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Psalm. weet is the mem'ry of thy grace 145 UP from my youth, may Israel say 129 $weet is the work, my God my King '92 Upward I lift mine eyes

122 T TEACH me the measure of my days 39 NE bless the Lord, the just, and good 6$ Th' Almighty reigns exalted bigh 9 1'e love thèe, Lord, and we adore 18 That man is blest who stands in awe 11. hat shall I render to my God 116 The earth for ever is the Lord's

What signers value I resign

17 Thee will I love, O Lord, my strength 18 When God is nigh my faith is strong 16 The God Jehovah reigns

99 When God reveald his gracious wame 126 The God of glory sends his, &c. 50

WhenIsrael freed from Pharaoh's hand114 The heav'ns declare thy glory, Lord 19 When I with pleasing wonder staud 139 The King of saints, how fair his face 45

When overwhelm'd with grief 61 The Lord, how wondrous are his

ways 103

When pain and aliguish seize me Lord 119 The Lord Jehovah reignis

93 When the great Judge, supreme &c. The Lord is come, the heav'ns proclaim 97 Where nothing dwelt.but beasts of prey 107 ''he Lord my Shepherd is


Where shall the man be found 25 he Lord of glory is my light 27

Where shall we go to seek and find 13% The Lord of glory reigns, he, &c. 98

While I keep silence and conceal S2 The Lord the Judge b-fore his throne 50 Who shall ascend thy heav'nly place 15 The Lord the Judge his.churches warns 50 Who will arise and plead my right 94 The Lord, the sov'reign King, 103

Why did the nations join to slay The praise of Zion waits for thee 65

Why do the wealthy wicked boast 37 Think, mighty God, on feeble man 89

Why does the Lord stand off so far

10 This is the day the Lord hath made 118 Why does the man of riches grow

49 This spacious earth is all the Lord's 24

Why should I vex my soul and fret

37 Thou art my portion, O my Goa 119 Will God for ever cast ús off Thou God of love, thou ever blest 120

With all my powʻrs of heart and tongue 138 Through ev'ry age, eternal God 90

With earnest longings of the mind 42 Thrice happy man who fears the Lord 112 With my whole heart I'll raise my song ! Thus I resolv'd before the Lord 39

With my whole heart I've sought, &c. 119 Thus saith the Lord, your work is vain 40 With rev'rence let the saints appear

89 Thus the eternal Father spake 110

With songs and honours sounding loud 115 Thy mercies fill the earth, O Lord 119

Would you behold the works of God 107 Thy name, almighty Lord

117 Thy works of glory, mighty Lord 107

"Tis by thy strength the mountains stand65
To God I cry'd with mou'nful voice 77

YE holy souls, in God rejoice
Ye nations of the earth, rejoice

100 To God I made my sorrows known 142

Ye shores and isles of ev'ry sea To God the great, the ever blest* 106


Ye sons of pride who hate the just 49 To our almighty Maker God 98

113 To thee before the dawning light

Ye who delight to serve the Lord

119 To thee, most Huly and most High

Ye who obey th' immortal King
Ye tribes of Adam join

148 'Twas for our sake, eternal God 69 ?Twas from thy hand, my God, &c.

Yet, saith the Lord, if David's race 89 139



Note. The Letters a, b, c, denote the First, Second, anıl Third BOOK.

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a 119

a 127

a 103


a 107


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a а


в Н.

B. H. Bless'd with the joys of innocence b 128 Hosanna, &c.

• 42 to 15 Blood has a voice to pierce the skies b 118 Hosanna to our conquering King

b 89 Bright King of glory, dreadful God b 51 Hosanna to the Prince of light b 76 Broad is the road that leads, &c. b 158 Hosanna to the royal Son

16 Bury'd in shadows of the night a 97 Hosanna with a cheerful sound b 8

How are thy glories here display'de 25
How beauteous are their feet

10 CHRIST and his cross is all, &c.

How condescending and how kind Christ has done more than Moses did a 49

How large the promise, how divine a 113 Come, all harnionious tongues

b 84

How oft have sin and Satan strove a 151 Come, dearest Lord discend, &c. a 135

How sad our state by nature is \ 90 Come hitber, all ye weary souls

How short and hasty is our life Come, Holy Spirit, heav’uly Dove b

How sweet and awful is the place 34

c 13 Come, let us joi: our cheerful songs a

62 How vain are all things here below b 4 Comc, we who live the Lord b 30

How wondrous great, &č.

b D.

