Soul Challenge

Spirit Bread, 2005 - 313 sivua
Struggling just to survive under a Roman tyrant, the people of the tiny country of Israel lived each day wondering when the long-promised Messiah would arrive. They wanted Him to come and free them from captivity in their own nation. While they wished for that day, even then, He walked among them, healing sickness and disease, working mighty wonders and delivering signs, yet most of them missed it. People still only want what is easy, but nothing worth having really ever is. The challenge of Jesus Christ extends to each and every person on the face of this planet who comes to Him. This book examines these challenges as found in the Gospel of John. It may anger you, make you weep, or make you laugh. But one thing reading this book will do is challenge your soul to seek the Lord like never before. Are you ready for the challenge?

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