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respond with the Committee, and stood on the Society's list ; and that, obtain their approbation of such sicce the commencement of the Incases, before they send up their stitution (1785) they had distributed ministers, or other persons, to col. , 257,996 Spelling - Books, 57,366 lect for them.' By attention to Testaments, and 7,566 Bibles to this regulation, many difficulties 2,996 schools, containing upwards may be avoided. The Committee of 251,000 scholars; and, likewise, meet on the Wednesday after the the sum of 4,1701. 165. 5d. for the third Lord's Day in every month payment of such teachers as could Letters may be addressed to the not be obtained without pecuniary Rev. T. Hill, Homerton; or to the reward. Subscriptions, &c. are Rev. Charles Buck, Primrose Street, received by Messrs. Down, ThoraBishopsgate Street, London.

ton, and Čo. Bartholomew Lane ; Sockety for the Support and En- Drummond, Charing-cross ; and by couragement of Sunday-Schools: the Secretary, Mr. T. Smith, 19, The Right Hon. Lord BARHAM,

Little Moorfields. President. At a General half- Fast-Day. His Majesty has been yearly Meeting of the Society, held pleased to issue his Proclamation, Octs 12, the Committee reported, for the observation of Wednesday, That since the last Meeting, they Feb. 8, as a Day of Humiliation, have issued 8,100 Spelling-Books, Fasting, and Prafer. 1,485 Testaments, and 143 Bibles, lence of sin among ourselves, and for the use of 77 schools, containing the state of the world at large, renupwards of 5000 children, in ad- der such an appointment peculiarly dition to those which previously seasonable.

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by Mr.


THURSDAY, January 19, the following Cases of Widows were admitted: Denomina. Recommended

Denomine. Recommended
Cases. tion.

by Mr.
L. Cases tion.

L. M.W. Estab. Townsend, 5 B.

Baptist, Fuller, M. Presbyt. Waugh, 4 C. ditto

ditto E. C. ditto Burder,

4 G. ditto

ditto S. H. ditto Duncanson,

4 M. ditto Greatheed, L. ditto

4 H. ditto


5 E. S. ditto



ditto C. ditto. ditto


diito D. V. Independ. Buok,

5 S. D. ditto Hinton, B.. ditto Hill,

5 E. E.

5 M. ditto Fuller,

M. G. ditto Roby, B.

ditto Simpson, 5 M. T. ditto Rrland, S. ditto Burder, 5 S. J. ditto

ditto M. M. ditto ditto

5 H. J. ditto

ditto H. ditto Platt, 5 F. ditto

dilte B. ditto Bogue,

5 J. ditto Buck, E. F. ditto Townsend, 5 (. Methodist, Wilks,

5 B. Baptist, Fuller, 5 C. ditto Platt,

5 N. ditto ditto

5 For many Cases which used to be relieved in January, no applications were made ; which must be imputed to the negligence either of the Widows or their Patrons. We fear that such Cascs must be deferred till the ineeting of the Trustees in March. We are sorry for the delay; but the Committee could not vote the supplies, without knowing whether the Widows usually relieved are actually living, and need assistance or not,

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By Error misguided, and Trouble opprest,
To Reason's fair temple I hasten'd for rest.
Philosophy, friend to the sorrowful soul,
Who teaches us useless regret to controul,
There claim'd my attention, forbade me to grieve,
For evils repiping could never relieve.
“Ah! cruel tormentor,' I quickly replied,
• That, that is the reason my sorrows abide :
Henceforward to me your vain counsel forbeer ;
Because grief is hopeless, I yield to despair !"
Then Useful Employment attempted to show,
That constant contentment was her's to bestow.
I listen'd awhile, for she charm'd my distress ;
But Nature, when wearied, she never could bless;
For then Recollection returns to its pain,
And Anguish instructs us our hope was in vain.
Distracted with doubt, yet still thinking to meet
The object I sought in this pleasing retreat,
I hasteu’d my footsteps, when, turning aside,
A figure, before unobserv'd, I espied.
With dignisied manner and firmness of voice,
Grave Wisdom reproach'd me with foily of choice ;
Directed my way to a temple more fair,
And told me Contentmeot (welt certainly there.
The beautiful building, my steps to invite,
Seem'd all'd with celestial ineffable light;
And the bright rays divine that mark'd out the road,
Induc'd me to enter the blissful abode.
The structure to HOLY RELIGION was rear'd,
Repentance and Failh at the altar appeard.
That moment Experience my feelings address'd:
''Tis only Religion can render you hless'd !
Subritied to her, let weak Reagon remain,
And lovely Content in your bosum shall reign!'
Now deep disappointment involves not despair,
For God, a kind God, niakes his creatures his care,
Directs their distresscs, in tenderness giv'n,
Since sancribed sorrow prepares thein for Heav'n!'


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When sears alarm and doubts (listress, My journey thro' a desert lies ;

And clouds obscure my glorious Sun, And can I hope with ease to run ? Then with this wish my heart iinpress, Sure, I must strive to gain the prize,

• Lord, not my will, but thine be done!' And cheerful say: Thy will be Towards the heavenly land of Light,

done!' Thro' grace, I have my course be. Since Jesus is the pilgrim's Guide, gun;

And he for me such things hath won, Should trifles then my soul afright? How can I want for auglat beside ? No, Lord, let thy blest will be done ! No, Lord, thy blessed will be dove!

My Lord upholds me hy the way.

He has for me the victory wod;
sind now and ever will I say,
• IIis will, his blessed will be done !


Printed by G, AUID, Greville Street, London,

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MARCH, 1809.

By particular desire, we josert the following Memoir, wrltlen by the Rev. Mr. Nicol, which appeared, a few years ago, in another periodical publication (since discontinued); and which, having had a very limited circulation, reached but a small number of those persons, especially in North Britain, who justly prize the memory of Dr. Gillies.





Mr. Editor,

DR. GILLIEs was the son of the Roy Mr. John Gillies, Mi. nister of Carriston, in the presbytery of Brechin, and of Mrs. Mary Watson, who was descended from a respectable family in Galloway. When a student in divinity, he was remarkable for excellent dispositions, learning, taste, and acquaintance with the best ancient and modern writers. His fondness for literary amusements continued through the whole of life ; but they were not allowed to encroach on his duties as a Christian, the head of family, or a minister of the Gospel. He was successively tutor the families of Brisbane of Brisbane, Macdowal of Castlesemple, and Lord Glasgow. The Doctor was ordained Minister of the College Church the 29th of July, 1742. For several years, besides delivering three discourses on the Sabbath, he gave lectures and serious exhortations three times in the week, to a. crowded audience, in his large church, which contains nearly two thousand people; he also, for some time, published a weekly paper, addressed to the consciences of his hearers. According to the laudable custom of the church of Scotland, the Doctor regularly visited and catechized his parish. He was remarkably attentive to the sick and dying of his charge. Soon after his ordination, he married Elizabeth, daughter of the Rev. Mr. M'Laurin, who was one of the ministers of Glasgow, and author of the very excellent sermons which bear his name. Mrs. G. like ber father, was blessed with a weet and lively temper of mind ;


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