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for there is no power but of but he was asleep. And his God : the powers that be, are disciples came to him, and ordained of God. Whoso- awoke him, saying, Lord, ever, therefore, refifteth the save us, we perish. And he power, resisteth the ordinance faith unto them, Why are ye of God: and they that refift, fearful, O ye of little faith? shall receive to themselves Then he arose, and rebuked damnation. For rulers are the winds and the sea, and not a terror to good works, there was a great calm. But but to the evil. Wilt thou the men marvelled, faying, then not be afraid of the pow- What manner of man is this, er? do that which is good, that even the winds and the and thou shalt have praise of sea obey him ? And when he the same : for he is the mini- was come to the other side, fter of God to thee for good. into the country of the GerBut if thou do that which is gesenes, there met him two evil, be afraid ; for he bear- possessed with devils, coming eth not the sword in vain : for out of the tombs, exceeding he is the minister of God, a fierce, so that no man might revenger to execute wrath pass by that way. And beupon him that doeth evil. hold, they cried out, saying, Wherefore ye must needs be What have we to do with thee, subject, not only for wrath, Jesus, thou Son of God? art but also for conscience fake. thou come hither to torment For, for this cause pay ye tri- us before the time? And bute also; for they are God's there was a good way off from Ministers, attending contin- them an herd of many swine, ually upon this very thing. feeding. So the devils beRender, therefore, to all their sought him, faying, If thou dues; tribute to whom tri- cast us out, suffer us to go bute is due, custom to whom away into the herd of swine. custom, fear to whom fear, And he said unto them, Go. honour to whom honour. And when they were come The Gospel. St. Matth. viii. 2: of swine ; and behold, the

out, they went into the herd ND when he was entered whole herd of swine ran vio.

into a ship, his disciples lently down a steep place into followed him. And behold, the sea, and perished in the there arose a great tempest in waters. And they that kept the sea, insomuch that the ship them fled, and went their was covered with the waves ; ways into the city, and told


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every thing, and what was all wisdom ; teaching and befallen to the possessed of admonishing one another in the devils. And behold, the psalms, and hymns, and spiwhole city came out to ineet ritual fongs singing with Jesus ; and when they saw grace in your hearts to the him, they besought him, that Lord. And whatsoever ye do he would depart out of their in word or deed, do all in the coafts.

name of the Lord Jesus ;

giving thanks to God and the The Fifth Sunday after the Father by him.

The Colle Et.

The Gospel. St. Matth. xiii.24. Lord, we beseech thee HE kingdom of heaven to keep thy Church and

is likened unto a man Houshold continually in thy which sowed good feed in his true religion, that they who field. But while men slept, do lean only upon the hope his enemy came and fowed of thy heavenly grace, may tares among the wheat, and evermore be defended by thy went his way. But when the mighty power, through Jesus blade was sprung up, and Christ our Lord. Amen.

brought forth fruit, then ap

peared the tares also. So the The Epiftle. Col. iii. 12. servants of the housholder UT on therefore (as the came and said unto him, Sir,

elect of God, holy and didst not thou sow good seed beloved) bowels of mercies, in thy field ? from whence kindness, humbleness of mind, then hath it tares ? He said meekness, long-suffering; for- unto them, An enemy hath bearing one another, and for- done this. The servants said giving one another, if any unto him, Wilt thou then that man have a quarrel against we go and gather them up? any ; even as Christ forgave But he said, Nay ; left, while you, so also do ye. And, ye gather up the tares, ye root above all these things, put on up also the wheat with them. Charity, which is the bond of Let both grow together until perfectness. And let the peace 'the harvest; and in the time of God rule in your hearts, of harvest I will say to the to the which also ye are called reapers, Gather ye together in one body ; and be ye first the tares, and bind them thankful. Let the word of in bundles to burn them; but Christ dwell in you richly in gather thewheat intomy barn.


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The Sixth Sunday after the the law; for sin is the transEpipbany.

greffion of the law. And ye

know that he was manifested The Collect.

to take away our fins; and in

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power and

was manifested that he abideth in him, sinneth not: might destroy the works of whosoever finneth, hath not the devil, and make us the seen him, neither known him. fons of God, and heirs of Little children, let no man eternal life ; grant us, we be deceive you : he that doeth feech thee, that having this righteousness is righteous, hope, we may purify our even as he is righteous. He felves, even as he is pure; that that committeth fin is of the when he shall appear again devil; for the devil finneth with

great glory, from the beginning. For this we may be madelike unto him purpose the Son of God was in bis eternal and glorious manifested, that he might dekingdom ; where, with thee, stroy the works of the devil. O Father, and thee, O Holy Ghost, be liveth and reigneth, The Gospel. St. Matth. xxiv. ever one God, world without

23. end. Amen.

