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Then all kneeling, the Meat Caft me not away from thys fler fball fav as followes, from prefente; and take not thyt tbe 5 ift Pjalin 2r9inch Holy Spirit from me.

€ 07046 1. O give me the comfort of AVE mercy upon the thy help again ; and ftablish

O God, after thy great me with thy free Spirit.* *11 goodness :: according to the: 1. Then thall I teach thy ways. multitude of thy mercies, do unto the wicked and finners; away mine offences,

shall be converted unto thee. Wash me thoroughly from Deliver me from blood my wickedness; and cleanse guiltiness, O God, thou that me from my sin.

art the God of my health ; For I acknowledge my and my tongue fall sing of faults g: and my sin is ever thy righteousness. before me.

'Thou fhalt open my lips, Against thee only have I O Lord; and my mouth linned, and done this evil in shall show thy praise. thy fight ; that thou mightest For thou defireft no facribe justified in thy saying, and fice, else would I give it clear when thou art judged. thee; but thou delightest

Behold, I was shapen in not in burnt-offerings. wickedness; and in sin hath The sacrifice of God is a my mother conceived me. troubled spirit; a broken ard

But lo, thou requirest truth contrite heart, O God, fhalt in the inward parts; and shalt thou not despise. make me to understand wil dom secretly.

4 Then the Minister shall Jay, Thou shalt purge me with hyffop, and I shall be clean ;

, shall be whiter than snow.

Thou lhalt make me hear ers, and spare all those who of joy and gladness; that the confess their ens unto thee bones which thou haft broken that they, whose consciences may rejoice.

by fin are accufed, by thy Turn thy face from my merciful pardon may be abfins; and put out all my solved, through Chrift our misdeeds.

Lord. Amen.
Make me a clean heart, o

everlasting, within me.

intinite ; look down with pity


Let us pray.

KOD Pihalt wash me, and í O mercifully hear our pray

and compassion upon the fuf- and we pray God," that you ferings of this thy fervant; and may make such use of your whether thou visitest for trial punishments in this worid, of his patience, or punishment that your soul may be saved of bis offences, enable bim by in the world to come. thy grace cheerfully to submit

Wherefore we come to you bimself to thy holy will and in the bowels of compaffion; pleasure. Go not far from and, being desirous that you. those, O Lord, whom thou should avoid presumption on haft laid in a place of dark- the one hand, and despair ness, and in the deep ; and on the other, shall plainly lay" forasmuch as thou haft not before you the wretchedness cut him off suddenly, but of your condition, and dechaftenest him as a Father; clare how far you ought to grant that he, duly considering depend on the mercies of God, thy great mercies, may be and the merits of our Saviunfeignedly thankful, and our. Consider then feriously turn unto thee with true re- with yourself, in all appearpentance and fincerity of ance the time of your diffoluheart, through Jesus Christ tion draweth near ; your fins our Lord. Amen.

have laid fast hold upon you;

you are foon to be removed Prayers for Persons under from among men by a violent Sentence of Death.

death; and you shall fade When a Criminal is under away suddenly like the grass, Sentence of Death, the Mini- which in the morning is green fler shall proceed, immediately and groweth up, but in the after the Collect, O God, evening is cut down, dried who spareft, &c. to exhort up, and withered. After you bim after this Form, or other have thus finished the course

of a sinful and a miserable life; you shall appear before the

; hath pleased Almighty pronounces blessings on the God, in his justice, to bring righteous, shall likewise fay, you under the sentence and with a terrible voice of moft

a condemnation of the law: You just judgment, to the wicked, are shortly to suffer death in Go, ye accursed, into the fire such a manner, that others, everlasting, prepared for the warned by your example, may devil and his angels. be the more afraid to offend; Your fins have brought yor


like :

too near this dreadful fen- depends upon the few motence: It is therefore your ments which are left you ; I part and duty, my brother, 'require you strictly to exahumbly to confess and bewail mine yourself, and your estate your great and manifold of- both towards God and tofences, and, to repent you wards man; and let no worldtruly of your fins, as you ly consideration hinder you tender the eternal salvation from making a true and full of your soul.

