Essays on the Administrations of Great Britain from 1783 to 1830, Contributed to the Edinburgh Review

Longman, Green, Longman, Roberts, & Green, 1864 - 500 sivua

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Sivu 472 - I am not only not prepared to bring forward any measure of this nature, but I will at once declare, that, as far as I am concerned, as long as I hold any station in the government of the country, I shall always feel it my duty to resist such measures when proposed by others.
Sivu 359 - As Lord Cholmondeley informs me that you wish I would define, in writing, the terms upon which we are to live, I shall endeavour to explain myself upon that head with as much clearness, and with as much propriety as the nature of the subject will admit. Our inclinations are not in our power, nor should either of us be held answerable to the other because nature has not made us suitable to each other.
Sivu 208 - And one kingdom preserv'd midst the wreck of the world. Unheeding, unthankful, we bask in the blaze, While the beams of the Sun in full majesty shine' : When he sinks into twilight, with fondness we gaze, And mark the mild lustre that gilds his decline.
Sivu 22 - That the influence of the Crown has increased, is increasing, and ought to be diminished"?
Sivu 74 - ... the present crisis ; yet that no delay may arise from my absence, I will dine in town, and consequently be ready to see him in the evening, if he should think that would be of utility. At all events, I am ready to take any step that may be proposed to oppose this faction, and to struggle to the last period of my life ; but I can never submit to throw myself into its power. If they, in the end, succeed, my line is a clear one, and to which I have fortitude enough to submit.
Sivu 7 - I expect every nerve to be strained to carry the bill. It is not a question relating to administration, but personally to myself, therefore I have a right to expect a hearty support from every one in my service, and I shall remember defaulters.
Sivu 139 - We must not count with certainty on a continuance of our present prosperity during such an interval ; but unquestionably there never was a time in the history of this country, when, from the situation of Europe, we might more reasonably expect fifteen years of peace, than we may at the present moment.
Sivu 463 - Catholic Peers — I will not do what this Bill will enable me to do — I'll return no more — let them get a Catholic King in Clarence." I think he also mentioned Sussex. " The people will see that I did not wish this.
Sivu 19 - Indeed, on all constitutional points the Opposition have run so wild that it is absolutely necessary for those who come into office to give assurances that they do not mean to be hampered by the tenets they have held during their Opposition.
Sivu 179 - The yeomanry are in the style of the Loyalists in America, only much more numerous and powerful, and a thousand times more ferocious. These men have served their country, but they now take the lead in rapine and murder. The Irish militia, with few officers, and those chiefly of the worst kind, follow closely on the heels of the yeomanry in murder and every kind of atrocity ; and the fencibles take a share, although much behind-hand with the others.

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