A View of Ancient Geography and Ancient History: Accompanied with an Atlas of Ten Select Maps, Calculated for the Use of Seminaries, &c, Niteet 1–2

Published and sold by John F. Watson, no. 51 Chestnut Street, A. Fagan Printer, 1813 - 2 sivua

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Sivu 36 - surnamed the Great, was worthy of the best ages of the Roman state. He successfully repelled the encroachments of the barbarians, and secured by wholesome laws, the prosperity of his people. He died after a reign of eighteen years, assigning to his sons, Arcadius and Honorius, the separate sovereignties of east and west, AD 395.
Sivu 20 - of the praetorian guards, the favourite counsellor of Tiberius, and the obsequious minister of his tyranny and crimes, conceived the daring project of a revolution, which should place himself on the throne, by the extermination of the whole imperial family. Drusus, the son of the emperor, was destroyed by poison. Agrippina, the widow of Germanicus,
Sivu 22 - the mode of his death. It was his darling amusement to exhibit on the stage and amphitheatre as an actor, musician, or gladiator. At length, become the object of universal hatred and contempt, a rebellion of his subjects, headed by Vindex, an illustrious Gaul, hurled this monster from the throne. He had not
Sivu 36 - Christian church suffered deeply under Nero, and Domitian; yet those persecutions had no tendency to check the .progress of its doctrines. It is a matter of question, what was the form of the primitive church, and the nature of its government; and on this head much difference of opinion obtains, not only between
Sivu 23 - age, when the senate, ratifying the choice of the praetorian bands, proclaimed him emperor. But an impolitic rigour of discipline soon disgusted the army; the avarice of his disposition, grudging the populace their favourite games and spectacles, deprived him of their affections; and some iniquitous prosecutions and confiscations excited general discontent and mutiny. Galba adopted
Sivu 27 - the ambition of conquest; yet in every necessary war the Roman arms had their wonted renown. The British province was enlarged by the conquests of Urbicus, and some formidable rebellions were subdued in Germany, Dacia, and the east. The domestic administration of the sovereign was dignified, splendid, and humane. With all the virtues of Numa,
Sivu 24 - generals, Vitellius meanly capitulated to save his life by a resignation of the empire. The people, indignant at his dastardly spirit, compelled him to an effort of resistance ; but the attempt was fruitless. Priscus, one of the generals of Vespasian, took possession of Rome; and Vitellius was massacred, and his body
Sivu 29 - risen to esteem by his virtues and military talents. He applied himself with zeal to the correction of abuses; but the austerity of his government deprived him of the affections of a corrupted people. He had disappointed the army of a promised reward, and after a reign of

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