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But he answer- Almighty God, who feest

The Gospel. St. Matth. iv. I. hence, Satan; for it is writ

ten, Thou shalt worship the HEN was Jesus led up Lord thy God, and him only

of the spirit into the shalt thou serve. Then the wilderness, to be tempted of devil leaveth him, and bethe devil: And when he had hold, angels came and miniffasted forty days and forty tered unto him. nights, he was afterward an hungered. And when the tempter came to him, he said, The Second Sunday in Lent. If thou be the Son of God,

The Collect. command that these stones be made bread. But he answer

that we ed and said, It is written, Man of ourselves to help ourselves; shall not live by bread alone, keep us both outwardly in but by every word that pro- our bodies, and inwardly in ceedeth out of the mouth of

our souls ; that we may be God. Then the devil taketh defended from all adversities' him up into the holy city, and which may happen to the bosetteth him on a pinnacle of dy, and from all evil thoughts the temple, and faith unto which may assault and hurt him, If thou be the Son of the soul, through Jesus Chrift God, cast thyself down; for

our Lord. Amen. it is written, He shall give his angels charge concerning The Epifle. 1 Theff. iv. 1. thee;

E you, breshall bear thee up, left at any time thou dash thy foot by the Lord Jesus, that as ye against a stone. Jesus said have received of us how ye unto him, It is written again, ought to walk, and to please Thou shalt not tempt the God, so ye would abound Lord thy God. Again the more and more. For ye know devil taketh him up into an what commandments we gave exceeding high mountain, and you by the Lord Jesus. For showeth him all the kingdoms this is the will of God, even of the world, and the glory your fanctification, that ye of them; and faith unto him, should abstain froin fornicaAll these things will I give tion; that every one of you thee, if thou wilt fall down should know how to possess and worship me. Then faith his veffel in fanctification and Jesus unto him, Get thee honour ; not in the luft of


kice, and in their
hands they W thren, and export





concupiscence, even as the Then Jesus answered and said Gentiles which know not God: unto her, O woman, great is that no man go beyond and thy faith: be it unto thee even defraud his brother in any as thou wilt. And her daughmatter ; because that the ter was made whole from that Lord is the avenger of all very hour. such, as we also have forwarned you and testified. For God hath not called us unto

The Third Sunday in Lent. uncleanness, but unto holi

The Colle Et. ness. He therefore that der- E beseech thee, Alpiseth, despiseth not man, but mighty God, look God, who hath also given upon the hearty desires of thy unto us his Holy Spirit. humble servants, and stretch

forth the right hand of thy The Gospel. St. Matth. xv. 21. Majesty, to be our defence a. ESUS went thence, and gainst all our enemies, through

departed into the coasts Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. of Tyre and Sidon. And behold, a woman of Canaan

The Epiftle. Ephes. v. 1.

, Eye therefore followers

saying of ; Have mercy on me, O Lord, and walk in love, as Christ thou Son of David : my also hath loved us, and hath daughter is grievously vexed given himself for us, an offer with a devil. But he answered ing and a sacrifice to God, her not a word. And his disci- for a sweet smelling favour: ples came and besought him, But fornication and all unsaying, Send her away ; for the cleanness; or covetousness, let crieth after us. But he answer- it not be once named amongst ed and said, I am not sent but you, as becometh saints; neiunto the loft sheep of the ther filthiness, nor foolish house of Israel. Then came she talking, nor jefting, which and worshipped him, saying, are not convenient, but ra

; Lord, help me. But he answer- ther giving of thanks. For cd, and said, It is not meet to this ye know, that no whoretake the children's bread, and monger, nor unclean person, to cast it to dogs. And the nor covetous man, who is an faid, Truth, Lord; yet the idolater, hath any inheritance dogs eat of the crumbs which in the kingdom of Christ, fall from their masters table. and of God. Let no man de

came out of the fame coafts

, B&God, as dear children

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çeive you with vain words : unto them, Every kingdom difor because of these things vided against itself, is brought cometh the wrath of God up- to desolation ; and a house on the children of disobe- divided against a house, faldience. Be not ye therefore leth. If Satan also be divided partakers with them; for ye against himself, how shall his were sometimes darkness, but kingdom stand? because ye say now are ye light in the Lord : that I cast out devils through walk as children of light; (For Beelzebub. And if I by Beelze-, the fruit of the Spirit is in all bub cast out devils, by whom goodness, and righteousness, do your sons caft them out ? and truth) proving what is therefore thall they be your acceptable unto the Lord. judges. But if I with the finAnd have no fellowship with ger of God cast out devils, the unfruitful works of dark- no doubt the kingdom of God ness, but rather reprove them. is come upon you. When a For it is a shame even to speak strong man armed keepeth of those things which are done his palace, his goods are in of them in secret. But all peace; but when a stronger things that are reproved, are than he shall come upon him made manifest by the light; and overcome him, he taketh for whatsoever doth make ma- from him all his armour wherenifeft, is light. Wherefore he in he trusted, and divideth his faith, Awake, thou that sleep- spoils. He that is not with eft, and arise from the dead, me, is against me; and he and Christ shall give thee that gathereth not with me, light.