confession of your fins, and Be not deceived with a vain giving all the satisfaction and presumptuous expectati. which is in your power to on of God's favour, nor say every one whom you have within yourself, Peace, Peace, wronged or injured; that you when there is no peace; for may find_mercy at your there is no peace, says. my heavenly Father's hand for God, to the wicked. God is Christ's sake, and not be not mocked; he is of purer condemned in the dreadful eyes than to behold iniquity; day of judgment. and without holiness no man Lastly, beloved, submit shall see the Lord, On the yourself with Christian resignother hand, despair not of ation to the just judgment of God's mercy, though trouble God, which your own crimes is on every side ; for God have brought upon you, and fhutteth not up his mercies be in charity with all men ; for ever in displeasure : but if being ready sincerely to forwe confess our sins, he is give all such as have offended faithful and just to forgive us you, not excepting those who our fins, and to cleanse us have prosecuted you even from all unrighteousness. Do unto death: And, though not either way abuse the good- this may feem a hard saying, ness of God, who calleth us yet know assuredly, that withmercifully to amendment, out it your charity is not yet and of his endless pity pro- perfect. And fail not earneftmiseth us forgivenels of that ly to endeavour and pray for which is past, if with a per- this blessed temper and comfect and true heart we return posure of mind : So may you unto him.

cast yourself with an entire Since therefore you are foon dependence upon the mercies to pass into an endless and of God, through the merits unchangeable state, and your of our Saviour and Redeemer future happiness or misery Jesus Christ.


Here the Minister Mall exa- by the fraud and malice of the mine bim concerning bis Faith, devil, or by his own carnal and rehearse the Articles of the will and frailness. Consider Creed, Doft thou believe in his contrition ; accept his reGod, c.

pentance; and forasmuch as And the Criminal shallanfueér, in thy mercy, impute not

he putteth his full trust only All this I stedfastly believe.

:. unto him his former sins, but Then fall the Minifler exa- strengthen hiin with thy blesmine whether he repent bim sed Spirit ; and when thou art truly of bis fins, exhorting him pleased to take him hence, to a particular Confefion of the fake him unto thy favour : fin for which he is condemned ; This we beg through thy meand upon Confession, be shall rits, O Lord, our Saviour and inftru£t him what satisfaction our Redeemer. Amen. ought to be made to those whom he has offended thereby; and Then the Minister shall say, if he knoweth any combina- Father of mercies and tions in wickedness, or any

O God of all comfort ; we evil practices designed againft fly unto thee for fuccour in others, let him be admonished behalf of this thy fervant, who to the utmost of his power to is now under the sentence of discover and prevent them, condemnation. The day of After bis Confeffion, the Mi- his calamity is at hand, and nister Mall declare to him the he is accounted as one of pardoning mercy of God, in those who go down into the the Form which is used in the pit. Blessed Lord, rememCommunion Service. ber thy mercies ; look upon

his infirmities ; hear the voice After which shall be said the of his complaint ; give him,

Colle&t following, we beseech thee, patience in
Holy Jesus, who of this his time of adversity,

thine infinite goodness, and support under the terrors didst accept the conversion of which encompass him fet a finner on the cross ; open before his eyes the things he thine

this hath done in the body, which thy servant, who defireth par- have justly provoked thee to don and forgiveness, though anger; and forasmuch as his in his latest hour he turneth continuance appeareth to be unto thee. Renew in him short amongst us, quicken whatsoever hath been decayed him so much the more by thy

of mercy upon


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grace and holy Spirit ; «that Then the Minister shall say, he, being converted and reconciled unto thee, before The Anighty God, who thy judgments have cut bím to all those who put their trust offtrom the earth, may at the in bim ; to whom all things hour of his death depart in in heaven, in earth, and under peace, and be received into the earth, do bow and obey; thine everlasting kingdom, be now and evermore thy dethrough Jeius. Christ our fence: and make thee know Lord. Amen.

and feel that there is none

other name under heaven Adding this.

given to man, in whom and Saviour of the world, through whom thou mayest o

who by thy cross and receive salvation, but only precious blood haft redeemed the name of our Lord Jesus us, lave us and help us, we Christ. Amen. humbly befeech thee, O Lord. And after that shall say,

NTO God's gracious Then the Minister, fanding, mercy and protection Shall say,

we commit thee: The Lord

bless thee and keep thee': The N the midst of life we are Lord make his face to shine

in death : Of whom may upon thee, and be we seek for succour, but of unto thee : The Lord lift up

gracious thee, O Lord, who for our his countenance upon thee, fins art juftly displeased? and give thee peace, both Yet, O Lord God most

now and evermore. holy, O Lord most mighty, O holy and most merciful Sa At the time of Execution,

beviour, deliver us not into the fides all, or such parts of the bitter pajns of eternal death. foregoing Office as the Mini

Thou knowest, Lord, the fter fhall judge proper, fall fecrets of our hearts : Shut

be said the Commendatory not thy merciful ears to our

Prayer for a Person at the prayers; but spare us, Lord point of Departure, as it is most holy, O God most inigh

in the Visitation of the Sick. ty, O holy and merciful Savi- The Colleet for the Communion our, thou most worthy Judge

Service. eternal, suffer us not, at our


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lift Bictur, for any pains of God, who declareft thy

death to fall from thee.

in showing

mercy and pity s


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