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Second, Third,

-8 The first mode has three minims or their equivalent in a bar; the second, three crotchets; the third, three quavers.

All the modes of Triple Time have three beats to a bar, two down, and one up.

The first mode allows one second to a beat; the second is one fourth faster than the first; and the third, one fourth faster than the second.

In Triple Time, the principal accent is on the first part of the bar : a smaller accent on the third.

Of Compound, there are two Modes :



-3The first mode has six crotchets in a bar; and two beats, each in a second.

The second mode has six quavers in a bar; and two beats, one fourth faster than the first.

The accented parts of the bar in Compound Time, are the first and third.

These rules respecting time may be of use to the learner; yet the movement in the same mode, and in the same tune, is variable, ard should be slower or quicker, according to the subject of the song.

KEYS. There are two natural keys in musick; viz. A minor and C major.

The key note is the last note in the Bass. This note is always either là or fâ, the next below, or the next above mî: if lâ, it is the minor, or flat key; if fà, it is the major or sharp key. The minor key has the minor third, sixth, and seventh-the major key, the major third, sixth, and seventh-above the key note.

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