scattereth. When the unclean

spirit is gone out of a man, he The Gospel. St. Luke xi. 14. walketh through dry places,

(ESUS was casting out a de- seeking rest; and finding none, it came to pass, when the de- my house whence I came out. vil was gone out, the dumb And when he cometh, he {pake; and the people won. findeth it fweptand garnished. dered. But some of them Then goeth he, and taketh to said, He casteth out devils him seven other spirits more through Beelzebub, the chief wicked than himself

, and they of the devils. And others enter in, and dwell there ; and tempting him, sought of him the last state of that man is a sign from heaven. But he worse than the first. And it knowing their thoughts, faid came to pass, as he spake these


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things, a certain woman of the her children. But Jerusalem company lift up her voice, and which is above, is free ; which said unto him, Blessed is the is the mother of us all. For womb that bare thee, and the it is written, Rejoice, thou paps which thou hast fucked. barren that bearest not; break But he said, Yea, rather bless- forth and cry, thou that traed are they that hear the word vailest not; for the defolate of God, and keep it. hath many more children

than the which hath an hur

band. Now we, brethren, as The Fourth Sunday in Lent. Isaac was, are the children of

promise. But as then, he that The Collect.

was born after the flesh perseRANT,webeseech thee, cuted him that was born after

Almighty God, that we the Spirit ; even so it is now. who for our evil deeds do wor- Nevertheless, what faith the thily deserve to be punished, Scripture? Cast out the bondby the comfort of thy grace woman and her son ; for the may mercifully be relieved, son of the bond-woman shall through our Lord and Savi- not be heir with the son of our Jelus Chrift. Amen. the free-woman. So then,

brethren, we are not children The Epifle. Gal. iv. 21.

of the bond-woman, but of ELL me, ye that desire the free.

to be under the law, do ye not hear the law ? For it is The Gospel. St. John vi. 1. written that Abraham had two ESUS went over the fea of fons, the one by a bond-maid, Galilee, which is the sea the other by a free-woman. of Tiberias. And a great mulBut he who was of the bond- titude followed him, because woman, was born after the they faw his miracles which flesh; but he of the free-wo- he did on them that were disman was by promise. Which eased. And Jesus went up things are an allegory : for into a mountain, and there these are the two covenants; he fat with his difciples. And the one from mount Sinai, the paffover, a feast of the which gendereth to bondage, Jews, was nigh. When Jefus which is Agar. For this Agar then lift up his eyes, and saw is mount Sinai in Arabia, and a great company come unto answereth to Jerusalem which him, he faith unto Philip, now is, and is in bondage with Whence shall we buy bread,





Chigh priest of good things

that these may eat? (And this The Fifth Sunday in Lent. he said to prove him; for he

The Colleet. himself knew what he would E beseech thee, Aldo.) Philip anfwered him, mighty God, merciTwo hundred penny-worth of fully to look upon thy peobread is not sufficient for ple; that by thy great goodthem, that every one of them ness they may be governed may take a little. One of his and preserved evermore, both disciples, Andrew, Simon Pe- in body and soul, through Jeter's brother, faith unto him, sus Christ our Lord. Amen. There is a lad here which The Epiftle. Heb. ix. 11. hath five barley loaves, and

being two small fishes; but what are they among so many ? to come, by a greater and more And Jesus faid, Makethemen perfect tabernacle, not made fit down. Now there was with hands; that is to say, much grass in the place. So not of this building; neither the men sat down, in number by the blood of goats and about five thousand. And Je- calves; but by his own blood fus took the loaves, and when he entered in once into the he had given thanks, he dif- holy place, having obtained tributed to the disciples, and eternal redemption for us. the disciples to them that For if the blood of bulls and were set down, and likewise of goats, and the alhes of an of the filhes as much as they heifer sprinkling the unclean, would. When they were filled, fanctifieth to the purifying of he said unto his disciples, the flesh; how much more Gather up

the fragments shall the blood of Christ, who, that remain, that nothing be through the eternal Spirit, ofloft. Therefore they gathered fered himself without spot to them together, and filled God, purge your conscience twelve baskets with the frag- from dead works to serve the ments of the five barley living God? And for this loaves, which remained over cause he is the Mediator of and above unto them that the new Testament, that by had eaten. Then those men, means of death, for the rewhen they had seen the mira- demption of the transgressions cle that Jesus did, said, This that were under the first Telis of a truth that Prophet that tament, they which are called thould come into the world. might receive the promise of

eternal inheritance.


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