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evil to his neighbour, and For the peftilence that hath not flandered his neigh- walketh in darknels, nor for bour :

the sickness that destroyeth He that fetteth not by in the noon-day. himself, but is lowly in his A thousand shall fall beside own eyes, and maketh much thee, and ten

thousand at I of them that fear the Lord right hand ; but it shall nu

He that sweareth unto his come nigh thee. V. neighbour, and disappointeth Yea, with thine eyes shalt him not, though it were to thou behold, and see the rehis own hindrance : ward of the ungodly.

He that hath not given his For thou, Lord, art my money upon usury, nor taken hope ; thou hast' let thine reward against the innocent : houfe of defence very high.

Whoso doeth these things, There Thall no evil happen shall never fall.

unto thee, neither shall any

plague comê nigh thy dwelPsalm xci. Qui habitat. ling.

For he shall give his Angels HOSO dwelleth under charge over thee, to keep thee

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W the defence of the in all thy ways.

Most High, shall abide un- They shall bear thee in their der the thadow of the Al- hands, that thou hurt not mighty

thy foot against a stone. I will say unto the Lord, Thou thalt' gò upon the Thou art my hope, and my lion and adder; the young strong hold, my God, in him lion and the dragon thalt will I +.ft.

thou tread under thy feet. For we shall deliver thee Because he hath fet his love from the snare of the hunter, upon me, therefore will I deand from the noisome pesti- liver him; I will let him up, Jence.

because he hath known my He shall defend thee under Name. his wings, and thou shalt be He shall call upon me, and safe under his feathers ; his I will hear hiin ; yea, I am faithfulness and truth shall be with him in trouble ; I will thy Thield and buckler. deliver him, and bring him

Thou shalt not be afraid of to honour. Du any terror by night, nor for With long-life will I fatisfy

the arrow that fieth by him, and show him my fal. day;



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serit SELECTION VI. and rejoice in the Lord ; and

be joyful, all ye that are true From Psalm xxxii. Beati, of heart. quorum.


Pfalm cxxx. De profundis.
LESSED is he whole

unrighteousnels is for- O called up to thee, o ziven, and whose fin is co- Lord, Lord, hear my voice. vered.

O let thine ears consider Blessed is the man unto well the voice of my comwhom the Lord imputeth no

plaint. fin, and in whose spirit there

If thou, Lord, wilt be exis no guile.

treme to mark what is done I will acknowledge my fin amils

, O Lord, who may unto thee ; and mine un

abide it? righteousness have I not hid.

For there is mercy with I laid, I will confess my fins unto the Lord ; and so thou thee; therefore shalt thou be

feared. forgavęst the wickedness of

I look for the Lord; my

foul doth wait for him ; in For this shall every one that

his word is my trust. is godly make his prayer unto thee, in a time when thou Lord before the morning

My soul fleeth unto the mayeft be found; but in the watch, I say, before the great, water floods they shall

morning watch. not come nigh him.

O Israel, trust in the Lord ; Thou art a place to hide

for with the Lord there is me in j thou shalt preserve me from trouble ; thou shalt mercy, and with his plen

teous redemption. - compass me about with songs

And he shall redeem Israel of deliverance.

I will inform thee, and from all his sins. teach thee in the way wherein Pfalm. cxxi. Levavi oculos thou shalt go; and I will guide thee with mine eye. Great plagues remain for

Will lift up mine eyes unthe ungodly, but whoso put- to the hills, from whence teth his trust in the Lord, cometh my help. mercy embraceth him on My help cometh even from every side.

the Lord, who hath made. Be glad, O ye righteous, heaven and earth.


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He will not suffer thy foot Thou shalt prepare a table to be moved; and he that before me against them that keepeth thee will not fleep. trouble me; thou hast anoint

* Behold," he that keepeth ed my head with oil, and my Ifrael shall neither flumber cup shall be full. nor fleep.

But thy loving kindness and The Lord himself is thy mercy shall follow me all the keeper ; the Lord is thy de- days of my life ; and I will fence upon thy right hand : dwell in the house of the Lord

So that the sun shall not for ever. burn thee by day, neither the moon by night.

