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Ver. 12, 14, 10, 13.

Divine Instruction.

1 WHERE shall the man be found,

Who fears ť offend his GodWho loves the gospel's joyful sound,

And trembles at the rod?

d 3 He who abhors and fears to sin, Whose heart is pure, whose hands are

clean; Him shall the Lord the Saviour bless,

And clothe his soul with righteousness. -4 These are the men, the pious race,

Who seek the God of Jacob's face; • These shali enjoy the blissful sight, And dwell in everlasting light.


- PAUSE. o 5 Rejoice, ye shining world's on high, -Beliöld the King of glory nigh! e Who can this King of glory be? o The mighty Lord, the Saviour's he. -6 Ye heav'nly gates, yourleaves display,

To make the Lord, the Saviour, way; -0 Laden with spoils from earth and hen, The Conqu’ror comes with God to


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8 7 Rais’d from the dead, he goes before,

He open's heaveu's eternal door,
To give his saints a blest abode,
Near their Redeemer and their Gød.



Ver, 15-22. Distress of Soul: or, Backsliding and



Ver. 1-11.

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Waiting for Pardon and Direction.

LIFT my soul to God,

My trust is in his name; € Let not my foes that seek my blood

Still triumph in my shame. P 2 Sin, and the pow’rs of hell,

Persuade me to despair: -Lord, make me know thy cov’nant well,

That I may’scape the snare,

2 Turn, turn thee to my soul,

Bring thy salvation near; ? When will thy hand release my feet

Out of the deadly snare! P

3 When shall the sov’reign grace

Of my forgiving God

Restore me from those dangerous ways,

My wandering feet have trod! 4 The tumult of my thoughts

Does but enlarge my woe; p My spirit languishes, my heart

Is desolate and low.

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7 O keep my soul from death,

Nor put my hope to shame;
For I have plac'd my only trust

In my Redeemer's name, 8 With humble faith I wait,

To see thy face again; o Of Isra'l it shall ne'er be said, d He sought the Lord in vain.


-3 There shall I offer my requests,

And see thy beauty still;
Shall hear thy messages of love,

And there inquire thy will. e 4 When troubles rise, and storms ap

There may his children hide; (pear, o God has a strong pavilion, where

He makes my soul abide.
s 5 Now shall my head be lifted high

Above my foes around;
And songs of joy and viciory
Within thy temple sound.

BEDFORD. St. Martix's.


C. M. Second PART.

PSALM 26. L. M,

Self-Examination: 0r, Evidences of


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UDGE me, O Lord, and prove

my ways; And try my reins, and try my heart; My faith upon thy promise stays,

Nor from thy law my feet depart, e 2 I hate to walk, I hate to sit

With men of vanity and lies;
The scoffer and the hypocrite
Are the abhorrence of my eyes.

Ver. 8, 9, 13, 14.

Prayer and Ilope. 1 SOON as I heard my Father say, d

“Ye children, seek my gruce," -My heart reply'd without delay,

"I'll seek my Father's face." e 2 Let not thy face be hid from me,

Nor frown my soul away; e God of my life, I fly to thee

In a distressing day. e 3 Should friends and kindred, near and

Leave me to want, or die; (dear, o My God would make my life his care,

And all my need supply.

o 3 Amongst thy saints will I appear,

With hands well wash'd in innocence; ę But when I stand before thy bar, The blood of Christ is my defence.

I love thy habitation, Lord, The temple where thine honours dwell; e There shall I hear thy holy word,

And there thy works of wonder tell.

- My fainting flesh had died with grief,

Had not my soul believ'il,
To see thy grace provide relief

Nor was my hope deceiv’d.

--5 Let not my soul be join'd at last

With men of treachery and blood, Since I my days on earth have past Among the saints, and near my God.


5 Wait on the Lord, ye trembling saints,

And keep your courage up; o He'll raise your spirit when it faints, And far exceed your hope.

BARBY. Sr. Axx's.

PSALM 29. L. M.

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e The fearful hart and frighted hind, Thou hast redeem'd my soul from death, Leap at the terrour of the sound.

And sav'd me from the pit. g 4 To Lebanon he turns his voice, 2 The passions of my hope and fear And lo, the stately cedars brak;

Maintain'd a double strife; The mountains tremble at the noise, e While sorrow, pain, and sin conspir’d, The vall es roar, the deserts quake. To take away my life. 5 The Lord sits sov'reign on the flood,d 3 “My times are in thy hand," I ery'd, The Thund'rer reigns for ever king; “Though I draw near the dust;" But nakes his church his blest abode, - Thou art the refuge where I hide, Where we his awful glories sing.

The God in whom I trust. e 6 In gentler language there the Lord e 4 9 make thy reconciled face The counsels of his grace imparts;

Upon thy servant shine; o Amiist the raging storin, his word And save me for thy mercy's sake, Speaks peace and courage to our hearts. For I'm entirely thine.


-6 Thy goodness, how divinely free!

How wondrous is thy grace,

To those who fear thy majesty,

And trust thy promises!
Ver. 6.

07 O love the Lord, all ye his saints, Health, Sickness, and Recovery. And sing his praises loud;

-He'll bend his ear lo your complaints, 1 EIRM was my health, my day was And recompense the proud. bright,

CANTERBURY. And I Pres m'd 'twould ne'er be night;

Fondly I said within my heart, d "Pleasure and peace shall ne'er depart.”

