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The Epiphany, or the Manifest- the Gentiles the unsearchable ation of Christ to the Gentiles. riches of Christ, and to make The Collect.

all men see what is the fellowGod, who by the lead- ship of the mystery, which

ing of a Star didft ma- from the beginning of the nifest thy only begotten Son world hath been hid in God, to the Gentiles ; mercifully who created all things by grant that we, who know thee Jesus Christ : to the intent now by faith, may after this that now unto the principalilife have the fruition of thy ties and powers in heavenly glorious Godhead, through places might be known, by Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. the Church, the manifold wil. The Epistle. Ephet. 111. 1. dom of God, according to the OR this cause, I Paul, the eternal purpose which he pur

prisoner of Jesus Christ posed in Christ Jesus our for you Gentiles; if ye have Lord; in whom we have heard of the dispensation of the boldness and access with congrace of God, which is given fidence by the faith of him. me to you-ward: How that by The Gospel. St. Matth. ii. I. revelation he made known un

HEN Jesus was born to me the mystery (as I wrote in Bethlehem of Juafore in few words, whereby, dea, in the days of Herod the when ye read, ye inay under- King, behold, there came wise stand my knowledge in the men from the east to Jerusamystery of Christ) which in lem, saying, Where is he that other ages was not made known is born King of the Jews ? for unto the fons of men, as it is we have seen his star in the now revealed unto his holy east, and are come to worship Apostles and Prophets by the him. When Herod the King Spirit; that the Gentiles should had heard these things, he was be fellow-heirs, and of the troubled, and all Jerusalem fame body, and partakers of with him. And when he had his promise in Christ, by the gathered all the chief priests Gospel : whereof I was made and scribes of the people toa minister, according to the gether, he demanded of them gift of the grace of God, given where Christ should be born. untome by the effectual work. And they said unto him, In ing of his power. Unto me, Bethlehem of Judea : For who am leis than the least of thus it is written by the proall saints, is this grace given, phet, And thou Bethlehem that I should preach among in the land of Juda, art not



laid , Go, and search diligently I hehen, by the mercies


the least among the princes of prayers of thy people who call Juda ; for out of thee shall upon thee ; and grant that come a Governor that shall they may both perceive and rule my people Ifrael. Then know what things they ought Herod, when he had privily to do, and also may have grace called the wise men, enquired and power faithfully to fulfil of them diligently what time the same, through Jesus the star appeared. And he Christ our Lord. Amen. sent them to Bethlehem, and The Epiftle. Rom. xii. 1.

Beseech you for the young child, and when ye have found him, bring me God, that ye present your boword again, that I may come dies a living sacrifice, holy, acand worship him also. When ceptable unto God, which is they had heard the King, your reasonable service. And they departed; and lo, the be not conformed to this star which they saw in the world; but be ye transformed eaft went before them, till it by the renewing of your mind, came and stood over where that ye may prove what is the young child was. When that good, and acceptable, and they saw the star, they rejoic- perfect will of God. For I say, ed with exceeding great joy. through the grace given unto And when they were come in- me, to every man that is ato the house, they saw the mong you, not to think of young child with Mary his himself more highly than he mother, and fell down and ought to think, but to think worshipped him : And when soberly, according as God hath they had opened their trea- dealt to every man the measures, they presented unto sure of faith. For as we have him gifts ; gold, and frankin- many members in one body, cense, and myrrh. And being and all members have not the warned of Godina dream, that same office ; so we, being mathey should not return to He- ny, are one body in Christ, rod, they departed into their and every one members one own country another way. of another.

The Gospel. St. Luke ii. 41. The First Sunday after the OW his parents went to Epiphany.

Jerusalem every year at The Colleet.

the feast of the pafsover. And Lord, we beseech thee when he was twelve years old, mercifully to receive the they went up to Jerusalem, af





him among

ter the custom of the feast. The Second Sunday after tbe And when they had fulfilled

Epiphany. the days, as they returned, the

Tbe Colleet. child Jesus tarried behind in Lmighty and everlasting Jerusalem; and Joseph and his God, who dost govern mother knew not of it. But all things in heaven and earth; they supposing him to have mercifully hear the supplicabeen in the company, went a tions of thy people, and grant day's journey, and they fought us thy peace all the days of

