The Conquest of Turkey, Or, The Decline and Fall of the Ottoman Empire, 1877-8: A Complete History of the Late War Between Russia and Turkey, Including the Causes of the War ... Graphic Descriptions of the Two Empires ... Etc., Etc. : to which is Added Biographical Sketches of the Leading Actors in this Great Drama


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Sivu 734 - ... no one can become her convert without renouncing his moral and mental freedom and placing his civil loyalty and duty at the mercy of another ; and when she has equally repudiated modern thought and ancient history.
Sivu 251 - Sultan should not be improved in such a manner as to prevent the return of the complications which periodically disturb the peace of the East, they think it right to declare that such a state of affairs would be incompatible with their interests, and those of Europe in general.
Sivu 24 - Our land is great and bountiful, but there is no order in it; come and rule over us.
Sivu 659 - Hitherto, so far as the war has proceeded, neither of the belligerents has infringed the conditions on which my neutrality is founded, and I willingly believe that both parties are desirous to respect them, so far as it may be in their power.
Sivu 179 - ... Skoupschina' is composed of deputies chosen by the people, at the rate of one deputy to every 2,000 electors. The electors are the males of the country above the age of twenty-one years, paying direct taxes, and not being either domestic servants or gipsies. These two classes are excluded from the right of suffrage. Every elector is eligible to become a member of the ' Skoupschina,' except the holders of Government offices and the clergy.
Sivu 658 - Gortchakow that, in the opinion of Her Majesty's Government, any Treaty concluded between the Government of Russia and the Porte affecting the Treaties of 1856 and 187I must be an European Treaty, and would not be valid without the assent of the Powers who were parties to those Treaties.
Sivu 511 - Skobeleff's sword was cut in two in the middle. Then a moment later, when just on the point of leaping the ditch, horse and man rolled together to the ground, the horse dead or wounded, the rider untouched. Skobeleff sprang to his feet with a shout, then with a formidable, savage yell the whole mass of men streamed over the ditch, over the scarp and counter-scarp, over the parapet, and swept into the redoubt like a hurricane. Their bayonets made short work of the Turks still remaining. Then a joyous...
Sivu 672 - East (it was said) and the necessity in connection therewith of taking steps for the maintenance of peace and for the protection of the interests of the Empire, having constituted in the opinion of her Majesty, a case of great emergency within the meaning of the Act of Parliament made in that behalf, her Majesty deems it proper to provide additional means for her military service...
Sivu 657 - Government were of opinion that any operations tending to place the passage of the Dardanelles under the control of Russia would be an impediment to the proper consideration of the terms of a final settlement.
Sivu 40 - Astrakan, and Siberia remained in the eyes of the nation as imperishable monuments of his glory. The Russians, who saw in him the illustrious author of their power and civilization, rejected or forgot the surname of tyrant given him by his contemporaries. Under the influence of some...

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