C. M. SECOND PART. -2 But I forgot thine arm was strong,

Ver. 13, 18-21. Which made my mountain stand so long, Deliverance from Slander and Refroach. e Soon as thy face began to hide, My health was gone, my comforts died. 1 MY heart rejoices in thy name,

My God, my help, my trust; 3 I cry'd aloud to thee, my God,

Thou hast presery'd my face from e “What canst thou profit by my blood? Mine honour from the dust. [shame,

Deep in the dust, can I declare “Thy truth, or sing thy goudness there? P 2 ‘My life is spent with grief,' I cry’i,

My years consum'd in groans; [dry’d, - "Hear me, u God of grace! I said, ‘My strength decays, mine eyes are

“And bring me from among the dead:" And sorrow wasles my bones.' o Thy word rebuk'd the pains I felt, Thy pard’ning love remov'd my guilt. e 3 Among mine enemies, my name

Was a mere proverb grown; -5 My groans,and tears and forms of woe,

While to my neighbours, I became Are turn'd to joy and praises now;

Forgotten and unknown.
I throw my sackcloth on the ground,
And ease and gladness gird me round 4 Slander and fear on ev'ry side

Seiz'd and beset me round;
0 6 My tongue, the glory of my frame, - Ito the throne of grace apply'd,
Shall ne'er be silent of thy name;

And speedy rescue found. o Thy praise shall sound through earth

Sin 62 and heav'n,

7 Within thy secret presence, Lord, --For sickness heal'd, and sins forgiv'n. Let me forever dwell;

ARMLEY. o No fenced city, wall’d and barr's!

Secures a saint so well. YORK.

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Conscience relieved by Confession and 2 His eye with infinite survey,

Does the whole world behold;

He form’d us all of equal clay, e 1 WHILE I keep silence, and conceal Aud knows our feeble mould.

My beavy guilt within my heart,
What torments does my conscience feel, d 3 Kings are not rescu'd by the force
What agonies of inward smart!

Of armies from the grave;

Nor speed, nor courage of an horse, 2 I spread my sins before the Lord,

Can the bold rider save. And all my secret faults confess; -Thy gospel speaks a pardoning word, e 4 Vain is the strength of beasts,or men, o Thy Holy Spirit seals the grace.

To hope for safety theuce;.

o But holy souls from God obiain 3 For this shall every humble soul

A strong and sure defence. Make swift addresses to thy seat; e When foods of huge temptations roll, e 5 God is their fear, and God theii trust, There skall they find a blest retreal When plagues or famine spread;

His watchful eye secures the just,

Among ten thousand dead. 0 0 Lord, let our hearts in thee rejoice,

Aud bless us from thy throne; For we have made thy word our choice, And trust thy grace alone.


e 3 The eye of thy compassion, Lord; Does more secure defence afford, When death, or dangers threatning

stand: o Thy watchful eye preserves the just, Who make thyname their fear and trust;

When wars or famine, waste the land.

P. M. Finst PART.

In sickness, or the bloody field, Thou our Physician, thou our shield,

Send us salvation from thy throne: e We wait to see thy goodness shine; o Let us rejoice in help divine, For all our hope is God alone.


Works of Creation and Providence.


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01 Ye holy souls, in God rejoice, Yoar Maker's praise becomes your voice,

Great is your theme,your songs be new; Sing of his name, his word, his ways, His works of nature, and of grace,

How wise and holy, just and true! - Justice and truth he ever loves, And the whole earth his goodriess


His word the heav'nly arches spread, e How wide they shine from north to --And by the spirit of his mouth (south!

Were all the starry armies made. 3 He gathers the wide flowing seas, Those watery treasures know their place,

In the vast store-house of the deep: g He spake and gave all nature birth! And fires, and seas, and heav'n and

Ilis everlasting orders keep. [earth,

God's Care of the Saints: or, Deliver:

ance by Prayer. 0 1 ORD, I will bless thee all my

days, Thy praise shall dwell upon my tongue; My soul shall glory in thy grace While saints rejoice to hear the song. -2 Come, magnify the Lord with me, Come, let us all exalt his name; I sought the eternal God, and he

Has not exposed my hope to shame. e 3 I told bim all my seeret grief,

My secret groaning reach'd his ears; -He gave my inward pains relief,

And calin'd the tumult of my fears.

a 4 Let mortals tremble, and adore A God of such resistless pow'r,

Nor dare indulge their feeble rage; -Vain are their thoughts, and weak their g But his eternal counsel stands, [hands; And rules the world from age to age.


4 To him the poor lift up


eyes, Their faces feel the heav'nly shine; A beam of mercy from the skies

Fills them with light and joy divine. 0 5 His holy angels pitch their tents

Around the men who serve the Lord;
O fear and love him, all ye saints,
Taste of his grace, and trust his word.
6 Thewild young lions,pinch’dwith pain

And hunger, roar through all the wood;. o But none shall seek the Lord in vain, Nor want supplies of real good.


P. M. Second PART.


Creatures vain, und God All-suficient.
01 O HAPPY nation, where the Lord
Reveals the treasures of his word,
And builds his church, his earthly

throne: --His eye the heathen world surveys, He form’d their hearts, he knows their

ways; But God, their Maker is unknown. 2 Let kings rely upon their host, And of his strength the champion boast;

In vain they boast, in vain rely: -In vain we trust the brutal force, Or speed or courage of an horse,

To guard his rider, or to fly.

Ver. 11-22.

Exhortations to Faith and Holiness. 1 COME, children, learn to fear the

And that your days be long, (Lord; Let not a false, or spiteful word

Be found upon your tongue.

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