Defence of the Whigs

Harper & Brothers, 1844 - 152 sivua

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Sivu 149 - No. 1. Lives of the Apostles and Early Martyrs of the Church. 2, 3. The Swiss Family Robinson; or, Adventures of a Father and Mother and Four Sons on a Desert Island. 4, 13, 18. Sunday Evenings. By the Author of " The Infant Christian's First Catechism.
Sivu 140 - 3 vols. 18mo. Engravings. Palestine, or the Holy Land. From the earliest Period to the present Time. By the Rev. M. Russell, LL.D. 18mo. Engravings. History of Ireland. From the AngloNorman Invasion till the Union o the Country with Great Britain. By
Sivu 140 - Engravings, Maps, Ac. A View of Ancient and Modern Egypt With an Outline of its Natural History. Bv the Rev. M. Russell, LL.D. iBino. Engravings. History of Poland. From the earliest Period to the present Time, By James Fletcher, Esq.
Sivu 24 - 1832—" It seems to me to be our true policy that the public lands shall cease, as soon as practicable, to be a source of revenue"—and what remains behind this sum of doctrine and measures to make up the epitome of Whig principles ? This was
Sivu 139 - a Continuation of the History to the present Time, by William Jones, Esq. With Annotations by an American. In 3 vols. 8vo. With Engravings, &,c. Sheep extra. The Historical Works of William Robertson, DD 3 vols. 8vo. With Maps, Engravings, &c. Sheep extra,
Sivu 24 - of products that may be found essential to our national independence: " I will be friendly to internal improvement and the diffusion of knowledge, as far as they can be promoted by the constitutional acts of the Federal Government: " I will give heed to the correction of those abuses which have brought the patronage of the Federal Government into conflict with the freedom of elections.
Sivu 141 - The History of the American Theatre. By William Dunlap. 8vo. Discourses and Addresses on Subjects of American History, Arts, and Literature. By Gulian C. Verplanck. 12mo. History of Priestcraft in all Ages and Countries. By William Howitt. 12mo. The Condition of Greece. By Col. JP Miller. 12mo. Full Annals of the Revolution
Sivu 11 - divided. The Chief Magistrate of a great and powerful nation should never indulge in party feelings. His conduct should be liberal and disinterested, always bearing in mind that he acts for the whole and not for a part of the community. By this course you will exalt
Sivu 141 - and Descriptive Account of Persia. From the earliest period to the present Time. With a detailed View of its Resources, Government, Population, Natural History, and the Character of its Inhabitants, particularly of the Wandering Tribes; including a Description of Afghanistan.
Sivu 8 - even a hope of success, it is your duty to hold him up to public view THAT MAN IS ANDREW JACKSON. Nothing- is wanting but a respectable nomination, made before the proclamation of the Virginian canvass, and Jackson's success is inevitable." " One consideration inclines me to hesitate about the policy of a present nomination. It is

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