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down? Let thy griefs be turn’d to gladness, Bid thy restless fears begone;

Look to Jesus, And rejoice in his dear name. -2 What though Satan's strong temp

Vex and grieve thee day by day?
And thy sinfui inclinations
Often fill thee with dismay?

Thou shalt conquer
Thro' the Lamb's redeeming blood.

Assurance. Jer. xxxi, 3.

3 Tho’ten thousand ills beset thee,

From without and from within; • Jesus saith he'll ne'er forget thee, "But will save from hell and sin;

He is faithful

To perform his gracious word. and Tho' distresses now attend thee,

And thou tread'st the thorny road;
Bis right hand shall suill defend thee;
Sooi he'll bring thee home to God!

Tl:erefore praise him-
Praise the great Redeemer's name.

ESUS, I know hath died for me,
This is my hope, my joy, my reste

! Hither when hell, assails I fee,

Aud look into my Saviour's breast: o Away, sad doubts, and anxious fear e Mercy is ali that's writted there. 2 Tho' waves and storms go o'er my head,

[legoné; e Tho' strength, and health, and friends,

Tho’joys be wither'd all, and dead,

And every comfort be withdrawn; g Steadfast on this my soul relies

Father thy mercy never dies. -3 Fix'd on this rock will I remain, e When heart shall fail, arc flesh decay; g A rock which shall my soul sustain,

When castl's foundations melt way!

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2 In vain the tallest sons of pride Fled from the close-pursuing wave;

HYMN 65. C. M. Newton. Nor could their mightiest tow'rs defiend,

Nor swiftness 'scape, nor courage save. Munna, or Duily Supply. Exod. xvi, 18. e 3 flow dire the wreck! how loud the

JANNA to Israel well supply'd] II w shrillihe universal cry [roar!

The wait of other bread; Ordions in the last despair---.

While God is abie to provide, Recho'd fiom the low’ring sk;"

Ilis people will be ted. e 4 Yet Noah, hirble, happ: , 2 Of his kind care, how sweet a proof! Surrounded wi, the chosen is ve

It suited ev'ry taste: Sat in his ark, secure fioc sirpiro'. Who yather'd most had just enough,

And sang the grace that siver ü hiin Enougla who zaiher'd least. o 5 So I may sing, in Jerus siis [fall; 0:3 'Tis still our gracious Lord provides, While stolius of vengeance.

Our comforts and our cares; Conscions how high my bre's are fix'd His own unerring hand provides,

Bejond what shakes this winiy ball. And gives us each our shares. --6 Enter thine ark, whilo paw nce waits, e 4 He knows how much the weak car? Nor ever quit that sure retreat;

bear, o Then the wide food that buries earth, And helps them when they cry; Shall waft tree to a fairer seat.

o Th strong 'si have no strength to spare,

For such he'll strongly try. s 7 Nor wreek, nor ruin there is seen;

There not a wave of trouble rolls;. -5. Daily they saw the manna come, But the bright rainbow round the And cover all the ground;

But what they try'd to keep al home, Seals endless life to all their souls.

Corrupted soon was found.

6 6 Vain their attempts to store it up;

This was to tempt th: Lord:

o Israel must live by faith and hope, HYMN 64. 8 & 7. NEWTON,

And not upon a hoard.

ST. ANN's. Mean. Wrist, a Friend closer than a Brother.

Prov. xviii, 24.

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NE there is, above all others,

Well deserves the name of
His is love beyod a brother's, [Friend;
Cosily, free, and knows no end:
They who once his kindness prove,
Find it ever asting love.

e 2 Which of all our friends, to save us,

Could!, or wont have shed their blood? o But our Jesus died to have us,

Reconcil'd in hiin to God:
This is boundless love indeed!
Jesus is a friend in need.

Joys of Saints. Neh. ix, 10. 1. YOY is a fruit that will not grow,

In nature's harren soil; e All we can boast, till Christ we know,

Is vanity and toil. -2 But where the Lord has planted grace,

And made his glories known; o There fruits of heavenly joy and peace

Are found and there alone.

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H! for a closer walk with God,

A calm and heav’nly framè; And light to guide mc on the road,

That leads me to the Lamb!

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e 2 Where is the blessedness I knew,

When first I saw tlie Lord? Where is the soul-refreshing view

Of Jesus and his word?

-ġ What peaceful hours I once enjoy’d!

How sweet their mem'ry still! e But they have left av aching void,

The world can never fill.

Aflictions sanctified by the Word.

HOW I love thy holy word,

Thy gracious covenant, O Lord! It guides me in the peaceful way; I think upon it all the way. 2 What are the mines of shiming wealth? The strength of youth, the bloon of

heaith? What are all joys, comparal with those

Thinc everlasting word bestows! e S Long unafflicted, undismay’ıl,

In pleasure's path, secure i stray’d: - Thou madst me feel thy cliast ning rod, o And straight I turu'd unto my God. e 4 What tho'it piere'd my fainting hearto I bless thine hand that caus'i the smart; e It taught my tears a while to flow, o But say'd me from eternal woe.

4 Return, O Holy Dove, return,

Sweet messenger of rest; I hate the sius that made thee mourn,

And drove thee from my breast. 5 The dearest idol I have known,

Whate'er that idol be Help me to tear it from thy throne,

And worship only thee.

6 So shall my walk be close with God,

Calm and serene my frame; o And purer light shall mark the road, That leads me to the Lamb.


e 5 Oh! hadst thou left me unchastis'd,

Thy precept I had still despis’d;
And still the share in secret laid,

Had my unwary feet betray’d., 0 6 I love thee, therefore, O my God,

And breathe towards thy dear abode;
Where, in thy presence, fully blest,
Thy chosen saints for ever rest.