I. DAUGHTERS of Zion, &c.

I GIVE immortal praise 72


38 Dearest of all the names above b 148

I hate the tempter and his charms b 156 Death cannot make our souls afraid b 49

I'm not asham'd to own my Lord Death may dissolve niy body now

I send the joys of earth away

b 10 27 Deceiv'd by subtle snares of hell

I sing my Saviour's wondrous death b 114 Deep in the dust before thy throne a 124

Jehovah speaks, let Israel hear

84 Descend from heav’n,inimortal Dove b 23

Jehovah reigns, his throne is high b 168 Do we not know that solen word a 122

Jesus, in thee our eyes behold

a 145 Down headlong from their, &c.

Jesus is gone above the skies 1 96

6 DreadSov'i eign, let my ev'ning song b


Jesus, we bless thy Father's name a 54
Jesus, with all thy saints above b

29 E

In Gabriel's hand a mighty stone 59

In thine own ways, o God of love ZRE the blue heav'ns were, &c.

SO In vain we lavish out our lives

9 Eternal Spirit, we confess

b 183
Infinite grief, amazing woe

b 90 F.

Join all the glorious names

Is this the kind return
FAITH is the brightest evidence
Far from my thoughts, vain, &c. b 15

Father, I long, I faint to see


LADEN with guilt and full of woe b 119
Father, we wait to feel thy grace 24
Firm as the earth the gospel stands a 138

Let everlasting glories crown b 131
Let ev'ry mortal ear attend

7 From heav'n the sinning angels fell b 97

Let God the Father live

28 Let God'the Maker's name


Let others buast how strong they be b 19 GENTILES by nature, we belong a 114 Let Pharisees of high esteein a 133 Give me the wings of faith to rise

Let the wild leopards of the wood b 160 Glory to God the Trinity

© 29 Let them neglect thy glory, Lord b 35 Glory to God that walks the sky 59 Let us adore th' eternal Word

5 Glory to God the Father's name 27 Life is the time to serve the Lord a 88 God is a King of pow'r unknown 170 Like sheep we went astray

a 142 God is a spirit just and wise a 130 Lo what a glorious sight appears 21 God! the eternal awful name

27 Lo the destroying angel flies b 155. Go preach my gospel, saith the Lord a 128 Long have I sat beneath the sound b 165 Go worship at Emmanuel's feet

a 146

Lord, at thy temple we appear 19 Great God, how infinite art thou, b 67 Lord, how secure my conscience was a 115 GreatGod, to what a glorious height b 112 Lord, we confess our num'rous faults a 111 Great King of glory and of grace

b 159 Lord what a beav'n of saving grace b 16 Great was the day, the joy was great b 144 | Lord, what a wretched land is this b 58

JIAD I the tongues of Greeks&Jews a 134 MAN has a soul of vast desires

b 146 Happy the church, thou sacred place li 64 Mistaken solils who dream of heav'n a 110 Happy the heart where graces reign b 38 My dear Redeemer and my Lord b 139 Hark! fiom the tombs a doleful sound b 63 My drowsy pow’rs, why sleep ye sob 25 Hear what the voice from heav'n,&c. a 18 My God how endless is thy love a 81 Hence from my soul sad tho'ts, &c. b 73 My God, my life, my love

b 93 Here at thy cross, my dying God b 4 My God, my portion, avd my love b. 94 High as the heav'ns above the ground b 115 My God, permit pie not to be b 192

a 150

a 120


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b 140





a 108

a 130


B. H.


B. H. My God, the spring of all my joys b 54 THAT awful day will surely come b 107

b. 98 My Saviour God, &c.

b 141 The glories of my Maker God b 71 My soul, come meditate the day b 01 The God of mercy be ador'd

