Historical Dictionary of Denmark

Scarecrow Press, 1998 - 533 sivua
At different points in its history, Denmark's boundaries have encompassed England, Sweden, West Africa, India, and the West Indies. Despite its changing, and in the end relatively small, boundaries, Denmark has played a much larger part in the politics of Europe than might be expected. Additionally, through its territories (Faroe Islands and Greenland) Denmark has managed to retain an important presence in the North Atlantic. Today, democratic Denmark, with its thriving capital Copenhagen, is peaceful, prosperous, and progressive. Within NATO, Denmark has contributed to peace-keeping in the Gulf and Bosnia. The "Danish Model" of welfare gives Danes a real sense of social security, and presents many naysayers with a provocative example of a successfully managed welfare state. Danes have a reputation for inventiveness and good design, whether in architecture, furniture, or industrial design. The Historical Dictionary of Denmark covers the older, more "glorious" periods when Denmark was a political and military force in Europe. Full coverage is also given to the modern and contemporary eras when politicians and political parties, trade unions and other organizations have run the country. The Dictionary reaches well beyond politics and warfare into the economy, society, art, music, literature, and religion. Additionally, there is a look at the welfare state and at Danish relations with the European Union and countries outside of Europe. Included is information from the earliest archaeological remains of human prehistory through to the current state of Denmark. An introduction provides a lucid overview of Danish history and politics. A chronology, several useful appendixes, and a substantial bibliography round out the work.

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