HEN if

any man shall The Epiftle. 1 St. John iii. 1. is Chrift, or there ; believe it

EHOLD what manner not. For there shall arise false

of love the Father hath Christs and false prophets, and bestowed upon us, that we shall show great ligns and fhould be called the sons of wonders ; insomuch that (if God; therefore the world it were possible) they shall knoweth us not, becaufe it deceive the very elect. Beknew him not. Beloved, now hold, I have told you before. are we the sons of God; and Wherefore, if they shall say it doth not yet appear what unto you, Behold he is in the we shall be: but we know, desert; go not forth : behold, that when he shall appear, we he is in the secret chambers; shall be like him ; for we shall believe it not. For as the see him as he is. And every lightning cometh out of the man that hath this hope in east, and shineth even unto him purifieth himself, even as the west; so shall also the he is pure. Whosoever com- coming of the Son of man be. mitteth fin, transgreffeth also For wheresoever the carcase


is, there will the eagles be The Epistle. Cor. ix.

24 gathered together. Immedi

NOW yę not, that they ately after the tribulation of

which run in a race, thole days, shall the fun be

run all, but one receiveth the darkened, and the moon shall prize : So run, that ye may not give her light, and the obtain. And every man that Aars shall fall from heaven, striveth for the mastery, is and the powers of the heavens thall be shaken. And then they do it to obtain a corrup

temperate in all things. Now shall appear the sign of the tible crown, but we an incorSon of man in heaven ; and ruptible. I therefore fo run, then thall all the tribes of the not as uncertainly; so fight I, earth mourn, and they shall

not as one that beateth the see the Son of man coming in air : but I keep under my the clouds of heaven, with body, and bring it into fubpower and great glory, And jection,

left that by any means, he shall send his angels with when I have preached to others, a great found of a trumpet, I myself should be a castaway. and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, The Gospel. St. Matth. xx. 1. from one end of heaven to HE kingdom of heaven the other.

is like unto a man that is an householder, which went

out early in the morning to The Sunday called Septuagesima, hire labourers into his vine

or the Third Sunday before yard. And when he had aLent.

greed with the labourers for a The Colle&7.

penny a day, he sent them in

to his vincyard. And he went Lord, we beseech thee out about the third hour, and

favourably to hear the saw others standing idle in the prayers of thy people, that market place, and said unto we, who are justly punished them, Go ye also into the for our offences, may be mer- vineyard, and whatsoever is cifully delivered by thy good- right I will give you. And ness, for the glory of thy they went their way. Again Name, through Jesus Christ he went out about the sixth our Saviour, who liveth and and ninth hour, and did likereigneth with thee and the wise. And about the eleventh Holy Ghost, ever one God, hour he went out, and found world without end. Amen. others standing idle, and faith


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unto them, Why stand ye The Sunday called Sexagesima, here all the day idle? They or the Second Sunday before fay unto him, Because no man Lent. hath hired us. He faith unto

The Collect. them, Go ye also into the vineyard, and whatsoever is that we put "hot our right, that shall ye receive. trust in any thing that we do; So when even was come, the mercifully grant that by thy Lord of the vineyard faith unto his steward, Call the against all adversity, through

power we may be defended labourers, and give them their Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. hire, beginning from the last unto the first. And when The Epiftle. 2 Cor. xi. 19. they came that were hired about the eleventh hour, they

E suffer received every man a penny.


ing But when the first came, they wise. For ye suffer if a man fupposed that they should have bring you into bondage, if a received more ; and they like- man devour you, if a man wise received every man a take of you, if a man exalt penny. And when they had himself, if a man smite you received it, they murmured on the face. I speak as conagainst the good-man of the cerning reproach, as though house, saying, These last have we had been weak : howbeit, wrought but one hour, and whereinsoever any is bold (I thou hast made them equal speak foolishly) I am bold unto us, which have borne also. *Are they Hebrews ? so the burden and heat of the am I: are they Israelites ; so day. But he answered one am I: are they the seed of of them, and said, Friend, I Abraham ? so am I: are they do thee no wrong; didft not ministers of Christ? (I speak thou agree with me for a as a fool) I am more : In penny? Take that thine is, and labours more abundant ; in go thy way ; I will give unto stripes above measure; in prithis last even as unto thee. sons more frequent; in deaths Is it not lawful for me to do oft. Of the Jews five times what I will with mine own? received I forty stripes fave Is thine eye evil, because I one; thrice was I beaten with am good? So the last shall be rods; once was I stoned; thrice first, and the first last; for I suffered shipwreck; a night many becalled, but few chosen. and a day I have been in the

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