ST. Asn's.

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2 Deep in unfathomable mines,

Of never-failing skill;
He treasures up his bright designs,

And works his sovereign will. - 3 Ye fearful saints, fresh conrage take,

The clouds ye so much dread,


LORD), my best desire fulfil,

And help me to resign,
Life, health, and comfort to ihy will,

And make thy pleasure mine. e 2 Why should I shrink at thy command,

Whose lore forbids my fcars?


Self-denial: or, Bearing the Cross.

Mark viii, 38.

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Or tremble at the gracious hand,

That wipes away my tears? 3 No, let me rather freely yield

What most I prize, to thee; Who never hast a good withheld,

Or wilt withhold from me. 4 Thy favour, all my journey through,

Thou art engag'd to grant; What else { want, or think I do,

'Tis better still to want. 0 5 Wisdom and mercy guide my way,

Shall I resist them both!
e A poor blied creature of a day

And crush'd before the moth!
But ah! my inward spirit cries,

Still bind me to thy sway;
Else the next cloud that veils my skies,
Drives all these thoughts away.


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e 1 IDST thou, dear Jesus, suffer

shame, And bear the cross for me? And shall I fear to own thy name,

Or thy disciple be? 2 Inspire my soul with life divine,

And make me truly bold; Let knowledge, faith,, and meekness

Nor love, nor zeal grow cold. [shine, o 3 Let mockers scoff, the world defame,

And treat me with disdain;
Still may I glory in thy name,

And wunt reproach my gain. 0 $ To thee I cheerfully submit,

And all my pow're resign;
Let Wisdom point out what is fit,
And I'll no more repinc.




Resignation. It is the Lord. 1 Sam.

üi, 18.

Contentinent. Phil. iv, 11.

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. It is the Lord—who governs all

My wealth, my friends, my ease; And of his bounties may recall

Whatever part he please.

? 3 It is the Lord-should I distrust,

Or contradict his will?
Who cannot do but what is just,

And must be righteous stili.

TIERCE passions discompose the

As tempests vex the sea; (mind, But calm content and peace we find,

When, Lord, we trust in thee. 2 In vain by reason, and by rule,

We try to bend the will;
For none but in the Saviour's sehool,

Can learn the heav'nly skill.
3 Since at his feet my soul has sat,

His gracious words to hear, Contented with my present state,

I cast on him my care. 4 "Art thou a sinner, soul?” he said,

“Then how canst thou complain? "flow light thy troubles here, if weigh'd

“With everlasting pain! 5 "If tbou of murm'ring woul'dat be

cur'd, “Compare thy griefs with mine; “Think what my love for thee endur'd

“And thou wilt not repine.

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6 “'Tis I appoint thy daily lot,

“And I do all things well; “Thou soon shalt leave this wretched

"And rise with me to dwell. (spot, 7 “In life my grace shall strength sup.

“Proportion’d to thy day; (ply, “At death thou still stalt find me nigh,

“To wipe thy tears away."

07 His cov'nant will my soul defend,

Should nature's self expire; And the great Judge of all descend In awfal naming fire. BEDFORD.

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-S Once David seem'd Saul's certain

Bit hark! the foe's at hand: [prey; Say turns his arms another way,

To save th' in vaded land.


4 When Jonah sunk beneath the wave,

He thoughi to rise no more; © But God prepar'd a fish, to save,

And bear him to the shore.

-5 Blest proofs of pow'r and grace di

That meet us in his word! (vine, May ev'ry deep felt care of mine,

Be trusted with the Lord.

EAL us,EMMANUEL;-here we are,

Waiting to feel thy touch;
Deep woulded souls to thee repair;

And, Saviour', we are such.
-2 Our faith is feeble, we confess,-

We faintly trust thy word; e But wilt thou pity us the less? d Be that far from thee, Lord! -3 Remember him who once applied

With trembling for relief; d 'Lord, I believe," with tears he crierl;

“Ohelp my unbelief.” -4 She too who touch'd thee in the press,

And healing virtue stole, d Was answer'd, "Daughter, go in peace;

Tlıy faith hath made thee whole.” -5 Conceald amidst the gath’ring throng,

She would have shun'd thy view;
And if her faith was firm and strong,

Had some misgivings too.
6 Like her, with hopes and fears we
To touch thee if we mas;

(come, e Oh! send us not despairing home Send none unheal'd away.


6 Wait for his seasonable aid,

And though it tarry, wait: The promise may be long delay'd; But cannot come too late.

ST, Anx's.


The Lord my Banner. · Exod. xvii, 15. e 1 DY whom was David taught

D To aim the dreadful blow, When he Goliah fought,

And laid the Gittite low? -No sword nor spear the stripling took,

But chose à pebble from the brook.


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2 'Twas Israel's God and King,
Who sent him to the fight;
Who gave him strength to sling,

And skill to aim aright:
-Ye feeble saints, your strength endures,
Because young David's God is yours.

3 Who order'd Gideon forth,
To storm the invader's camp,
With arms of little worth,

A pitcher and a lamp?
-The trumpets made his coming known;
And all the host was overthrown.

e 1 ESUS, whose blood 80 freely

stream'd, To satisfy the law's demand o By thee from guilt and wrath redeem'd,

Before the Father's face we stand.

-2 To reconcile offending man,

Make Justice drop her angry rod!-e What creature would have form’d the

Or who fulfil it, but a God? [plan?

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