30 My soul forsakes her vain delight b 10 The law by Moses came

a 118 My thoughts surmount, &c. b 162 The law commands and makes, &c. b 121

The Lord declares his will

b 120

The Lord descending from above b 126 NAKED as from the earth I came à 5

T'he Lord, how glorious is his face c 21 Nature with all her pow'rs, &c. b 1

The Lord Jehovah reigns b 169 Nature with open volume stands 10 The promise of my Father's love c 3 No, I'll repine at death no more Þ 102 The true Messiah now appears b 12

a 69 No more, my God, I boast no more a 109 The voice of my beloved sounds Nor eye has seen, nor ear has heard a 105

There is a house not made with hands a 110 Not all the blood of beasts

b 142

There is a land of pure delight b 66 Not all the outward forms on earth a 95

There was an hour when Christ,&c. a 11 Not different food or different dress a 196

This holy bread and wine

c2 Not from the dust affliction grows a

This is the word of truth and love b 138

83 . Not the malicious or profane

Thou, whom my soul admires above a 67 Not to the terrours of the Lord

Thus did the sons of Abrah’m pass b 127

b 152 Not with our mortal eyes

Thus far the Lord has led me on a 80 Now be the God of Israel bless'd

Thus saith the first the great, &c. a 116

a 50 Now by the bowels of my God

Thus saith the high and lofty One a 87 Now for a tune of lofty praise b 43

Thus saith the mercy of the Lord a .121 Now have our hearts embrac'd,&c. & 14

Thus saith the wisdom of the Lord a 93 Now in the heat of youthful blood

Thy favours, Lord, surprise our souls b 45

91 Now Satan comes with dreadful rear b 157

Time, what an empty vapour 'tis b 58 Now shall my inward joys arise

'Tis by the faith of joys to come b 129

a 59 Now to the Lord a noble song

'Tis but at best a narrow bound

b 47 Now to the Lord who makes us know a

'Tis not the law of ten commands b 124

61 Now to the pow'r of God supreme a 137

To God the only wise

51 To him who chose us first

39 'Twas by an order from the Lord b 151

"Twas on that dark,that doleful night o 1 0! IF my soul were form’d for woe b 106 'Twas the commission of our Lord a 52 O might I once mount up and see 6 41 O the delights, the heav'nly joys


b 91 Once more, my soul, the rising day b 6 VAIN are the hopes the sons of men a 94 OurGod, how firm his promise stands i 40 Vain are the hopes that rebels place a 99 Our souls shall magnify the Lord

60 Up to the Lord who reigns on high b 46 Our spirits join t'adore the Lamb c 22


We are a garden wall'd around
PLUNG’D in a gulf of dark despair Þ 79

We biess the Prophet of the Lord b 132 Praise, everlasting praise be paid b 60 We sing th' amazing deeds

17 We sing the glories of thy love 56 R.

Welcome, sweet day of rest b 11 RAISE thee,my soul, fly up and run b

Well, the Redeemer's gone b 36

83 Raise your triumphant songs

b 104

What equal honours shall we bring a 63 Rise, rise, my soul, and leave, &c. b

What happy men or angeis these a 40 17

What shall we pay th' eternal Song

When I can read my title clear b 65

When strangers stand and hear,&c. a 76 SAINTS, at your heav'nly, &c. a 129 Salvation the joyful sound

When the great Builder arch’d, &c. b 24 b 88

Where are the mouruers, &c. b 15% Shall tlie vile race of flesh and blood a

82 Who can describe the joys that rise a 101 Shall we go on to sin

a 106

Who has believ'd thy word
Sin has a thousand treach'rous arts b 150 Who shall the Lord's elect condemn a
Sin, like a venomous disease b 153 Why does your face, &c.

b 85 Sing to the Lord who built the skies b 13 Sitting around our Father's board c

Why do we mourn departing, &c. b 3

23 Why is my heart so far from theeb 20 So did the Hebrew prophet raise

a 112

Why should the children of a King a 144 So let our lips and lives express a 132 With cheerful voice I sing So new born babes desire the breast a 143 With joy we meditate the grace Stand up my soul, shake off thy fears b 77 Stoop down my tho'ts,that us’d to rise b 28

