Lonely Planet, 15.9.2010 - 340 sivua
Lonely Planet Croatia
Strip off and swim - or visit a monastery fully clothed - on Dubrovnik's Lokrum Island
Spy storks heralding spring atop traditional wooden architecture in Lonjsko Polje
Learn which Istrian olive oil to drizzle on your baked veal or wild asparagus
Stare up at the stars on a midnight boat ride with a Zadar "barkariolo" (boatman)
In This Guide:
Two authors native to the region, 77 days of in-country research
Interviews with a slow-food restaurateur, a Slavonian winemaker and a marine conservationist
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Tietoja kirjoittajasta (2010)

Vesna was born in Bosnia and Hercegovina while it was still a part of Yugoslavia, and she has never been able to see Croatia as a foreign country. A lifetime lover of Dalmatia's beaches, pine trees, food and wine, she expanded her knowledge of the region this edition by exploring Zadar and Zagreb, two cities she discovered anew. Researching this book was a true delight.

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