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With fetters of iron

their nobles to bind.

9 Thus fhall they make good,
when them they destroy,
The dreadful decree

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which God does proclaim:
Such honour and triumph
his faints fhall enjoy :
O therefore for ever
exalt his great Name.

PRAISE the Lord in that bleft place, from whence his goodness largely flows; Praise him in heav'n, where he his face, unveil'd, in perfect glory fhows.

2 Praise him for all the mighty acts, which he in our behalf has done; His kindness this return exacts,

with which our praife fhould equal run. 3 Let the fhrill trumpet's warlike voice make rocks and hills his praise rebound; Praise him with harp's melodious noise, and gentle pfalt'ry's filver found. Let virgin troops foft timbrels bring, and fome with graceful motion dance Let inftruments of various ftrings,


with organs join'd, his praife advance.
5 Let them who joyful hymns compofe,
to cymbals fet their fongs of praife;
Cymbals of common ufe, and those
that loudly found on folemn days.
6 Let all that vital breath enjoy,

the breath he does to them afford,
In just returns of praise employ :
let ev'ry creature praise the Lord.

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As Pfalm XXV.

To God the Father, Son,

and Spirit, glory be;

As 'twas, and is, and fhall be fo

to all eternity.

As Pfalm C.

To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

the God whom earth and heav'n adore, Be glory, as it was of old,

is now, and fhall be evermore.

As Pfalm XXXVII.

To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, The God whom heav'ns triumphant hoft, and fuff'ring faints on earth adore,

Be glory, as in ages paft,

As now it is, and fo fhall laft,

when time itself fhall be no more.


To God the Father, Son,

And Spirit ever blefs'd,
Eternal three in one,
All worship be address'd;
As heretofore

It was, is now,

And fhall be fo

For evermore.

As Pfalm CXLIX.

By Angels in heav'n

of ev'ry degree,

And faints upon earth,
all praise be address'd.
To God in three perfons,

one God ever blefs'd; As it has been, now is, and always fhall be.





The SONG of the ANGELS.

For the NATIVITY of our bleffed LORD and SAVIOUR. Luke II. ver. 8-15.


HILE fhepherds watch'd their flocks by night, all feated on the ground,

The angel of the Lord came down,

and glory fhone around.

2 "Fear not," faid he, for mighty dread had feiz'd their troubled mind;



"Glad tidings of great joy I bring "to you, and all mankind.

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"To you, in David's Town, this day

" is born of David's line,

"The Saviour, who is Chrift the Lord; " and this fhall be the fign:

"The Heav'nly Babe you there shall find, "to human view display'd,

"All meanly wrap'd in fwathing bands,
"and in a manger laid."

5 Thus fpake the Seraph, and forthwith
appear'd a fhining throng
Of Angels, praifing God, who thus
addrefs'd their joyful fong:

6" All glory be to God on high,

" and to the earth be peace:

"Good will, henceforth, from heav'n to men "begin, and never cease."


The SONG of MEN, refponfive to the SONG of the




HILE Angels thus, O Lord, rejoice,
fhall men no Anthem raife?

O may we lose these useless tongues,
when we forget to praife!

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2 Then let us fwell 'refponfive notes,
and join the heav'nly throng;
For Angels no fuch love have known
as we, to wake their fong.

3 Good-will to finful duft is shown,
and peace on earth is giv'n;

For lo! th' incarnate Saviour comes, with news of joy from heav'n! 4 Mercy and truth, with fweet accord, his rifing beams adorn;

Let heav'n and earth in concert fing-
"The Promis'd Child is born!"
5 Glory to God, in highest strains,
by highest worlds is paid;

Be glory, then, by us proclaim'd,
and by our lives display'd;

6 Till we attain those blifsful realms,
where now our Saviour reigns;

To rival the celeftial Choirs
in their immortal ftrains!




On the Sufferings of our bleffed Lord and Saviour.


ROM whence thefe direful omens round, which heav'n and earth amaze? Wherefore do earthquakes cleave the ground? why hides the fun his rays?

2 Well may the earth astonish'd shake,
and nature sympathize!

The fun as darkest night be black!
their Maker, Jefus dies!

3 Behold faft ftreaming from the tree
his all-atoning blood!

Is this the infinite? 'tis he,

my Saviour and my God!

4 For me these pangs his foul affail, for me this death is borne;"

My fins gave sharpness to the nail, and pointed ev'ry thorn,

5 Let fin no more my foul enflave, break, Lord, its tyrant chain;



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2 Not with the leaven, as of old, of fin and malice fed

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But with unfeign'd fincerity, nich and truth's unleaven'd bread. his 3 Chrift being rais'd by Pow'r Divine, A and refcu'd from the grave,

Shall die no more; Death fhall on him

no more dominion have.isai

4 For that he died, 'twas for our fins he once vouchfaf'd to die: beats But that he lives, he lives to God for all eternity.MY

no ba 5 So count yourselves as dead to fin,A but graciously reftor'd,

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