Y. Strait is the way, the door is strait b 161 YE sons of Adam, vain and young a 89

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H. ALAS! what hourly dangers rise 59 God moves in a mysterious way All irail the power of Jesus' name 26 Glorious Lord, our children see 167 Although the vine its fruit deny


Grateful notes and numbers bring 104 Am I a soldier of the cross

90 Great God, now condescend And is the gospel peace and love 14 Great God, the nations of the earth 184 And will the great eternal God 141 Great God, we sing that mighty band 113 Angels, roll the rock away

24 Great Lord of angels, we adore 145 Arm of the Lord, awak , awake 181 Guide me, O thou great Jehovah As birds their infant broor protect

178 Attend, my soul, the voice divine 5

H Awake, and sing the song 103 HAIL, everlasting Spring,

175 Awake, my soul, and with the sun 199 Hail, mighty Jesus, how divine 115 Awake, ye saints, aud raise your eyes 215 Hail

, the day that saw him rise

32 Hail, thou once despised Jesús B.

Hark, hear the sound, on earth, &e. 118 BESTOW, dearLord, upon our youth 165 Hark, the glad sound, the Saviour, &c. 13 Blessed are the sons et God

100 Hark: the herald angels sing Blest be the tie that binds 195 'Hark, the herald angels say

21 Blow ye the trumpet, blow

132 : Hark! the voice of love and mercy 173 By whom was David taught

75 Heal us, Emmanuel, here we are 76 C.

Hear what God the Lord hath spoken 179

Hear what the Lord, the great Amen 159 COME, Holy Spirit, come

35 Heav'n has confirm's the dread deeree 221 Come, humble sinner, in whose breast 39 He dies, the Friend of sinners dies 20 Come, thou Almighty King

107 He lives, the great Redeemer lives 31 Come, thou condescending Jesus 197 Here at thy table, Lord, we meet 169 Come, thou Fount of ev'ry blessing 80 He who on earth as man was known 150 Come, thou long expected Jesus 154

His master taken from his head 148 Come tune, ye saints, your noblest, &c. 23 Honour and happiness unite

105 Come, ye weary souls, oppress'd 112 House of our God, with cheerful, &c. 214 D.

How are thy servants bless'd, O Lord 94

How blest is our friend now bereft 299 DAY of judgment, day of wonders 234 How helpless guilty nature lies 34 Dear Jesus, when, when shall it be 57 How oft, alas, this wretched heart 37 Dear Lord, and shall thy Spirit rest 42 How shall I my Saviour set forth 81 Descend, Holy Spirit, the Dove 55 How rich thy bounty, King of kings 146 Didst thou, dear Jesus, suffer shame 72 How soft the words my Saviour speaks 164 Dismiss us with thy blessing, Lord 129 How sweetly along the gay mead 207 E.

I. ENCOMPASS'D with clouds, &e. 53 I ASK'D the Lord that I might grov 56 Eternal God, enthron'd on high 219

I know that my Redeemer lives 86 Eternal Source of ev'ry joy

140 Indulgent Sovereign of the skies 180 Eternal Wisdom, thee we praise 3

In sin by blinded passions led Exert thy pow'r, thy rights maintain 182 ' Inspirer and hearer of prayer 202

In sweet exalted strains


In themselves as weak as worms 135 FAITH, 'tis a precious grace 44 In this world of sin and sorrow

218 Father, how wide thy glory shines 29 Israel, in ancient days

Father of all, we bow to thee 133 It is the Lord, enthron'd in light 71
Father of men, thy care we bless 198 I was a grov'ling creature once 61
Father of .ercies, in thy house 145
I'ather of mercies, send ihy grace 190

Fierce passions discompose the nind 73 JESUS, and shall it ever be

50 From whence these direful omens round18 Jesus, at thy command

85 G.

Jesus, full of all compassion

Jesus, i know, has died for me 62 GLORIOUS things of thee are spoken 177 Jesus, lover of my soul

84 Glory to God on high 30 | Jesus, my Lord, how rich his grace

199 Glory to thee, my God, this night 201 Jesus, thy blood and righteousness


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H. osus, whose blood so freely stream'd 71 RAISE, thoughtless sinner, &c. 108 -Joy is a fruit that will not grow 66 Kejoice, the Lord is King

28 Religion is the chief concern - 205. K

Remark, my soul, the narrow bounds 212 KEEP silence, all created things 4 Rise, my soul, and stretch thy wings 98* Kindred in Christ, for his dear sake 194 Rise, O my soul, pursue the path 45 L.

