Reports of Cases Argued and Adjudged in the Court of Appeals of Virginia, Nide 2

Thomas Nicholson, 1802

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Sivu 154 - ... delivers it again as his deed ; this second delivery is void. But if a married woman deliver a bond unto me, or other writing, as her deed ; this delivery is merely void : and therefore, if after the death of her husband, she, being single, deliver the same again unto me, as her deed ; the second delivery is good and effectual.
Sivu 76 - The provincial court gave judgment for the defendant, and the plaintiff appealed to this court where the judgment was reversed.
Sivu 276 - Heirs. legal representatives, or assigns, the sum paid by him at such sale, with interest at the rate of ten per centum per annum from the date of the sale...
Sivu 317 - This was an appeal from a decree of the High Court of Admiralty in a cause of damage which had been brought on behalf of the bark Palermo against the steamship Telegraph.
Sivu 427 - It is often a nice and difficult question to draw the line between mortgages and conditional sales. But the great desideratum which this court has made the ground of their decision, is, whether the purpose of the parties was to treat of a purchase, the value of the commodity contemplated, and the price fixed ; or whether the object was a loan of money, and a security or pledge for the repayment intended.
Sivu 399 - If there be no grandfather, then to the grandmother, uncles and aunts on the same side, and their descendants, or such of them as there be: VIII.
Sivu 138 - ... to be executed at any time ; for then dormant judgments would overreach conveyances between the parties, and therefore there was but a year's time to execute such judgment, which judgment overreached all conveyances and forced the party to his audita querela.
Sivu 76 - They find the leafe entry and oufter in the " declaration mentioned; and if upon the whole " matter, the law be for the plaintiff, then they " find for the plaintiff; and if for the defendant, ?* then they find for the defendant.
Sivu 2 - Lyuchburg for further proceedings to be had therein. The judgment was as follows: The court is of opinion, for reasons stated in writing and filed with the record : 1st. That the mayor of the city of Lynchburg, by the 1st section of the "Act to extend the jurisdiction of police justices and justices of the peace,
Sivu 138 - ... audita querela ; but after the year, the judgment over-reached nothing ; but he was put to his scire facias on that judgment, and not to his action, for the right of the land had been already determined, and therefore it was only to revive the determination touching the lands, unless something had been done by intermediate conveyances, Gilb, law Ex. 12.

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