India's Shakespeare: Translation, Interpretation and Performance

Pearson Education India, 2005 - 270 sivua
India’s Shakespeare: Translation, Interpretation and Performance is ideal for English literature, performance, translation studies. This collection of essays examines the diverse aspects of Shakespeare's interaction with India, since two hundred years ago when the British first introduced him here. While the study of Shakespeare was an imperial imposition, the performance of Shakespeare was not. Shakespeare, translated and adapted on the commercial stage during the late nineteenth century was widely successful; and remains to this day, the most published and performed western author in India. The important role Shakespeare has played in allowing cultures to speak with each other forms the center of this volume with contributions examining presence of Shakespeare in both colonial and post-colonial India. The essays discuss the several contexts in which Shakespeare was read, taught, translated, performed, and absorbed into the cultural fabric of India. The introduction details the history of this induction, its shifts and developments and its corresponding critical discourse in India and the west. This collection of essays, emerging from first hand experience, is presented from a variety of critical positions, performative, textual, historicist, feminist and post-colonialist, as befits the range of the subject.

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