Pfalm xxxiv, Benedicam The Lord shall preserve

Domino. thee from all evil; yea, it is even he that shall keep thy Will alway give thanks unsoul.

to the Lord ; his praise The Lord shall preserve shall ever be in my mouth. thy going out and thy com- My soul shall make her ing in, from this time forth boast in the Lord; the humfor evermore.

ble shall hear thereof, and be

O praise the Lord with
SELECTION VII. me; and let us magnify his

Name together.
Psalm xxiii. Dominus regit me. I sought the Lord, and he

heard me, yea, he delivered THE Lord is my shep- me out of all my fear.

herd; therefore can I They had an eye unto him, lack nothing

and were lightened ; and their He shall feed me in a green faces were not alhamed. pasture, and lead me forth be- Lo, the poor crieth, and fide the waters of comfort. the Lord heareth him; yea,

He shall convert my soul, and saveth him out of all his and bring me forth in the troubles. paths of righteousness for his The Angel of the Lord Name's fake.

tarrieth round about them Yea, though I walk through that fear him, and delivereth the valley of the shadow of them. death, I will fear no evil ; for.O taste, and see, how grathou art with me; thy rod cious the Lord is : bleffed is and thy staff comfort me. the man that trusteth in him.

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O fear the Lord, ye that hate the righteous fhall be are his Saints ; for they that defolate, fear hiin lack nothing.

The Lord delivereth the The lions do lack, and suf- souls of his servants; and all fer hunger ; but they who they that put their trust in seek the Lord shall want no him shall not be destitute. manner of thing that is good. Psalm lxv.

Psalm lxv. Te decet hymnus. 01 Come, ye children, and hearken unto me; I will teach

, , you the fear of the Lord.

praised in Sion ; and What man is he that luft- unto thee shall the vow be eth to live, and would fain performed in Jerusalem. fee good days?

Thou that hearest the Keep thy tongue from evil, prayer, unto thee Thall all and thy lips, that they speak flesh come. no guile.

My misdeeds prevail against Eschew evil, and do good; me: O be thou merciful unto seek peace, and ensue it. our sins.

The eyes of the Lord are Blessed is the man whom over the righteous, and his ears thou choosest, and receivest are open unto their prayers. unto thee : he shall dwell in

The countenance of the thy court, and shall be satisLord is against them that do fied with the pleasures of evil, to root out the remem- thy house, even of thy holy brance of them from the temple. earth.

Thou shalt show us wonThe righteous cry, and the derful things in thy righteous. Lord heareth them, and de- ness, O God of our salvation; livereth them out of all their thou that art the hope of all troubles.

the ends of the earth, and of The Lord is nigh unto them that remain in the those who are of a contrite broad sea. heart, and will save such as Who in his strength setare of an humble spirit. teth fast the mountains, and

Great are the troubles of is girded about with power. the righteous; but the Lord Who stilleth the raging of delivereth him out of all. the sea, and the noise of his

He keepeth all his bones, so waves, and the madness of j that none of them is broken. the people.

But misfortune Thall Nay They also that dwell in the the ungodly; and they that uttermost parts of the earth



Ehall be afraid at thy tokens, courts of the Lord; my heart thou that makest the out- and my flesh rejoice in the goings of the morning and living God. evening to praise thee.

Yea, the sparrow hath found Thou visiteft the earth, her an house, and the swallow and bleffest it; thou makest a nest, where the may lay her it very plenteous.

young ; even thy altars, o The river of God is full of Lord of hosts, my King and water: thou prepareft their my God. corn, for so thou providest for Bleffed are they that dwell the earth.

in thy house; they will be al. Thou watereft her furrows; way praising thee. thou sendest rain into the lit- Blessed is the man whose tle vallies thereof; thou mak- strength is in thee ; in whose est it soft with the drops of heart are thy ways. rain, and blefseft the increase Who going through the of it.

vale of misery, use it for a Thou crowneft the year well; and the pools are filled with thy goodness, and thy with water. clouds drop fatness.

They will go from strength They shall drop upon the to strength, and unto the dwellings of the wilderness, God of gods appeareth every and the little hills shall rejoice one of them in Sion. on every side.

O Lord God of hosts, hear The folds shall be full of my prayer ; hearken, O God fheep; the vallies also shall of Jacob. stand so thick with corn, that For one day in thy courts they shall laugh and sing. is better than a thousand.

I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my

God, than to dwell in the SELECTION VIII.

tents of ungodliness.

For the Lord God is a light From Psalm lxxxiv.

Quam and defence; the Lord will diletta!

give grace and worship, and

no good thing shall he withHow amiable are thy hold from thein that live a

dwellings, thou Lord godly life. of hosts !

O Lord God of hosts, bleffMy foul' hath a desire and ed is the man that putteth his longing to enter into the trust in thee.


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