their kinsfolk and our life, through Jesus Chrift acquaintance. And when they our Lord. Amen. found him not, they turned The Epiftle. Rom. xii. 6. back again to Jerusalem seek AVING then gifts, difing him. And it came to pass, fering according to the that after three days they grace that is given to us, whefound him in the temple, fit- ther prophecy, let us prophefy ting in the midst of the doc- according to the proportion of tors, both hearing them, and faith; or ministry, let us wait asking them questions. And on our ministering; or he that all that heard him were aston- teacheth, on teaching; or he ished at his understanding and that exhorteth, on exhortaanswers. And when they saw tion: he that giveth, let him him, they were amazed: and do it with simplicity; he that his mother faid unto him, ruleth, with diligence; he that Son, why haft thou thus dealt showeth mercy, with cheerfulwith us? behold, thy father ness. Let love be without and I have fought thee for- diffimulation. Abhor that rowing. And he said unto which is evil, cleave to that them, How is it that ye fought which is good. Be kindly afme? wift ye not that I muft fectioned one to another with be about my Father's busi- brotherly love, in honour preness? And they understood ferringone another: not nothnot the saying which he spake ful in business ; fervent in spiunto them. And he went rit; serving the Lord ; rejoicdown with them, and came to ing in hope; patient in tribuNazareth, and was subject un- lation ; continuing instant in to them: but his mother kept prayer; distributing to the neall these sayings in her heart. ceffity of saints ; given to hosAnd Jesus increased in wif- pitality. Bless them which dom, and ftature, and in fa- persecute you; bless, andeurse vour with God and man. is not. Rejoice with them that




him, They have no wine. Je. A Levighty

and everlasting

do rejoice, and weep with Every man at the beginning them that weep. Be of the doth set forth good-wine, and fame mind one towards ano- when men have well drunk, ther. Mind not high things, then that which is worse: but but condescend to men of low thou hast kept the good wine estate.

until now. This beginning of

miracles did Jesus in Cana of The Gospel. St. John ii. 1.

Galilee, and manifested forth ND the third day there his glory, and his disciples

was a marriage in Cana believed on him. of Galilee, and the mother of Jefus was there. And both Je- The Third Sunday after the fus was called, and his disci

Epiphany. ples, to the marriage. And

The Colle Et. when they wanted wine, the mother of Jesus faith unto

God, look sus faith unto her, Woman, upon our infirmities, and in what have I to do with thee? all our dangers and necessities mine hour is not yet come. stretch forth thy right hand to His mother faith unto the ser- help and defend us, through vants, Whatsoever he faith Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. unto you, do it. And there were set there fix water-pots

The Epifle. Rom. xii. 16. of stone

E not wise in your own the purifying of the Jews, con

conceits taining two or three firkins a

no man evil for evil. Provide piece. Jesus faith unto them, things honest in the light of Fillthewater-pots with water. all men.

If it be possible, as And they filled them upto the much as lieth in you, live brim. And he saith unto them, peaceably with all men. DearDraw out now, and bear unto ly beloved, avenge not yourthe governor of the feast

. And selves, but rather give place they bare it. When the ruler unto wrath; for it is written, of the feast had tasted the wa- Vengeance is mine ; I will reter that was made wine, and pay, faith the Lord. Thereknew not whence it was (but fore, if thine enemy hunger, the servants which drew the feed him ; if he thirst, give water knew) the governor of him drink: for in so doing the feast called the bride- thou shalt heap coals of fire on groom, and faith unto him, his head. Be not overcome


Ferone, after the manner of B Conceits. Recompense to


of evil, but overcome evil this, and he docth it. Wheri with good.

Jesus heard it, he marvelled, The Gospel. St. Matth. viii. 1. and said to them that follow

HEN he was come ed, Verily I say unto you, I

down from the moun- have not found so great faith, tain, great multitudes follow- no not in Israel. And I say ed him. And behold, there unto you, that many fhall came a leper and worshipped come from the east and west, him, saying, Lord, if thou and shall sit down with Abrawilt, thou canst make me ham, and Isaac, and Jacob, in clean. And Jesus put forth the kingdom of heaven : But his hand, and touched him, the children of the kingdom saying, I will, be thou clean. shall be cast out into outer And immediately his leprosy darkness; there shall be weepwas cleansed. And Jesus ing and gnashing of teeth. faith unto him, See thou tell And Jesus said unto the Cenno man, but go thy way,

turion, Go thy way, and as show thyself to the priest, and thou hast believed, fo be it

done unto thee. And his offer the gift that Moses commanded for a testimony unto servant was healed in the self

same hour. them. And when Jesus was entered into Capernaum,there came unto him a Centurion The Fourth Sunday after the beseeching him, and saying,

Epiphany. Lord, my fervant lieth at

The Colle Et. home sick of the palsy, grievCully tormented . And Jefus O Good Fewho knowelt us

to be set in the midst of and heal him. The Centuri- that by reason of the frailty

great dangers, on answered and said, Lord, of our nature we cannot alI am not worthy that thou


stand upright; grant to Shouldestcomeunder my roof; but speak the word only, and tion, as may support us in all

us such strength and protecmy servant shall be healed. For I am a man under au- all temptations, through Je

dangers, and carry us through thority, having soldiers under sus Christ our Lord. Amen. me; and I say unto this man, Go, and he goeth ; and to The Epifle. Rom. xiii. 1. another, Come, and he com ET every soul be subject eth; and to and to my servant, Do

unto the higher powers ;


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