LET me dwell on Golgotha 174 SAFELY through another week

121 Let us awake our joys

27 Bee Gabriel switt desend to earth 93 Lift up your heads in joyful hope 11 See, gracious Lord, before thy throne 136 Listen, ye hilis, ye mountains hear 139 See how brown autumn spreads, &c. 210 Lo! he comes, the King of glory 238 See lsraei's gentle Shepherd stand 161 Look down, O Lord, with pitying eye 114

Bhepherds rejoice, lift up your eyes

10 Look up, my soul, with sweet surprise 187

Sin enslav'd me many year's

40 Lo! on a narrow neck of land

Since Jesus freely did appear

196 Lord of all worlds, incline thy, &c. 185 Sing, yè redeemed of the Lord 176 Lord of life, all praise excelling 193 Sinner, art thou still secure

109 Lord, send thy word, and bid it fly 183 Sinners, the voice of God regard 110 Lord, we come before thee now 126 Sinners, will you scorn the message 111 Lord, what our ears have heard 160 Son of God, thy blessing grant. 87 Love Divine, all love excelling

127 Stern winter throws his icy chains 211

Sweet was the time when first I felt 52
MANNA to Israel well supply'd 65
Mary woes had Christ endured 17 TAKE comfort, Christians, &e. 227
Mighty God, while angels bless thee 25 The billows swell, the winds are high 83
My gracious Redeemer I love 101 The deluge, at th' Almighty's call 63
My song shall bless the Lord of all 88 The Lord my pasture shall prepare 92

The Lord of Sabbath let as praise

T'he Lord on mortal worms, &c. 117 NOW begin the heavenly theme 33 The message first to Smyrna sent

156 Now for a hymn of praise to God 152 'The moment a sinner believes

43 Now let our drooping hearts revive 149 The new born child of gospel grace Now may fervent prayer arise 166 The peace which God alone reveals Now may the God of peace and love 131

There is a God, all nature speaks 1 Now may the Lord of earth and skies 209

The saints should never be dismay'd 74 Now the shades of night are gone 200

The Saviour! what a noble name 172

The Spirit breathes upon the word 120 0.

This is the feast of heavenly wine 170 O CHARITY, thou heavenly grace 191

Thou dear Redeemer, dying Lamb 96 D'er niountain tops the mount of God 186

Thou only Sovercign of my heart 82 O, for a closer walk with God


Through all the changing scenes of life 79 O God, we praise thee, and confess 235

Thus saith the Holy One and true 158 O God, whose favourable eye


Thus saith the Lord to Ephesus 155 O happy day, that fix'd my choice 151

Thy bounties, gracious Lord

189 O, how I love thy holy word 69 Thy life I read, my dearest Lord 224 O Loril, my best desire fulfil

'Tis a point I long to know

54 O Lord, our languid souis inspire 125

'Tis finish'd so the Savionr cried 19 O my soul, what means this sadpess 60 To praise the ever bounteous Loru 208 One there is, above all others

64 On man in his own image made


On thee each morning, O my God 20$ UNVEIL thy bosom, faithful tomb 230
On wings of faith mount up, &c. 99 Vain man, thy fond pursuits forbear 220
O righteous God, thou Judge supreme 138
O sight of anguish! view it near 12

O that my load of sin were gone


WEARY of struggling with my pain 38 Othou, before whose gracious throne 147 Welcome, delightful morn

122 O time, how few thy value weiglı 216

What jarring natures dwell within 58 Our Savior alone

102 What scenes of horrour and of dread 225 0 Zion, afflicted with wave up

wave 153

What various hindrances we meet 134

What venerable sight appears

When Abraham full of sacred awe 137 PERPETUAL Source of light & grace 51 When all thy mercies, O my God 78 Praise to the Lord on high

When any turu from Zion's way 49

46 130

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