Handbook to Australasia: Being a Brief Historical and Descriptive Account of Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, New South Wales, Western Australia, and New Zealand

William Fairfax
W. Fairfax and Company, 1859 - 244 sivua
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Sivu 185 - Spirits or strong waters, not being sweetened or mixed with any article so that the degree of strength thereof cannot be ascertained by Sykes...
Sivu 96 - For every gallon of such spirits or strong Waters, of any strength not exceeding the strength of proof by Sykes's hydrometer, and so in proportion for any greater or less strength than the strength of proof, and for any greater or less quantity than a gallon, viz.
Sivu xvi - All that tract of country situate and being at Port Phillip running from the branch of the river at the top of the port about seven miles from the mouth of the river Forty miles north-east and from thence west Forty miles across Iramoo downs or plains and from thence south southwest across Mount Vilaurmanartar to Geelong Harbour at the head of the same...
Sivu 208 - Is. 3d. ; wine, in wood and bottle, containing less than 25 per cent, of alcohol of a specific gravity of '825 at the temperature of 60 degrees, Fahrenheit's thermometer, the gallon, 3s.; wood, of all kinds, not manufactured into furniture, the cubic foot, 2d.
Sivu xxxvi - That any form of constitution which may be proposed for the colony, for some years to come at least, which takes the government out of the hands of a governor, executive, and nominee council, and substitutes for the latter a representative body, will be ill-suited to its real state and position, and will render the administration of its government as a distinct colony, upon whomsoever it may devolve, a task of exceedingly great difficulty and responsibility .
Sivu lx - Referring to the late discoveries of widely extended and exceedingly valuable deposits of gold in this Colony, and of the possibility that from this time forward the precious metal may be looked upon as one of the sources of revenue derivable from the Crown lands, I would urge upon Her Majesty's Government the propriety of selecting and appointing as Mineral Surveyor for this Colony a gentleman possessed of the requisite qualifications and acquaintance with geological science and phenomena.
Sivu 97 - It has never been his wish to make that day any other than a day of devotion and rest, but circumstances compel him to employ it in labour. In this the whole are concerned, since the sooner we are enabled to leave this unpromising and unproductive country, the sooner shall we be able to reap the advantages and enjoy the comforts of a more fertile spot...
Sivu 122 - For the protection and advantageous settlement of female immigrants, not under the charge of relatives, the Colonial Government has made the most careful provision. The ship is, on its arrival, immediately visited by the immigration officer, by whom the capabilities and wishes of each woman with regard to employment are ascertained. The women are then landed in Government boats, and admitted to a large and commodious building, where beds, provisions, and other advantages are provided for them. Here...
Sivu 101 - On a near examination, however, this vegetation is discovered to possess much gracefulness in the form both of species and of individual trees, and many delicate or minute shades in its verdure, which, combined with the ever changing ash-grey colour of the shedding bark of the Eucalyptce, the undulating and often broken surface upon which it thrives, and the resplendent sky above, present a world of interest and attraction. Frequently, it is so grouped as to exhibit contrasts of surpassing beauty,...
Sivu 185 - Wine containing more than 25 per cent, of alcohol of a specific gravity of '825 at the temperature of 60 degrees of Fahrenheit's Thermometer, for every gallon in proportion to...

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