thy gifts is to take ilerup into his hand. he took the cup; and creatures of bread and

and when he had wine; that we, receiving them given thanks, he according to thy Scn our Sagave it to them, viour Jelus Christ's holy insti

saying, Drink ye tution, in remembrance of (e) and here all of this ; for (e) bis Death and Passion, may he is to lay his This is my Blood, be partakers of his most blefiPessil, in which of the New Tes- ed Body and Blood. And we

tament, which is earnestly desire thy fatherly shed for you, and goodness, mercifully to accept

for many, for the this our sacrifice of praise and remiffion of fins : Do this as thanksgiving ; moft humbly oft as ye shall drink it, in beseeching thee to grant, that reinembrance of me.

by the merits and death of


won all the Bread.

of me.

there is any

Win to be consecra.est.

thy Son Jesus Christ, and ( Then shall the Priest first rethrough faith in his blood, ceive the Communion in both we, and all thy wholeChurch, kinds himself, and proceed to may obtain remiffion of our deliver the same to the Bishops, fins, and all other benefits of Priests, and Deacons, in like his passion. And here we offer manner (if any be present) and present unto thee, O and, after that, to the People Lord, ourselves, our fouls, and

also in order, into their hands, bodies, to be a reasonable, ho- all devoutly kneeling : And ly, and living sacrifice unto quhen he delivereth the Bread, thee; humbiy beseeching thee,

be shall say, that we, and all others who

body of Communion, may worthily

Christ receive the most precious Bo- given for thee, preserve thy dy and Blood of thy Son Je body and soul unto everlastsus Christ, be filled with thy remembrance that Christ died grace and heavenly benedic

for thee, and feed on him in tion, and made one body with him, that he may dwell in thy heart by faith, with

thanksgiving them, and they in him. And although we are unworthy, And the Minister who deliverthrough our manifold fins, to eth the Cup, shall say, offer unto thee any facrifice ;

HE blood of our Lord yet we beseech thee to accept this our bounden duty and thed for thee, preserve thy body

Jesus Christ, which was service, not weighing our me- and soul unto everlasting life : rits, but pardoning our of

Drink this in remembrance fences; through Jesus Christ

that Christ's Blood was shed our Lord; by whom, and

for thee and be thankful. with whom, in the unity of the Holy Ghost, all honour | If the confecrated Bread and and glory be unto thee, O Wine be spent before all have Father Almighty, world with- communicated, the Priest is to out end. Amen.

confecrate more, according 10 the Form before prescribed; be

ginning at--All glory be to Here shall be sung a Hymn, or Thee, Almighty God-and Part of a Hymn, from the ending with these words Selection for the Feafts and Partakers of his most blessed Fasts, &c.

Body and Blood.



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