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What the Democratic Congress Did.

It repealed the Sherman Silver Law which required the Government to purchase annually 54,000,000 ounces of silver and pay for the same in gold obligations, thereby menacing the credit of the Government, and imperiling the stability of our commercial, manufacturing and financial interests.

It removed from the statutes the Federal Election Law, the most odious and undemocratic measure ever enacted, and thereby restored to the people of the sovereign States full and complete control over their elections, free from the intervention of supervisors and deputy marshals, whose sole duties, under Republican supremacy, had een to intimidate, arrest and imprison electors before they had cast their ballots.

It reduced the expenditures of the Government below those of the last Republican administration more than $28,000,000, thereby relieving the people from the payment of that immense sum into the Federal Treasury to stimulate extravagant jobs.

It reformed the abuses in the various Departments, and by the aid of the heads of the same dispensed with useless positions, thereby reducing the salary list more than $1,000,000 annually.

It repealed that most obnoxious, ill-formed and oppressive measure called the McKinley Law, and substituted in its stead a measure of revenue reform that will revive trade and restore prosperity.

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