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Lonely Planet, 2007 - 528 sivua
Be inspired by the adventure of Morocco - take a camel trek through the Sahara, hunt out bargains in an exotic souq, soak up the buzz of Marrakesh then catch some waves off a pristine Atlantic beach. Experience the colour, life and lure of the Maghreb with our comprehensive guide. Imperial cities - Two Weeks/Fès to Marrakesh Immerse yourself in the cities once ruled by enlightened dynasties, who crossed the Strait of Gibraltar and pulled Europe out of its dark age. Begin in Fès, venerable heart of Morocco's religious and cultural life, and see modern Morocco and its rich antecedent crowd for space in the extraordinary medina. Meknès is a name that resonates through Moroccan history, which finds lavish expression in the palace built by Sultan Moulay Ismail (1672-1727). Volubilis, easily Morocco's best-preserved ancient city, stands testament to the astonishing breadth of the Roman Empire. Nearby Moulay Idriss, home to the shrine of the founder of Morocco's first imperial dynasty, is a wonderful antidote to the clamour of the cities. While Rabat lacks the prestige of Morocco's other cities, it's enjoying its third period as Morocco's imperial capital. A modern city of elegant French streets, its quiet, 12th-century medina hints at former imperial grandeur. Street-savvy Casablanca, Morocco's principal port and most prosperous city, has an energy and anarchy rivalled only by Marrakesh, that icon of today's Morocco, where centuries of souqs, street performers and imperial architecture have been perfected in an intoxicating mix. Stay in style - on any budget in cosy kasbahs or glam riads. Get around - with 97 detailed maps of the cities and more remote regions. Your tastebuds - with our enticing chapter on Moroccan food and drink. Explore - the insider's Marrakesh with our walking tour through the souqs and tips on this happening city. Get high - above it all - our trekking chapter gives advice on the best mountain journeys.

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